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D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 3)

D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 3)

Posted November 28th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

this actually shows some stuff that doesn't happen in the normal series...



Chapter 3}


A couple days have passed while we trained the whole time.

Locke has gotten quite a bit faster. He can cross the cave in five less seconds than last week. And I could finally pick up the rock and lift it above my head, without my Dragon Eyes. I’d say, we’ve improved. But we still had more to go. Locke had to cross the cave in ten less seconds now, and I must pick up the rock with one hand!

“Hey Broshi! I thinks it’s time for dinner!” Locke said as he kept running back and forth.

“Alright, I’ll go get some fish!” I said.

“And I’ll go find some fruit,” Locke said.

“Alright, see ya then,” I replied. We walked away from each other to get the stuff. Where the fish was, was in a lake nearby. I walked over towards the lake, and spread out my wings and flew over it. Then I dived into the water.

This lake was deep, maybe about twenty feet deep. I scanned the area for any fish, there were multiple fish all over. I was about to start grabbing but then I stopped myself. Right in front of me, swimming towards my direction, was a giant fish. Three times the size of me.

That was going to be dinner. As the giant fish came my direction, I focused and activated Dragon Eye Level Two, then I grabbed the fish by the fin, and chucked it up out of the water. Then I flew out and grabbed the fish with multiple dark vines. The fish was heavy, way heavier than the rock. But I had my Dragon Eye activated so it wasn’t hard to carry.

I flew back onto the land and dropped the fish onto the ground. I deactivated my Dragon Eye, as the fish flopped around. Then Locke returned with the fruit, and he almost dropped it when he saw the giant fish.

“HOLY MACKEREL THATS A BIG FISH.” Locke exclaimed, his eyes widening at the sight of it.

“I know right, its huge!” I exclaimed.

“What does a fish like that even eat?” Locke asked.

“Probably other fish,” I shrugged.

“Yeesh. Makes me afraid of what the fish on the Water Planet must be like,” Locke said.

“Yeah, good point… Probably fish much, much bigger,” I said, “anyway, lets cook this thing.”

“Right. Gonna need a lot more heat beacons through,” Locke said as he made five, which was large enough to cook the fish. He then added one more. “Just to be safe.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. I waited for it to cook.

Once it had finished cooking I used my dark vines to prepare the fish for eating, cutting it into bite size pieces. I also removed all of the nasty parts like the scales and all of that.

“Anyway, I found two apples!” Locke said as he washed the apples in a stream before handing one to me.

“Where’s you get it from?” I asked.

“Turns out nearby this cave we’re in, there’s a patch of fruit trees that receive sunlight from an opening in the ceiling. I think they get their water from the waterways in this cave,” Locke said.

“Woah, that’s cool.”

“Yeah, plus, there’s different kinds of fruit. There’s oranges, apples, pears and even a kiwi tree!” Locke exclaimed.

“I have a feeling someone owns it,” I muttered.

“Well we’ve stolen food before. Besides, it’s only two apples,” Locke said, “there were like ten trees full of apples. Unless they pay a lot of attention to their harvest I doubt they’ll notice two missing apples.”

“I don’t know, the Rock Planet isn’t like Ertin… It’s much more populated and bigger in size…”

“Well yeah I know, but, the tree patch wasn’t organized like usual orchards,” Locke said. “The trees were all over instead of in rows.”

“Yeah it's different.” I nodded. “But either way we can't stay here for long. We have to keep moving so that the E.F.A.I. doesn't catch us.”

“True. But where should we go next exactly?” Locke asked. “And what will we do if we run into someone bad besides the E.F.A.I.?”

“We’ll manage.” I stood up.

“If anything though, my biggest question is how long are we gonna be able to keep this up? I dunno if we can run away forever.” Locke said worriedly as he thought to himself.

“It’s our life. We have to keep running until the E.F.A.I. shuts down.”

“But that could take decades! It doesn’t seem like anyone really is trying to shut them down. The government from what I noticed hasn’t seemed to try.”

“We have no power to take them down, they made us and know how we work better than we do. We stand no chance.” I replied. “We have to keep running. That’s all we can do.”

“I know but it just seems like even though we have a whole galaxy to hide in they’re everywhere somehow,” Locke said. “Do they have like tracking chips on us or something?”

I froze. “They… they do…” I looked over at him. “Mine was removed when I was used. But yours…” I backed away. “They know where you are. I’m not safe around you.”

“Well how do we get it out?!” Locke shouted, a glare on his face as he stood up and walked towards me. “HOW?!”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“You mean you didn’t look?!” Locke exclaimed.

“I was out cold.”

“Then how do you even know they removed it?” Locke asked.

“Because. The dude was taking me for himself. And he worked for them, so he knew about the trackers and removed it before taking me,” I explained.

“And we can’t ask him because he’s dead,” Locke said.


“Wait… do you remember having any wounds where it could have been?” Locke asked.

“No… I was fine. The same. I just felt a little different than usual,” I replied.

“So it isn’t embedded then?” Locke asked.

“Probably not.”

“Hmm…” Locke began feeling sections of his body for anything unnatural.

“So, instead of running, we can also be searching for someone who used to work for them and knows their secrets,” I said.

“Yeah…” Locke said, nodding.

“I remember… that the guy who took me, wasn’t alone. I mean, he wasn’t the only one who quit. He has someone in his family, I don’t know who, but… we can search for him or her.”

“Yeah… I guess that also means we’ll have to leave the Rock Planet soon which means we should start finding someone to take us to a new planet farther away,” Locke said.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “We’ll have to just keep on searching.”

“So should we start looking for someone to fly us now?” Locke asked, “we have been here for a couple days.”

“Yeah. Let’s try to find someone.” I nodded. “So… we’ll have to go out in the open. But… we’re still both dressed in the E.F.A.I. clothes.”

“Yeah… we should do something about that,” Locke said. “How are we gonna get new clothes exactly? Won’t people think we’re evil cause we’re wearing these?”

“How should I know what people think? Never been out there.”

“Well when I was still with them I overheard one of the guards talking to another on how they’d best try not to get fired as no one would want to hire a person who had history with the organization.”

“Huh.” I said. “Interesting.”

“Yeah…” Locke said, “Anyway, we reallllllly need to get rid of this tracking chip wherever it is.”

“Then we should find someone who knows about it.” We had to find ‘Master’s’ family member that knew about it.

“And where would someone like that even be?” Locke asked.

“That’s the problem. I have no clue.” I shrugged.

“Well ain’t that convenient.” Locke said as he looked at the outside the cave. “Anyway we should start moving, and get some new clothes too.”

“We’ll need help. Hard for me to say it, but, if we’re gonna do all that, we will need help.” I said.

“Well almost everyone needs help some time. May as well be now.” Locke said as he scanned the area outside for anyone.

“We should leave for a city. Look for help.” I said.

“Yeah, Let’s hope people are willing to help people who are covered in dirt and ripped clothes like us.” Locke said as he then walked outside, meaning he didn’t sense anyone else. “I can see some tall buildings in the distance over there.”

Locke was pointing in the distance at what looked like skyscrapers.

“Let’s go then.” I began walking towards the city.


When Locke and I made it close to the city, we saw a giant sign that said ‘Granite City’.

“Here we are…” I said.

“Alright, let’s start looking around, see what we can find.” Locke said as the two of us entered the city.

There were people walking around all over. It was a pretty busy city despite it being pretty small.

“Well only the little kids are staring so far. That might be a good thing.” Locke said as I noticed a little boy was staring at me as his family walked past.

“That means we’re not unusual. Maybe someone like us passed through.” I said. The adults didn’t even give us much attention. Only kids stared.  

“Anyway, we seem to be in the business district of the city.” Locke said.

I looked around, seeing a lot of shops and stands. I saw a food stand and my stomach growled. “I think I’m hungry.”

“Hmm…‘Mehrunes’ Munchies’…Interesting name. Nice alliteration.” Locke said, looking at the sign of the food stands.

The guy running the stand saw us looking at his sign and greeted us.

“Hi! Want food?” The guy at the food stand said. I looked at him. He had brown hair and was wearing these camo clothes. “Wait… Have I seen you before?”

“No. You haven’t.” I said. I looked at his kitchen set. “I have no money. May I get some free food?”

The guy thought for a moment before responding.

“Can’t hurt, you look starving.”

“Thanks.” Locke said. “I’ll have the chicken and shrimp.”

“Okay!” The guy said. “And for you?”

“I shall have some… Food.” I said. “Doesn’t matter what.”

“You haven't eaten much real food have you?” Locke asked me.

“Nope. Not really.” I said, shrugging. “Hard to have tried real food when you’ve been stuck in a facility your whole life.”

“Good point.” Locke replied.

“So, whatever food is fine.” I said to the guy.

“Okay.” The guy said. “Heres ya food!” He then handed me some weird looking thing.

“What is this?” I asked, inspecting the weird thing.

“Riiiiiiiiibs…?” The guy said.

I stared at him blankly. “What are ribs?”

“Bones that guard your organs in your chest that are covered in muscle that many people eat after cooking it. Right off the bone.” Locke replied. “Ours are right here.”

Locke then pointed at the symmetrical horizontal ridges on my chest under my skin, So those are what these are.

“I don’t know. I don’t really want to eat someone else's ribs.” I looked unsurely at the ribs.

“Dude they’re from a cow. Calm down.” Locke said. “Not only us have ribs, basically anything with an internal spine has them.”

“Cow?” I asked.

“Oh my… *SIGH*” Locke sighed.

“Uhh… do you want a picture of a cow?” The guy asked.

“Sure?” I replied.

The guy held up a picture of a thing with four legs and it was white with black spots. Oh and some kinda horns, and he had another picture of basically the same thing only it had this weird pink thing on its belly.

“The heck is that?” I asked. Looking closely at it, I inspected it.

“Cows.” Locke replied. “A.K.A. where those ribs came from.”

“I’ve seen one of those things before in the facility.” I said, handing back the picture, “never ate one though.” The picture of the cow didn’t look tasty at all. But the ribs looked and smelled pretty good.

I took a bite out of it. It was different to eat, it felt different. But it tasted really good. I devoured the whole thing, eating it all.

“Huh, you finished it in only three minutes. Impressive. I guess.” Locke said.

“Well, I was hungry!” I said.

“Yeah… but you ate the bones. AND THE TRAY!” Locke exclaimed as he pointed at the lack of anything in my hands.

“Was I not supposed to eat those?” I asked. I mean, they didn’t have a lot of flavor but it was fine.

“No it's not usually normal to eat rods of calcium and paper.” Locke replied.

“Calcium and paper taste fine.”

“Well sure I guess, but still.” Locke said back as he finished the last of the shrimp on his plate.

“And when have I ever been normal? I’m a mutant.” I said.

“And are you proud of that?” Locke asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be? Monster genetics that make me powerful is something to be proud of.”

“So then you're okay with the fact that the organization made you a monster?” Locke asked.

“Yes. Otherwise I would be weak.” I responded.

“But you have an Ultimate Crystal.” Locke said.

“Because the organization made me get one. I wouldn’t know what they were if I never was kidnapped.”

“And yet you think the monster part is the reason you're strong? Not the gem of infinite power you also have?”

“Yeah, it’s part of the reason. I know that for a fact.” I answered.

Then the person behind the stand interrupted us.

“Hey can you write your names down, so my boss knows I did something.” The guy said. “You got free food because of a grand opening promotion, and it’s kinda a thing I need…”

“I don’t have a pen.” I said.

“Yeah. I supply the pen and paper.” The guy said, handing me a pen and clipboard.

I looked at the clipboard. “Where do I write…?”

“On the empty line…? Where do you think?” Locke asked.

“Okay. How do I write my name?”

“..... You're illiterate aren’t you?” Locke asked, with his palm on his face. “I’ll just do it.”

Locke then took the pen from my hand and wrote down on the clipboard.



“There.” Locke said as he gave the food stand guy the clipboard and pen back.

“Thank you.” The guy at the food stand said as he put the two items away, “Have a good day.”

As we walked away Locke asked, “So now what’s our next step?”

“Dunno.” I shrugged.

“Oh well that’s good.” Locke said with a sarcastic tone.

“Maybe get new clothes.” I suggested.

“Yeah thats sounds good.” Locke replied as he looked around. “Oh look there’s a place that sells clothes.”

Locke pointed at a building that to each of the sides of it's front doors it had some weird looking human sized figures wearing different clothes.

“We have no money.”

“Well then we’ll have to get some somehow.”


“Hmmm…” Locke said as he began to think before suddenly a man wearing a mask to cover his face ran by, pushing Locke over. He was carrying some sort of bag.

“Well that was rude.” Locke said as he got up and dusted himself off. “That guy needs to watch where he’s going.”

“No duh.” I replied.

Then shortly after a group of men in uniforms ran past in the same direction after the man.

“Oh he’s a thief. That explains the mask.” Locke said.

“No duh.” I said again.

“Can you stop that?” Locke asked.

“If you stop saying obvious things, yes.”

Locke just rolled his eyes as he watched the officers chase the thief.

“Speaking of the thief…” I said. “We could just steal clothes.”

“Shouldn’t we try not to get arrested?” Locke suggested.

“Yeah. We would by stealing effectively.” I replied.

“Keep in mind this isn’t some small village. They’d probably be able to catch us easily. The guys chasing that theif are the police force’s lowest rank officers.” Locke replied.

“So? We could just teleport away.”

“Seriously why do we need to steal the clothes?”

“Because we have no money.” I answered.

“We could get money. From jobs. Like other people.” Locke said before he suddenly teleported away. He then shortly after reappeared floating while holding the thief carrying the bag by his shirt collar. “For example, we could catch criminals and get money for that.”

Shortly after the police arrived.

“I don’t wanna catch criminals.” I grabbed the thief from Locke and threw him as hard as I could, sending him flying. He did drop the bag though. “They just need it as much as we do. I’m a criminal. We are criminals.”

“And why do we need to be criminals hmm? Just because of our past?” Locke asked.

“No. We ARE criminals. To the E.F.A.I.”

“Yeah, but the E.F.A.I. are seen as criminals by almost everyone else. That makes us survivors, not criminals. You just think it does cause all you've ever been exposed to is corruption and never decided to maybe not harm and kill people.” Locke retorted.

“I am a criminal. I worked, killed and kidnapped for them. They used me.” I said, “that’s why this guy named Folly hates me. Because I kidnapped him and brutally chopped off his body parts.”

“I know, I spoke to him once. Told me all about how you're the spawn of the Nether and how you deserve to burn.” Locke said. “And yet here I am, trying not to kill you or destroy you because I know that none of us wanted or deserved what we got from those scientists, and I know that while there will always be our past, we can still change.”

“I am not catching criminals. That’s the police’s job. We do not interfere.” I rasped.

“Than we can do something else, bounty hunting, exploration, mining, something.” Locke said.

“Rather, you should continue hiding,” said a voice.

Shocked at the voice, I turned to where I heard it come from. I saw no one.

“I said, continue hiding.” the voice spoke again, “get out of the open!”

I then felt Locke grab me by the arm and take us away, out of Granite City and back to the mountains. Back to where we used to be, but not in the cave.

“Good.” The voice then said again. Then I spotted someone. It was a man, with a bald spot on his head while he had gray-black hair everywhere else on his head. He wore a white lab coat and goggles on his head.

“So how about you tell us who you are.” Locke said as he was in a defensive pose, his eyes faintly glowing purple.

“I’m the only one who can help you.” The man said.

“Help us? I don’t need any help.” I said.

“Yes, you do. You think you don’t have a tracker on you. But, you were lied to. You do. It runs in your bloodstream.” The man said.

It… was my blood? My blood was the tracker itself?

“So yes. Your blood is your tracker. They will know your location whether you are dead or alive.” The man said. “They know where you are always. How else would I have found you?”

“With your eyes?” Locke suggested.

“The human eye alone wouldn’t be able to determine your genetics.” The man put on the goggles.

“It can see for a mile and can recognize faces almost as good as advanced super computers.” Locke said. “I do get your point though.”

“Indeed.” He took off the goggles. “Now, come with me and I can have your blood replaced. Then you’ll be safe from the E.F.A.I.”

“Yeah okay… Questions though. One, how will you replace the blood? Two, how can we trust you? Three, even if you are telling the truth, we still don’t have anywhere to go afterwards. Unless we wanna live like Earth Dragons our whole lives.”

“Well. I myself can’t replace your blood. Dr. He will do that.” The man said, pointing to himself. “He looks like how I look like at the moment.”

“So wait… does that mean your like camouflaged or are you… My brain hurts.”

“He is on the run from the E.F.A.I.” The man said, “but when he gets back we can take care of you.”

“Sounds good to me.” I said. “I know what I want to do afterwards.”

“Good for you.” The man said. “Then. You want this to be done fast or…?”

“Hmmm… Fast.” I said.

The man looked at Locke. “And you?”

“I’d prefer to be free as quickly as possible.” Locke said.

“Alright. I’m going to put you asleep for a few days then.” The man said, taking out two pills. “Take these.”

“Annnnd what exactly will it be like after we take these?” Locke asked.

“You’ll fall asleep.” The man said.


“I’ll do the rest of the work. You won’t feel a thing.” The man said.

Locke looked over at me.

“Don’t know about you, I’m takin it.” I took the pill and gulped it down.

Then I started to feel queasy, and I fell to the floor, my eyes closing shut rapidly.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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Been a long time since this

Been a long time since this has been updated!! I'm really happy to see it.

I'm a little surprised that Broshi was the one to take the pill first, given that he's shown himself to be the warier of the two. Is he really desperate to be free from the organization, and is willing to look past his usual paranoia?

Locke is good. I loved this paragraph from him: “I know, I spoke to him once. Told me all about how you're the spawn of the Nether and how you deserve to burn.” Locke said. “And yet here I am, trying not to kill you or destroy you because I know that none of us wanted or deserved what we got from those scientists, and I know that while there will always be our past, we can still change.”


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 22:45
Glad you enjoyed! And yeah,

Glad you enjoyed! And yeah, that's one thing about Broshi, Locke is also good. But these guys are also going to appear in the regular series at a point for a bit too!


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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