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D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 2)

Posted May 24th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

chapter twwwwooooooo



Chapter 2}


I flew for quite a long time, trying to get to a destination. My goal now was to get the frick off this planet, with the E.F.A.I. scouting the area I’m not going to be here. Who cares about Locke, he’s just some annoying brat.

If I had the choice to either save myself or save Locke, I would save myself. Wait, that’s already automatically that way. Then, if I was given the choice to save Locke or to get food that I don’t even need, I would go for the food that I don’t even need. I could care less what happens to the brat.

I needed to find a spaceship, or something that will get me off Ertin. I haven’t found anything though. I then landed in a small forest to rest. That’s when I heard something behind me. I turned around.

“You know, being rude will come back to bite you one day Broshi.” It was Locke, but he sounded more serious then before and he looked upset.

“Yeah? Well it already has. You’re back,” I replied.

“That’s not what I mean. I mean someday, someone is gonna get sick of your actions and is going to probably kill you,” Locke said, he was scowling at me now.

“They could try, but I’m too powerful,” I responded.

“Oh please. You and I both know that there are plenty of people in this galaxy who could wipe the floor with you with just their left foot,” Locke said.


“Heck. I know I can do it with just my mind,” Locke said with a smirk. “No contact required.”

“Doubtful.” I turned around and walked away from him.

Then suddenly I was raised up and slammed into the ground hard enough I could hear some of my bones crack. My dark vines exited from my body in defence.

But then I felt some sort of force pulling on them until suddenly in pain I felt some get torn out of my back.

“You still doubtful?” I heard Locke ask, he was floating off the ground, his eyes glowing a light purple color.

“Put me down,” I growled.

“Nah. You just need to become a better person. Only then will you be able to get stronger,” Locke said.

Annoyed, I teleported away.

Or at least I tried but something stopped me, there was some sort of lavender colored bubble around me.

“Ah ah ah. That’s not gonna work,” Locke said.

I pushed on the bubble with my dark vines, trying to destroy it. But it was too tight and I couldn’t get out.

“See? This is what’s gonna happen unless you change your selfish ways. There are plenty of people who could kill you in an instant if they wished,” Locke said. “Now then, we’re gonna get a ship and get out of here. And you're gonna stop being a selfish prick.”

The bubble then disappeared, I could barely stand. I looked down at my dark vines for a second. Then I slapped Locke with one.

Or tried, but he blocked it with some sort of psychic barrier.

“Don’t trap me in that bubble ever again,” I growled, before I lightly slapped him with a dark vine, so he wouldn’t block it.

“Then don’t be a selfish prick,” Locke said, clearly unbothered by the weak slap. “Now come on. I know where a ship is.”

Locke then teleported the two of us next to a medium sized space ship that had no one inside.

“Dunno where you got this, but I’m not complaining,” I said, “if you don’t want me to be a selfish prick, it’s gonna take some time.”

“Good, considering who we are, we’ve got plenty of that,” Locke said as the two of us got into the ship.

“Yo yo yo,” there was someone in there, a guy with dark skin sitting in the pilots seat. “You fellas need a ride?”

“…” I looked over at Locke then at the guy. “Yes?”

“You’re in luck. I’m Exzavion by the way, nice to meet ya Broshay, and Loki,” The guy threw a thumbs up at us.

I looked down at Locke and glared at him.

“Just roll with it,” He said back. “Neither of us know how to fly a ship.”

“True,” I looked over at the pilot, Exzavion. “Just… get us off this planet.”

“Sure thing, Broshay,” Exzavion replied, “take yer seat.”

I was annoyed that he was calling me ‘Broshay’. I sat down and said, “my name is Broshi. Not Broshay.”

“Broshay,” Exzavion smirked. “Deal with it, it’s your nickname. Like Loki over there, he’s dealing with it, cuz he’s more lowkey.”

“Gah.” I was really getting annoyed.

“Careful, don’t be loud, I have a girl sleeping back there,” Exzavion said. “Anyway…” he started the spaceship and it took off. “I’ll just give you a quick ride, because, afterwards, I need to go pick up Mr. Ghost Possessed His Body.”

“So then where will you drop us off at then?” Locke asked.

“Hmmm…” Exzavion said, “dunno, do you want to go anywhere specific?”

“The Rock Planet,” I said. Since it was huge and is the biggest planet in the Elemental System, they would struggle finding us there. And there’s a lot of caves. A LOT OF CAVES. So we’d be better off hiding there.

“Sure thing, Broshay,” Exzavion said.

“How’d you even know my name?” I asked.

“Same way I knew everyone’s name. They all question it,” Exzavion said.

“He can read minds,” Locke explained.

“Even though you have an Ultimate Crystal, I can still hear your thoughts clear as day,” Exzavion smirked. “You lost a battle against your brother and some other dude, shame. You’re on the run from the E.F.A.I., and I also know what it stands for, it stands for the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction.”

“What th…” This guy had me impressed.

“Mind reading is an especially impressive psychic skill, I have trouble using it myself,” Locke said.

“It gets easier if you just don’t try to use it,” Exzavion said. “Then you could end up like me and just hear everyone’s thoughts easily. Unless they block it. Then I can’t read their minds, since I don’t know how to pass through.”

“Huh. Thanks,” Locke said.

“No problemo, Loki,” Exzavion replied.

We had gotten pretty far from Ertin. The Rock Planet was probably just up ahead. The spaceship was moving at light speed, I didn’t realize until now.

“Aye, we’re here,” Exzavion said, as the spaceship descended into the atmosphere of the Rock Planet. “Now ya need ta hide, so I’mma take ya right into a cave.”

“Oh, thanks,” I said.

The spaceship then went faster with the thrusters and it flew right into a cave. Somehow, with all the rocks in the way, none of them hit the spaceship. Exzavion was a really good pilot, huh.

Then the spaceship stopped and landed next to a river, inside the cave. The river was a river inside a cave, yeah.

“You’re here now, you can go,” Exzavion said. “Your welcome for the ride.”

Locke and I got out of the spaceship and it took off backwards the same way it came in… Wow. I also, pretty sure, saw Exzavion wink at us right before he was out of our sight.

“…” I looked down at Locke. “That just happened. At least it got us into a safer place.”

“Yeah, now we’ll need to lay low for a day or two,” Locke then put down his backpack (I forgot that he even had that) and opened it to reveal that it was filled with fruit and bread. “This should be enough food to last us for that time.”

“We could also hunt in this cave. Have you ever been in these caves? They’re amazing and huge, like, they never end. We could get lost though, but still! We can have some fun!” I dived into the river and let the flow take me away.

Locke followed me after he made a light beacon with his powers to mark where we began before flying after me.

The river wasn’t that strong but it still carried me. After awhile, I saw that it led into a bigger river, that did have a strong flow… This would be fun, like a waterslide.

Along the way Locke left more light beacons. I also noticed he had picked up his backpack and zipped it before following me and it was on his back as he flew behind me.

When I made it into the bigger river, it flung me with its flow. It was much stronger than I thought. It caught me by surprise, that I took off slightly with my wings. Now I was flying above the river, flying towards the way it was flowing. Good thing I flew, because after awhile it led to a massive waterfall.

“Oh yeah,” I said to Locke who was now next to me, “there’s about a million waterfalls on the planet. Neat, huh? It’s why I love this planet.”

“That explains why you're suddenly much more positive,” Locke said, creating another light beacon. “Anyway how far do you plan to go into this cave? I can only make so many of these beacons.”

“Hmm, well, we don’t want to get lost. We can go back now,” I said, flying above the waterfall with Locke following behind.

We followed the light beacons he had made back to where we had started. When we made it back, I sat down next to the small river.

“This beacon works well for a fireplace,” I said.

“Yeah they do give off heat as well. Though I can make them much hotter. Then we could actually cook things,” Locke said.

“We’re gonna need something to cook though,” I said. I then felt something flopping on my wings. I looked back and saw there were a couple of fish that got stuck in there. “Oh there’s something to cook.”

After preparing the fish, Locke made another beacon only it was red rather than lavender colored, it radiated a heat as hot as actual flames.

“Now we have actual protein. Been awhile since I’ve had any meat,” I said as I watched the fish cook.

“Yeah, it’s hard to strengthen your body on just fruit and bread alone,” Locke said.

“There’s a lot of fish in this cave so we’re in luck,” I replied. “Eating fish can be hard with the bones. The way I eat it is easy. I can take off the meat for you if you want.”

“That would be nice,” Locke said.

The black vines appeared, and I rinsed them in the small river before I ripped off all the meat on the fish, leaving bones. I stacked the meat in a pile, it was about two feet high. It was a lot of fish. Of course the pile wasn’t on the ground. Locke had went outside first and used a large leaf to put it on.

“There,” I said.

“Now the only thing left we really have to worry about is getting more bread and fruit and vegetables,” Locke said as we ate the fish by hand.

“Oh drat, I could have had Exzavion take us to the Fruit Planet. Oops.”

“But then we would only be eating sugar and citrus stuff. They don't have many vegetables or flesh bearing animals there either that actually give protein,” Locke said. “So the Rock Planet was a good choice.”

“Alright,” I laid down on my back, putting my wings away so I could. “I’m going to get some sleep.”

“Good idea, it’s getting dark anyway.” Locke said as he laid down as well.


I awoke to the sound of something being sharpened. I opened my eyes and got up.

“Locke? What are you doing?” I asked.

“Sharpening this rock.” He replied, showing me a rock that was almost in the shape of a short knife. “So that we can cut food without having to use your vines. Plus to use as a weapon.”

“Oh alright.” I dusted myself off. “I was thinking of going deeper into the cave. Maybe we’ll find something useful.”

“Sure,” Locke said as he put on his backpack and made the fire beacon disappear. “Let’s get going then.”

“Alright let’s go,” we flew in the same direction as the river. We made it to the bigger river and then to the waterfall. “Hmm, let’s go down.”

“Yeah…I feel…no…I sense something down there,” Locke said.

“I don’t sense anything. What do you sense?” I asked.

“It… feels like something is calling me… I can almost hear something in my head,” Locke replied. “It’s hard to explain.”

“Hmm…maybe it’s your Ultimate Crystal calling,” I suggested.

“Maybe. We’ll just have to look and find out,” Locke said before we both descended to where the waterfall fed into another stream.

When we made it to the bottom, I was surprised to see colorful glowing and radiating crystals everywhere!

“Wow…” Locke looked around in amazement, “it’s so pretty…”

“Are these… All Ultimate Crystals?!” I questioned. “Wow, which one calls out to you?”

“Hmm…” Locke closed his eyes and focused before walking towards one of the walls and placed his hand on a specific light purple Ultimate Crystal.

For a second he seemed to disappear, then he was back.

“…What,” I said, “did you pass the test?”

“Y-yeah… I think so… I did something in this weird dream place before there was a bright flash and now I’m back here.”

“Your crystal didn’t talk to you?” I asked. “You didn’t get to name it?”

“Well it did as I was doing the thing. Haven’t named it yet though,” Locke replied.

“Give it a name, and absorb it!”

“Hmmm I’ll call it… ‘Telecois’!” Locke said before suddenly the Ultimate Crystal glowed and was absorbed into Locke’s body.

“There ya go! You got it! Now that will make you more powerful, do you feel more powerful?” I asked.

“Yeah I do! A lot more powerful!” Locke exclaimed.

“We can train and get more powerful now,” I said.

“Yeah! After all, getting stronger seems to be your main goal at the moment,” Locke said.

“Eh, getting stronger and revenge I guess,” I replied. “And to gain more knowledge. Because you need to have that to be powerful too.”

“Of course you do. But what about that revenge part? Is revenge truly necessary?” Locke asked. “What did the person you want revenge on do?”

“Mmmm, just beat them up is good, cuz thats what they did to me,” I explained. “Don’t need to kill them since they failed in killing me, anyway.”

“Who… are the people who beat you?” Locke asked.

“Folly, who came from the same place I did, but after me, I was the one who brought him there, and Draco, my twin brother who I was taken away from at birth by the E.F.A.I.,” I answered.

“Your brother? Why didn’t they take him as well?” Locke asked.

“They want one subject I guess. Who knows what their reasons are,” I shrugged.

“I guess…” Locke said.

“Mmhmm,” I responded. “What you should start doing is learn to control your abilities, and I’ll try to learn what my abilities even are!”

“Yeah!” Locke exclaimed.

We then heard the sound of mining near us.

“Hmm… Wonder who that could be,” Locke said.

“Lets go check,” I said. We flew, following the sound of the mining. We then were no longer near all the glowing crystals and were just flying above a lake. The sound of mining was coming from below.

“Wonder why someone would be mining under a lake,” Locke said.

“Yeah,” I agreed. Then the mining stopped. “What was that all about?”

“Not sure, maybe there's something else valuable in this cave, or maybe they are trying to find the crystal section we found,” Locke said.

“Maybe,” I agreed.

“We could look, but that could be a bad idea,” Locke added.

“How would we, it’s under the lake,” I replied.

“Bubbles, duh.” Locke said. Then two lavender bubbles appeared, one around each of us.

“But it’s under the lake. Under the ground of the lake, we’d have to break through if we wanted to check,” I replied.

“So? We can do that,” Locke shrugged as we descended under the water, not getting soaked due to the bubbles.

“Problem is, water would come with us and we might make a mess for the miner,” I replied.

“I’ll just make a barrier to stop the water,” Locke said.

“Alright, uh, can you take the bubble off me for a sec?” I asked.

The bubble then disappeared. The empty space around me was quickly flooded with water. I then activated Dragon Eye level one and punched the ground. The water slowed me down so it didn’t do anything. I focused and activated Dragon Eye level two and then succeeded in punching a hole in the ground.

Then before the water could flood into whatever I had opened, Locke made a barrier that blocked the water before we phased through the barrier into a tunnel. We then spotted a guy with a silver jacket mining a rock.

They seemed to have not’ve noticed us as they were still mining the rock.

“Uhhh… what are you doing?” Locke asked the miner.

The miner turned around and spotted us. His pick rested on his right shoulder.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” The miner asked, as he dragged a big rock and started to carve down the middle.

“Okay smart guy, WHY are you doing whatever you are doing to that rock?” Locke asked.

“There is something valuable inside, so, I’m about to get it,” the miner said.

“What is it?” Locke continued to ask.

“I’m about to find out,” the miner answered. The rock cracked in half, revealing a shiny green stone. “Aha, an emerald. A special emerald.”

Special emerald?” Locke asked, doing air quotes with his fingers.

“Mmhmm, special emerald,” the miner nodded. “If it’s the right one, then it should…” He picked it up and rubbed it, then threw it on the ground. The emerald didn’t break, it made… a portal? “Hey, it is the right one.”

“Huh. Where does that even go?” Locke asked.

“Dunno. I’ll find out,” he jumped into the portal and disappeared.

I was just being quiet as I observed the situation. Then the portal disappeared.

“Well that was a bit odd,” Locke commented.

“Heh, pretty odd indeed,” the same miner’s voice was right next to us. Turning, I saw he was still here. “So? How was my illusion? Good? Convincing?”

“It looked like you. So it was good,” Locke said giving the miner a score of eight with his fingers.

“Ah well. I could use more practice,” the miner replied, sitting down and drinking from his water bottle.

“Granted we only just met you, so our lack of knowledge about you did lower our ability to tell if the clone was truly exactly like you,” Locke said.

“True, true,” the miner nodded.

“So is that what the emerald does then? Creates clones?” Locke then asked.

“No, the emerald was an illusion,” the miner answered.

“Huh… but then that brings up the question of why you were even mining here in the first place if what you were claiming that you were mining for was just an illusion that you knew about,” Locke said.

“The mining was also an illusion. This pick is an illusion. Everything is practically an illusion,” the miner replied.

“Except the cave itself?” Locke asked.

“Well, the overall cave, yes,” the miner answered.

“Still doesn't quite answer why you're down here though, especially under a potentially not real lake,” Locke said.

“Oh, you figured out that was an illusion too? Good job,” the miner responded.

“But still, why are you down here?” Locke asked again.

“Can a guy not explore?” the miner responded. “It’s an almost free galaxy. This cave isn’t owned by anyone.”

“I never said that you couldn’t or that it wasn’t. I just was wondering what you were doing,” Locke said. “If you want we’ll leave you to your business now.”

“You’re alright, you’re not bothering me,” the miner said.

“Well okay, but anyway the two of us were gonna go practice with our Ultimate Crystals,” Locke said, pointing at me and then himself.

“Good idea, you can do thaaaat,” the miner replied.

“Okay. Have fun exploring,” Locke said.

“Rather, illusioning,” the miner responded, and then he disappeared.

“Welp, now we should go train Broshi,” Locke said, turning to face me.

“Right, we can spar and fight each other,” I replied. “Let’s find a bigger place to do that.”

“Yeah let’s go find a large flat place to train,” Locke said.

“Yo, you need a large flat place to train?” The miner suddenly reappeared, “I know a place just up ahead.” He pointed down the tunnel.

“Oh nice. Thanks… uh…” Locke said before he realized that he didn’t know the miner’s name.

“What? Is there something on my face?” The miner asked.

“I don’t know your name…” Locke said. “So I’m having difficulties thanking you.”

“Ah, yes, of course,” the miner replied, “my name is pretty much Silver. For short, that is.”

“Oh okay, thanks Silver,” Locke said with a bow.

“No problem,” Silver replied.

I started walking down the tunnel, away from Silver, Locke following behind. Then I entered a bigger cave, it was flat and the ceiling was really high.

“This should do,” I said.

“Yeah,” Locke nodded.

“Alright, now we can train. Trap me in that bubble again,” I told him.

“Got it,” Locke said before the lavender bubble formed around me again.

I then used my dark vines to try and escape, struggling. I couldn’t get out of it.

“You know, before when you trapped me,” I said, “I could have gotten out. I just chose not to.”

“Surrre, you just weren’t using your crystal. Plus I almost broke your bones before you were even in the bubble,” Locke said.

“Yeah, but I never used this,” I then activated my Dragon Eye, and broke the bubble with my dark vines that now had a red aura. “See?”

“True,” Locke said as a purple aura formed around him and I was trapped in the bubble again.

Then I focused and activated Dragon Eye Level Two, exploding everything around me as I grew bigger, destroying the bubble in the process.

“I am pretty powerful already, as you see,” I said. “Can you do anything else other than trap me in a bubble or control my movements with your mind?”

“Well there’s this,” Locke said before he made a ball of purple light in between his hands before blasting me with a giant purple beam of energy, it hurt a surprising amount.

“Okay, that's pretty good,” I said, as the black ooze inside me began to regenerate my body, “I can use plasma too.” I then made two gauntlets appear on my hands. Where did I get them? Copied it off my brother, of course. “I bet with these I can block those.”

Locke then shot a purple blast at me, I prepared to block it but he then suddenly had it whip around me and strike me in the back.

“Oof, that one didn’t hurt, my back is where my power source is,” I said. I then focused and let out twice the amount of dark vines from my back, and I kept at it until there were a total of twenty five vines. I let my feet leave the ground, carrying myself with the vines. “Show me what else you got!”

I then felt something closing tightly around my neck before lifting me into the air, soon I could barely breathe.

“How’s this? Choking your opponent with your mind?” Locke asked.

“Not bad,” I replied, “for fighting normal people.” I could get oxygen from other places in my body. Don’t ask how. I’m mutated. “Against me it won’t work, your powers would be hard to fight me with.”

“Then let’s see how you deal against yourself,” Locke said.

“.....What?” I asked, “what, are you making a replica of me or something?”

“Well not that, I haven't mastered that yet. But there is this,” Locke said before suddenly I was punched in the face by my own fist. And then by my other arm, and then repeatedly at high speed.

“Ow,” I said every time a fist connected.

“Why ya hitting yourself?” Locke asked.

“Because,” I replied with ‘ow’ in between, “this little kid is making me hit myself, why do you ask?”

“Just curious,” Locke said before I then punched myself in my chest, knocking the wind out of myself.

“OOF!” I looked over at Locke. “So, how are you doing this?”

“I’m controlling the muscles in your arms. Making them move however I like,” Locke explained.

“Then I can do something about that, watch,” I said. Before I was punched by myself again, I blocked it with a dark vine. “These dark vines aren’t muscles. Only I can control them since its very hard, I’m used to it.”

“Very well then,” Locke said as I then was lowered back to the ground and I was no longer punching myself.

“I should work on defying being controlled. So like, when you make me punch myself, I can control my arm better,” I said.

“The way it works is that you need to be stronger then the person who is controlling you, then you can break it,” Locke said.

“Right, so I need to get stronger in strength. And I need more control over my body,” I nodded. “Okay, now let’s see what you need to work on. I’ll attack you now, I’ll go harder if need be.”

“Okay then,” Locke said.

I then charged up some plasma, and shot five blasts of them at Locke.

Locke countered them by blasting each of them with a blast of purple energy. I then ran at him, shooting a large beam of plasma towards his direction.

He then made a yellow barrier in between him and the beam, when the beam hit it suddenly turned purple before redirecting right at me! I then jumped over it and landed behind Locke, before I threw a punch towards him very quickly.

He then teleported away to the other side of the cave, barely dodging my attack. He’s quite slow in terms of speed I’ve noticed.

“I think your weak point is speed,” I told him.

“Yeah… I never was the fastest out of my class. Nor the most agile.”

“Then we know what to work on, I’ll work on strength and you work on speed,” I replied.

“Yeah,” Locke said with a nod.

“So…” I looked around, “I know! You run from there all the way across the cave, work on speed. And I can try and pick up giant rocks like that one.”

“Got it,” Locke said as he then began running from one side of the cave to the other back and forth.

I then walked up to a large rock. It was three times the size of me. I tried to pick it up with my bare hands, but couldn’t.

“Well we’ll be busy,” I breathed as I attempted again.

to be continued in chapter 3

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ooooh training. Locke

ooooh training.

Locke totally socked it to him. "You need to stop being a selfish prick" xDDDD 


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xDDD ________________________



<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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Posted by QuartzMaster on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:46
Didn’t finish this chapter

Didn’t finish this chapter yet, but do I need to know much about Ultimates to be able to follow along?
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Posted by tis.the.season.alem on Sun, 03/03/2019 - 18:21
Not really, not right now.

Not really, not right now. Only at like, the last chapter of this specific book where it gets confusing because it overlaps with the main series.


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

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