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The Crystal Wall - Chapter One - Part 1 *EDITED*

The Crystal Wall - Chapter One - Part 1 *EDITED*

Posted January 6th, 2013 by Smileyface

by kim:)
in Massachusetts

A cold breeze drifted through the winter air. The forest remained still as if too saddened to move. Sadness and bitterness hung in the air and the feeling of sorrow drifted through the forest. Snow lay 10 inches deep on the ground, frozen and unforgiving. The trees were bare and cold but they had no expression – they just stood as if they didn’t care. But the darkness of this day was ironic to the fact that it was Christmas Eve. The sky was not dark but it didn’t matter how bright it was, it still seemed as if life shouldn’t exist in those woods.

            Of course, not just anyone can feel the cold hard feeling of depression when walking through the woods, only certain, special people. Although those people wouldn’t consider themselves special, they’d consider themselves cursed and unloved. It’s not just the wood that could affect them, it’s everything. They see everything in a different eye – a different perspective – then anyone else in the world.

            But today, for Jack Starbridge, it was just Christmas Eve and nothing more. He lay in bed unmoving and asleep. His alarm clock suddenly went off reminding him today was the day he would attempt to prank his sister. He rolled over and groaned and punched at his alarm clock. The alarm clock simply fell off the nightstand and continued beeping. Jack swatted at the air for a few moment until his hand finally found the cord. He yanked the cord out of its socket and the alarm silenced. Jack continued to sleep.

            A few minutes later he heard the door of his rom slowly creak open. He turned over slowly to see who it was. His mother stood peeping her head in. Jack closed his eyes again. He lay there for a minute then open his eyes. His eyes settled on the calendar in his room. Hmm, he thought. December 24th. Christmas eve. Almost time to get that game system I wanted. Nice job hiding it mom. He smiled and closed his eyes again……drifting off…….cozy bed…..CHRISTMAS EVE!

            Jack shot up remembering he wanted to pull the prank on his sister Amy. He looked to his nightstand on to see it empty. He looked to the ground and saw his alarm clock blank and the cord on top of it. He cringed at the sight of it and then hopped out of bed. He slowly walked to the door of his room and carefully looked out. His mom wasn’t there patrolling the hallway like she was sometimes when she woke early and couldn’t fall back asleep. He walked to the kitchen of their one floor house and checked the clock on the stove. 5:14.

            He ran back into his room and grabbed what he needed. He then went to the door of Amy’s room. He was always so annoyed that she was 16 and “so mature”. Since he was 14 he had to be watched all the time and couldn’t be trusted with anything. So he decided he would be able to pull a prank to show Amy not to mess or tease him again.

            Jack set down all of his supplies- paint, paint brushes, industrial glue, and a piece of string. He grabbed the paint and began painting. He picked the darkest, deepest black that he could find in his family’s paint supply. His father was a carpenter and his mother was a painter so they worked together. They also had lots of paint which was convenient for Jack. The black paint dripped down the door as Jack smeared it on and moved the brush up and down. Once most of the door, not including the border, was painted, he began to smear the blue on the cracks in the door so it’d be harder for Amy to open it. And last but not least, he tied a string (with a very hard knot) onto her doorknob and tied the other end to his.

            Jack grinned. He ran back into his kitchen and looked at the time – 5:37. Jack grabbed his sweater from the closet and went outside. A hard wind whipped him in the face. He squinted and cautiously walked to the window of his room. The night before he left it unlocked so he could get back into his room. The window was frozen shut and Jack’s hands were really cold. He grabbed a rock from the ground and slammed it against the ice. It cracked but didn’t break off. He kept banging until all the ice shattered and fell off.

            Shivering cold, Jack reached for the window and began to lift it up. But he stopped when he realized someone was standing behind him. She slowly turned around, fear coursing through his body and a look of terror on his face. Behind him was a girl who looked like she could be anywhere between the ages of 10 and 18. Her hair just reached her ankles and her face was beautifully flawless. She smiled in a sad way and reached out to touch him. Jack jerked back and slammed his head into the window. He quickly looked behind him to see if anyone was at his door. No one was.

            She pulled away, her smile gone. She wore a dress that looked tattered and old. It swirled around her like it was much too long for her. The thing that scared Jack the most though, was the fact that she was translucent and you could barely see through her. She was a beige color and even though her whole body was that color, she looked sickly pale. Jack panicked unsure what to do and slid the window all the way up. She struggled to pull himself through the window. The ghost looked at him like she was disappointed. He looked back at her as he tried to pull himself in, afraid he would do something to her.

            She looked as if she was about to cry. She raised a shaky hand and slowly, she snapped her fingers. Then, Jack blacked out.


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