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The Curse of the Berry Chapter 3

The Curse of the Berry Chapter 3

Posted July 28th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

Chapter 3 The Berry

“I was just about to close my locker today, when I found this wedged into my door,” Jenna said, giving them the paper. Nick and Stacey read it, their faces full of concern.

“Jenna, this is serious,” Stacey’s eyes skimmed over the paper.

“Yeah, we’re really worried about you,” Nick blushed. And for some reason, Jenna blushed, too.

“Well, just make sure you don’t eat any berries, blue or not,” Stacey warned her.

“That’s why I ordered my sundae with no berries,” Jenna said.

“I was wondering about that! You normally love the berry on top. Anyway, tell us the whole story about the letter, and maybe we can have a sleepover at my house to decipher what it means,” Stacey suggested.

“Maybe.” Then Jenna started to tel them her story. She was about halfway through, when Beth came over to their table with their sundaes. They all looked so perfect. Perfectly swirled vanilla ice cream had hot fudge dribbling down the sides, and there were three perfectly ripe berries. One cherry, one strawberry, and one blueberry. Wait a minute. A blueberry!?  Jenna panicked. Apparently Nick and stacey had noticed the blueberry too, because panic and alarm flashed across their faces, too. Beth seemed totally calm. “Is everything all right?” she asked innocently. Jenna couldn’t talk. It felt like her tongue had swelled to twice the normal size, and her mouth had gone dry. She ordered a sundae with without a berry, especially not a blue one! Why couldn’t it be a cherry like Stacey? Or a strawberry like Nick? Why a blueberry?!

“Just eat around it. The letter only said not to eat the berry. Don't waste your delicious ice cream because of one little blueberry. Just make sure you don't eat it. How do we even know that the letter wasn't a prank or anything?” Stacey said once Beth had left their table.  Everything she said is true. Jenna thought. What can a harmless little blueberry do? I eat them all the time. Besides, it’s not like  I'm actually going to eat the blueberry. “You’re right,” she eventually said to Stacey, after a few moments of thinking. Then, she lifted the spoon with the ice cream on it, to her mouth, making sure that the blueberry wasn’t on it. And with Nick and Stacey staring at her, she took a bite.

                                                                                                          *   *   *

 “Well?” Stacey aksed.

“I feel fine,”Jenna said reassuringly. And with that, she carried on with her story. With the first few bites of her ice cream, she was careful not to at the blueberry, but after a while, she stopped checking. Squish.  Something she bit into squished in her mouth.  Ice cream doesn't squish. Oh no! The blueberry! She looked in her bowl and saw that it was gone. No!  And it was too late. She had already swallowed.

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