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Cupid Shuffle~Chapter 2 (re-written)

Cupid Shuffle~Chapter 2 (re-written)

Posted September 18th, 2012 by Ellimac

by Camelrat [Coldplay]
in somewhere pretentious.


AN: Cred to Rockshadow, who wrote the base of this chapter.

Crystal's POV

My heartbeat began to spead up with a crap load of anxiotey once I realized our conversation had come to a close.  It had been so sweet... But oh-so short.  I'd only learned his name!  Ben... It was perfect.  But I seemed to be lacking all other knowledge about him.

I found myself tuning out our teacher, and focusing in on Ben's perfect profile.  His jaw line was sharp and strong-- Just like I'd pictured my dream-guy's to be.  Of course, I always thought my dream-guy was too perfect to really exsist.  But after taking in the sweet sight of Ben... That proved to be wrong.

I was disapointed when I could stare at him for five minutes, and he wouldn't even sneak a glance back at me.  Eye contact is good!  And I wasn't getting any... Of couse, he did seem quite focues on whatever the teacher was going on about.  He was constantly taking notes.  Maybe Ben is too good of a student to make time for fratanizing with me.  A hard working guy-- It's kind of cute actually.

Time flies when you're staring at guys, and the period was over in an instant.  It took me just a moment or so to react to our realise, because I hadn't been paying attention.  But it was obvious when Ben began to put his papers back into his binder.  I tore my gaze from him to do the same.  The lined paper I'd taken out in the beggining of class was still blank.  I tucked it away, before standing up and waiting for our row to have an oppertunity to file out of the classroom.

"So, what did you think of the lesson?" It took me just a minute to realize that Ben was talking to me.  It was a satisfying, fluffy feeling though, once it was clear.

I smiled. "I thought it was..." I trailed off, not even knowing what the lesson had been on. "Interesting."

Ben beamed. "Yeah, it was very interesting, I think."

He was sucked into the line of kids before I coul respond.  Although I hadn't made any friends in the class that I could walk out with, a mass of boys and girls were yelling for me to come see them.  It was hard to tell who was saying what though, it just sounded like a bunch of jiberish.  A girl filing out of the room beside me was reasonably eye-catching.  She was a lot shorter than me, and her hair went down to her waiste, throwing off her proportions.  She was one of the many desperates to get my attention.  I examained her for a moment before answering, "Hi, I'm Crystal."

It seemed like there was a unison sigh amonst the class once they realized I wasn't talking to them.

"I know," The short girl said. "I'm Marely... I think you're really pretty!"

She sounded too enthusiastic.  But I excepted the compliment anyway. "Thanks!  You are too!"

She giggled gleefully, but we were seperated once we were exposed to the choas of the hallway.  

Now even more people surrounded me, clamoring for my attention. I smile, and wave to someone here and there.  It was a strange feeling being popular here.  It's like being a celeberty.  I can almost garentee you that sooner or later I'm going to be asked to sign autographs.  God, what a life that would be.  I shoved through the mob of my admirers, lookinf around, trying to find my friends.  The mob following me until I spotted Shay in the middle of more poparazi.  We connect eyes and I wave frantically.  Shay nods knowingly, and like all she had to do was snap her fingers, the whole posse is soon by my side.

Lily twirled a piece of her firey red hair around her ring finger. "Crystal, you take French with Ben?"

My heart went aflutter just hearing his name.  Blushing, I replied, "Yeah, why?"

Autmn and Bree spoke in practically perfect sync. "He's the most popular guy here!" The informed me.  Great.  All that means is competition.

Lily smirked a bit. "Yeah, he's..." She glanced around us like she was about to say something so top secret, nobody else could hear about it. "Hard to impress."

I cocked my head to one side, confused.  What was that even supposed to mean?

Pepper budded into the conversation. "If you guys are talking about Ben then... Yeah he's the most popular.  Besides Luke."

Amy grinned. "I love Luke... I mean, I don't have a crush on him, but he's a sweety."

I was about to ask them to point out this "Luke", but something that seemed more important was brought to my attention.  I spotted a lonely-looking girl with big-rimmed, brown glasses and brown hair.  She was standing in the one spot that took her out of the choas-- In the corner.  I felt sorry for her, though I didn't even know if I had the right to.

"Who's that?" I whisper in Shay's ear, pointing in the direction of the lonely girl.

"Just some loser. Don't pay any attention to her." She hisses in my ear. The girl looks at me with adoring eyes, and I find it hard to dislike her.

"What'd she do?" I ask.

Shay opened her mouth, but the bell rang, cutting off our conversation. 

Amy grabs my arm to stop me from going anywhere. "What class do you have next?" She asked.

I recalled what I'd seen on my schedual eariler in the morning. "I have English."

She grinned. "Me too!" She exclaimed. "And so does Lily."

I smiled, but hesitated going anywhere just yet.  I turned to face Shay, who still stood next to me. "Do you have English?"

Shay sadly shook her head. "This is just depressing," She sighed. "We have to have some classes together or I will die!"

I nodded, and Shay headed off in the other direction.  Lily came up to Amy and I, still twirling her hair around and around.

"Amy, are you ready to go to English?" She asked, smacking her gum loudly between her teeth.

"Yeah, Crystal has it with us too."

Lily gave me a slight glace, but didn't even comment.  I felt like hanging my head.

We only walked across the hallway, since the English room was so close.  It was a much smaller class than French.  I estimated only fifteen kids in the room.  I find that the first thing I do is glance around for Ben.  It seemed more than lucky that he was at a table with three spots left open.

I'm not even sure if we'll sit with him at first, but when Amy and Lily lead me over to his table, it's clear.  I feel nervous, suddenly.  I know I have no reason to though.  I wave subtlely to him from across the table, and he waves back.  I see that our teacher hasn't gotten into the classroom yet, so I know I have time to chatter with Lily and Amy.

Amy nudges me "Looks like somepon-I mean, somebody's got her eye on a cutie!" Amy squealed. I blush, the heat spreading across my cheeks. Ben twists around, and looks straight at me.  A smile etches across his face before he turns back around.

I grab onto Amy's on frantically. "Guys! I think he heard us!!" I giggle.  Amy squealed, and engulfed me in a hug.

"I'm so excited you like him!" She whispered, beaming. "He's really nice."

Lily shot me a glare-- Which took me completely by surprise. "Crystal, I already told you-- He's hard to impress, stop getting your hopes up."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Come on, Lily.  Have some fun with it!"

Lily flinched, before looked away.  I exchanged confused glances with Amy.  She just shrugged.

55 long minutes later, the bell rang, and we all pour out of class.  Another serge of kids come for the three of us as we exit to classroom.  But the crowd is smaller this time-- Since we got let out early --And we manage to avoid them, casually.  I'm just about to get my scheduale back out of my bag, when Ben comes up beside me.  I'm totally caught off gaurd, and the tips of my fingers seem to tingle with anxioety.

"Hey." Ben's voice floats over to me, and I pay extra close attention to every word he speaks. "What's up?"

"Oh... Oh! Hi!" I blush again, and hope that he thinks it's just the poor lighting in the halls. "Um, talking to you..."

I turn to see if Amy will back me up in my conversation with him.  But to my disadvantage, she's gone off giggleing with Shay, Autumn, and the rest of the girls. They stare back at me, shooting thumbs ups, and nodding.  Clearly, they'd set this one up.

Ben ponders for just a second. "Talking to you," He beams, nudging me. "But I wanted to ask you something... Me and my friends were thinking of watching I Am Number Four on Friday at my house."

Listening to what he was saying, it seemed like I was bording a super twisty, steep rollercoaster.  And I just wanted to squeal, "Wheee!".  But I managed to keep it inside myself.

"We were thinking of watching I Am Number 4 and we wanted to ask you if you and your friends wanted to watch with us."

I could've died, but I didn't, since I remided myself that it wasn't even I date.  We were just hanging out.  Either way though, we were hanging out.

I nod my head so violently, I think for a wild second it's coming off. "That sounds, awesome!!" I quickly notice that I may've sounded too enthusiastic, and tone it down. "... Uh, I mean... It defiantly sounds cool."

Ben's hand brushes against mine and a tingle runs up my spine.  Then he looks straight at me with his stunning blue eyes, and I look back with mine. "That's awesome," He smiles. "Can't wait."

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