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D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 4)

D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 4)

Posted November 29th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

I went back to working on this because it does have some interesting stuff in it that if you read the main series... it would really have some extras. 

But here it is!


Chapter 4}


Ugh. My head hurt. My body felt weird… I opened my eyes, and sat up, rubbing my head. I looked around.

I was in… a room. I was on a bed, and there were tubes and machines. There were tubes attached to my body. I looked to my right, finding Locke. He was the same as me. He had tubes in his body.

“You’ve awakened.” A man with short brown hair came into the room, wearing a lab coat. “I’m happy to say it was a success. You’re no longer visible on the E.F.A.I. subject radar.”

“That’s good.” I said. I looked over at Locke. “When is he waking up?”

“Should be soon.” The man said. “But you should rest a little more. You two had a hard surgery.”

“Hard what now?” I heard Locke say groggily as he woke up.

“Dr. He removed all of your blood.” The man said, “you would be dead.”

“Then how did we live?” I asked.

“Hm. Well. To sum it up. Time.” The man said.

“Uhhhh… Explain please.” Locke said.

“He froze your body’s in time. Nothing affected you.” The man said. “Until we had blood that were your types shipped here. You both had the same blood type so that made it easier.”

“How convenient for shipping.” Locke commented.

“Yes, it was very convenient.” The man smiled.

“So we’re actually free now… Now what should we do?” Locke asked.

“Find my brother and get revenge.” I said.

“But where could your brother even be?” Locke asked.

“He’s my brother. I can track him down,” I said. I activated my Dragon Eye. “I’m sure he has one of these too, so I can track him down with it.” I paused, looking down at Locke. “I’m going to get revenge on him. That is the first thing I am going to do.” Remembering everything in my past, I hated Draco. And Folly.

“Man you really don’t like losing.” Locke said as he laid down on the bed. We still needed to rest some.

“All I need is to win against them. If they were worthy to win against me, it wouldn’t be a problem. But they’re unworthy.” I said. “Hope that fact gets in your tiny head. Now you want to help me with my revenge?”

Before Locke could reply, the man came back in. “You can leave now, you know.”

I got up and walked up to the man, looking up at him. He was taller than me.

“Exit is there.” The man said. “I have something important to do, so--”

“Do you have a spaceship?” I rudely interrupted him.

“Of course. But you don’t know how to drive, so it’s useless to you. You want to go somewhere specific? Go out to the city or something and find someone to take you. Now we saved your lives for now, so give me my time and space. I will transport you out of here if needed be.” He sounded threatening.

I stepped back. I didn’t expect him to… Say that. Maybe he had something very important to do. I turned around to Locke but he wasn’t there. Next thing I knew, I was outside, back where we were before we got treated. Next to me was Locke, and in front of us was Granite City.

I grunted. “Locke.” I said. “You never got to answer me.” It was hard for me to say what was next. “I’m not strong enough to take him out alone, I need your help.”

“Hmmmmm. Fine. As long as we’re not killing the guy, I’ll help you.” Locke said, sounding uncertain.

“Kill him? He didn’t kill me, so, I don’t have to kill him.” I said. “We just gotta beat him up and have him beg for his life on his knees, and then we let him live.”

“Why does he need to beg for his life? That sounds like if he doesn’t beg you're gonna kill em.” Locke said, suspicious.

“He’s smart. He’ll beg.” I said, almost certain. “He knows his life would be at risk, and if he wants to keep it, he’ll beg.”

“You seem pretty certain that by the time we find him he won’t be stronger.” Locke commented.

“Oh, good point.” I didn’t realize that. “If he’s been training, we just have to keep training too.” I looked into Locke’s eyes. “What, you think that I can’t beat someone that you never even met before?”

“Well I mean, to be fair, you were double teamed so I mean that’s not a great way to measure a single person’s power but whatever.” Locke said.

“And that’s what we’re gonna do, double team him. That bubble thing of yours? Use it on him.” I said.

“Pretty sure most people use that attack for crushing people.” Locke said. “Also shouldn’t you want revenge on Folly more? You said he was the one with an actual vendetta against you. Your brother just happened to be there to help when Folly couldn’t beat you.”

“Well, yeah. But Folly always hated me. Draco, if you saw him then, has this cocky attitude, he’s annoying. He didn’t take me seriously. And he still did beat me, so I’m going to beat his butt up for it. And make him take me seriously.” I said.

“Okay…?” Locke seemed a bit confused by my logic but he rolled with it.

“Yeah. So. Find Draco, beat him up, make him beg for his life, and then move on.” I said. “Sound good to you?”

“I mean I guess. Beating up sounds about as bad to a person as I can do for someone I’ve never met.” Locke said, still sounding uncertain.

“Well you better agree or els--” I then spotted a body fall to the ground from space right behind Locke. “The heck is that.”

“Not… Sure…” Locke said uneasily as we walked over to the body.

It was just… darkness. Like a full human body that wasn’t skin or flesh, but just black darkness. Then it opened its eyes, which glowed red. It got up onto its feet, looking at us.

“Holy frick.” Locke and I took a step back.

Then it opened its mouth, sharp teeth shown as it smirked.

“Hello there, little ones,” it said.

“Uhhhh…” Locke was clearly unsure of what to do.

The dark figure walked around us, touching both of our foreheads creepily.

“Not bad, certainly better than last time.” The dark figure smirked.

“Last…time?” Locke asked, he sounded a bit scared.

The dark figure frowned. “I’ve been drained down to become powerless. I need a vessel to get my power back.”

“V-vessel? What kind of vessel?” Locke asked.

“He should work just fine.” The dark figure was looking at me.

“I don’t know who you are, or what you are, but don’t involve me in whatever the heck you got yourself into.” I said straight in its face.

“You seek revenge.” He then said. It caught me off guard. “You want revenge on your brother, no?”

“W-well, yeah.”

“You are too weak. You cannot get revenge in your state.” It’s eyes glowed brighter. “I can help you get revenge.”

“Help…me?” I thought about this.

“Uhhhhh… Don’t tell me you’re going to accept that.” Locke said.

“Well, first, who are you?” I asked the figure.

“I am called Dakrus. That is all you need to know.” The figure said.

“Dakrus. Okay.” I said.

“I am immortal and very powerful. This brother of yours will fall to your feet with my help.” The figure said.

“That sounds… nice. I accept.” I said.

“Good choice. Now…” Suddenly, Dakrus phased through into my body. He was inside me. I looked at my hands, I felt a bit different.

“I don’t feel that much stronger…” I said.

“Because I have to get my strength back, so wait.” I heard his voice in my head.

“Got it.” I turned to Locke. “Well, if you wanna do anything before we find my brother, we can.”

“I-I mean…” Locke said, he looked nervous as he looked up at me.

“I’m fine.” I said. “He’s just using me to recharge and then giving me more power so I can beat Draco.”

“And get sweet revenge for you.”

“And get sweet revenge for me.”

“Well I mean, it’s kinda hard for me to ask anything of a guy with a pitchblack aura and glowing red eyeballs.” Locke said, “not gonna lie, you look like you’d want to kill me if you were even a tad mad.”

“Don’t worry.” I growled. “I’m not gonna kill you.”

“I have no reason to right now either, and I can’t right now.”

“So don’t worry.” I reassured him, patting him on the head. “Besides, I’m still Broshi. Dakrus is just gonna give me power. I still have control of myself.”

“Y-you sure?” Locke asked.

“I have full control, right Dakrus?” I asked.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, totally, you have full control right now. Just lemme charge up.”

“Yeah, Dakrus said I have full control. Nothing to worry about.” I said to Locke.

“If you say so…” Locke said. “If anything I guess we’d need new clothes.”

“Well, they’d just get destroyed by our power, so what would be the point? At least for me. My dark vines will just break any shirt I wear.” I said. “We could get you new clothes though.”

“Don’t they have clothes that are made so that doesn’t happen?” Locke said. “Granted those would probably cost a lot.”

“Exactly.” I said.

“We could steal. Stealing is fun.”

“We could steal though.” I said.

“But wouldn’t we get caught by the police?” Locke asked. “Or other Ultimates possibly stronger than us?”

“Pfft we can deal with them. I could deal with them for you.”

“Dakrus can deal with them.” I said.

“Hmm… Okay… if you’re sure.” Locke said.

“Just leave the kid and we can go steal clothes.”

“You should just stay put, I’ll go get clothes.” I said.

“Okay…” Locke said as he then walked over to sit on a rock. “How long should it take you to get back?”

“Not sure. But be patient.” I said, turning towards the city.

“That’s just kinda how life has been for me so far.” Locke said.

“Alright, I’ll be back!” I then sped off towards the city.

“There’s a store over there.” Dakrus said in my head. “Has decent clothes. Just take some.”

I sped towards the store and walked in. People were doing their shopping and stuff. I looked for clothes that seemed to fit Locke and took them and walked out. Some alarm made a noise.

“Hey! You have to pay for those!” two men in what seemed to be security uniforms yelled at me.

“Ignore them and walk away.”

I just ignored them and walked away.

“Hey!” They yelled and came towards me. One of my dark vines stabbed both of them.

“Oh yes. That’s a fun toy.”

I turned and my other vines destroyed the men into little pieces of bones and flesh. I… didn’t do that. Meh, they were annoying anyway. And I got the clothes.

I then ran back to where Locke was, and found him in the same exact place I left him. I dropped the clothes in front of him.

“Here ya go.” I said.

He then picked them up and walked behind a large rock to change, when he came back out he was wearing a purple vest with the buttons undone with a black undershirt and a green ascot/scarf thing with navy blue pants and black shoes.

“You didn't have to change behind there dude.” I said to him.

“Eh, doesn’t matter anymore anyway, already changed.” Locke said as he tied the shoes laces.

“Okay, but next time you don't have to hide.” I said.

“Well if you say so.” Locke said as he had finished tying the laces.

“Anyway, what do you want to do?” I asked, my hands placed in my ripped and dirty pants’ pockets.

“I mean, I guess the only other thing would be to get some food and a place to sleep.” Locke said. “I’m not really looking for anything too unnecessary.”

“Well, then I'm gonna train so I can beat Draco's butt later on.” I said.

“Yes, train, that helps recharge me.”

“Well where should we go to do your said training?” Locke asked.

“Anywhere empty on this oversized planet works.”

“Dakrus says anywhere empty, so away from the cities.” I said.

“Good enough.” Locke said before he floated into the air.

“Let's go then.” I said.

We then flew to a far out craggy wasteland, with mountains and canyons and spires of rock reaching up into the sky.


“What do you think?” I asked Locke. I was surrounded with a bright red aura, both my eyes lit up since I was using Dragon Eye Level Two.

“Very nice, Broshi.” Dakrus said from inside me.

“I mean it’s strong. You look a bit scary with the blood red glowing eyes but still.” Locke replied.

“I think that’s part of the point.” I smirked. Looking scary was exactly what I wanted. I could scare the crud out of my brother. “Do you think I’d scare some people?”

“Well maybe some people, but your brother can do the eye thing too right? So it might not scare him that much.” Locke said.

“Once I have him to his knees, he will be scared for what I will do to him.” I said, frowning. “If not him then…” I had an idea. “I could do it to others around him, one’s he cares about.”

“Why do we need to get his friends involved?”

“Part of revenge, Locke. If we can’t beat him as easily as I think we can, then we destroy everything else he cares and loves so that he feels bad, and then my revenge would be complete.” I felt my urge to get revenge get stronger inside me…

“I’m not sure doing that would be a good idea.” Locke said. “You sure you're okay? You seem off.”

“I’m fine.” I growled. “Just remembering his attitude ticks me off. I’ll beat him, and if he somehow has power and doesn’t get beat, I’ll beat the ones he cares about that don’t have power.” I took a deep breath to calm down. “Yeah. I’ll kill them if I have to.”

“That sounds a bit petty.” Locke commented. “Plus, wouldn’t potentially killing his friends and loved ones actually make him hate you? I don’t see the pluses of that strategy besides making your revenge seem petty cause you're involving people who weren’t involved the first time and also making you're brother despise you.”

“I despise him already. If he despises me, I have no problem with it.” I said.

“I don’t think you can see what the problems with your strategy is but fine.” Locke said.

“What problems are there then? Tell me.”

“I don’t think you’d be able to understand with the knowledge you have of relationships.” Locke said.

“Relationships? I have relationships. Relationships with my enemies. That excludes you, since you’re my partner in this.” I said.

“That’s my point. From what I can tell any relationships you have are all negative except for the one you have with me. And even then thats a tad above neutral.” Locke said. “You don’t know what would happen when you attack your brothers friends and family since you’ve never known whats that like.”

“I see. I don’t know what it’s like. You’re right.” I looked down at him. “But the thing is, I don’t care either. Revenge is what’s important.”

“See that’s the problem with the whole lacking close ones thing. All you care about is yourself and your revenge. Sure you care a bit about me but that’s about it. That’s kinda why people don’t like the E.F.A.I, they strip people of humanity and make them selfish and loads of other things. Heck, you only despise your brother because he happened to participate in a fight with you and won.”

“Hey, he did pee on me when we were babies.” I pointed out.

“Thats cuz you were babies. You don’t understand what bladder control is when you’re a baby! Heck, how do you even remember that? Your brother probably doesn’t even know that happened! Heck, I don’t even think he knew who you were before you two fought.”

“That is true. I was kidnapped and he never knew I existed.” I said. “And Folly mistook him for me and apparently caused him trouble. So, he would surely hate me for that.”

“Unless he acts just like you he at most is a tad annoyed by you and that’s probably only cause you attacked him. He probably hates Folly more than you.” Locke said. “Heck we don’t even know if he’d even be mad to see you!”

“I would be mad to see him, though.”

“Well yeah, cause you're upset he beat you by yourself when he had a teammate.” Locke said. “Besides that, there doesn’t seem to be any other reasons to dislike him, even if his attitude may be annoying but that happens to everyone.”

“I guess you’re right.” I thought about it. “Then I guess, we’ll just beat him in a fight as payback, and not revenge.”

“Thats sounds better.” Locke said.

“Payback isn’t enough, Broshi.”

“Hm. But he didn’t do much that was very bad.” I said. “Just beat me in a fight, so I just have to beat him in a fight.”

“But Broshi… You’re seriously just going to be satisfied with only beating him up?”

“…” Beating up by itself wasn’t satisfying… He had a point.

“Is the voice telling you stuff again?” Locke asked. “I’m still not sure it's completely trustworthy.”

“Dakrus is powerful, he knows what to do. If I follow his footsteps, I will be much stronger than Draco.” I said. “And that is part of my goal.”

“Hmmm…” Locke was thinking.

“You are right there, Broshi. If you follow in my footsteps, you can become overpowered and none of your enemies will beat you.” Dakrus said.

“Will I… can I become immortal?” I asked.

“Can you what now?” Locke asked, confused.

“PFFT. NAH. You’re a mortal, so it’s not possible. I’m an immortal, I do not have a life that can be taken. That is why the Elemental Master of Electricity could only drain me of power, but cannot kill me.” Dakrus said.

“Okay so immortality is out of question then.” I said.

“I can grant you power.” Dakrus said. “But you see… You already have a lot.”

“Wait what?” I asked.

“Your genetics… If you learn how to use them effectively, you can overcome your enemies. And Draco, your brother, can’t beat you.” Dakrus said.

“How do I use my genetics effectively?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you exactly what genetics have been added to your DNA. But you do have power. You’ll see.”


“You can kill Draco then.”

“Kill him? Bu--”

“He LEFT you to die before. He deserves to only be killed by you. In your hands. You are his superior.”

That sounded… nice. “I’m his superior.” I said. “He left me to die, so I will do the same to him.”

“But how do you know that he knew you were still alive? He probably thought you were dead since Folly did stab you in the head and you weren't moving.” Locke said.

“My genetics is why I didn’t die and… he didn’t check. Showed no care. He doesn’t care about me, he’s not what people call a brother. Not a real one. He’s just an enemy. One that left me to die.” I said, looking down at Locke with a serious expression on my face. “So I will do the same to him, as revenge.”

“You don’t know if that’s true! Maybe Dakrus is lying to you! Trying to tell you exactly what you want to hear!” Locke exclaimed. He looked worried.

“What? Nonsense, I don’t lie!” Dakrus said.

“He’s immortal and overpowered, he’s trustworthy. He wouldn’t lie, and he would have ways to know what happened.” I said.

Locke just looked distraught and frustrated. Like as if there was something he wanted to say but he couldn’t either because it wouldn’t make sense to me or because it would make me mad.

“Look, we just have to fight Draco and beat him and leave him to die. That’s what he did to me. That’s as little as I am going to go.” I said. “This way it’s only fair, that he also experiences what he did to me.”

Locke simply grumbled and muttered to himself before looking at me. “Fine. Go ahead.”

“I don’t get it. Do you think that my brother can just leave me to die and… JUST THAT? He did bad stuff to me! Treated me horribly!” I yelled. “And you have a problem with that, you know what!? You’re sounding like you’re siding with my brother. You don’t even KNOW him and you’re siding with him!? What the heck man!?” I was pretty mad.

“And you’re the one acting like your brother was the one who decided to do all of that! Heck, you said it yourself you haven’t seen him since you were babies! You don’t even know entirely who he’s like, how he’s changed, what he’s been through. You act like he’s the one responsible for you losing!” Locke exclaimed. “You said you can’t call him a brother because he supposedly decided to leave you to die. Well then by that logic then he shouldn’t call you a brother because he barely even knows you!”

“And you don’t know him! So you wouldn’t know!” I yelled. “Your arguments are invalid!”


“I certainly know more than you. You never met him.”

“And you’ve only known him for maybe a total of less then ten months. Nine of which you didn’t even know what sentience was because you two hadn’t been born. Congratulations.” Locke said as he slowly clapped, a look of spite on his face.

“Shut up, you. You talk like you know him. He’s my brother, not yours.”

“But you said he didn’t deserve to be called your brother.”

“But we share the same parents, we still are brothers. I just don’t think of him as the brothers… as brothers that I have seen. Those are gross though, anyway.”

“Man, it must be fun for you to live your life without understanding what you don’t have.” Locke spat, he looked both angry and a bit sad. “Not caring for your family or even completely knowing what it is. Thinking about yourself more than others. Assuming that just because someone wronged you in the slightest degree that they need to pay, even if they didn’t even intend to do it. You’re the last thing any human being should be, Broshi. You’re terrible. You’re selfish. You don’t understand family or friends or anything that even makes us human in the first place. And your definition of trust is nothing more than that if their strong then clearly they must be right.”

“Are you done?” I asked.

“Knowing you, I’m not sure I ever will be.” Locke said. “When I first met you I thought the E.F.A.I made you like this. But now, I’m not even sure they had the capability to corrupt a person as much as you. Sure, we may not be the nicest people. But I know from experience with the other subjects. That at least, we care about other people. Sure, you were used by someone, you murdered people. But that doesn’t seem to change a thing. Heck, that just makes you worse. Because you allowed them to do it. You talk all about your power, how you’re superior, yet when it came to that you couldn’t even say no. You disgust me.”

Locke then began to float into the air and away from me slowly. He glared me in the eyes the whole time.

“You know what? You’re not wrong. All of your descriptions of me were accurate. Except, you seem to forget. I’m not human. I’m a monster. Don’t tell me to act like humans do, with freaking family and friendship. I’m on my own. I’m a savage beast.” I just looked back at him. “It is what I am.”

“Fine, do that. Ignore and reject what you used to be, who you could’ve been. Doesn’t matter to me either way. I can tell that there's probably no one in this whole universe that can fix you.”

Locke then teleported off to somewhere. I couldn’t sense him.

“We don’t need him.” Dakrus said.

“I guess you’re right.” I said. “I gave him a chance to help me… But he doesn’t want to. Or does he? Where did he go?”

“He went back to the city.” Dakrus said. “You still want to see if he’ll join?”

“Yeah.” I said. I then deactivated everything and went to wherever Locke was. I looked around, and I saw him walking, looking like he was grumbling. “Hey! Locke!”

“Oh great you already found me.” Locke said as he then floated and stood on top of a lightpost.

“I want you to join me.” I said.

“……” Locke just looked at me, he looked angry, a bit dumbfounded but mostly angry.

“You’re… you’re not bad.” I said.

“The problem was never that I was bad.” Locke said.

“Yeah but… I am bad, sure. But even when I was bad… And I was a jerk to you at first…” This was hard to say. “You’re still like… you’re a friend. Even when I was mean, you were still nice. You didn’t give up on me. I… admire that about you.” I can’t believe I’m saying this right now.

“Hmmmm…” Locke looked at me skeptically.

“What are you saying Broshi? This is nonsense.” Dakrus said. “He’s not important. You should just kill him, right now.”

“Kill him? No. He’s my friend.” I said.

“He left you too. Pretty much.”

“He left because we were arguing. It’s normal for people to leave when they have an argument.”

“And you are not ‘people’. You’re Broshi. You’re a monster.”

“Even so, he was still nice.” I said.

“What do you mean? You’re not trying to be nice, are you?”

“I am just being myself.” I said. “Locke, I’m sorry about before.” I also can’t believe I just said that too.

“Are you really?” Locke asked. “I have a feeling the voice in your head does not approve of your behavior.”

“I don’t care about Dakrus. He just is going to give me power. He doesn’t control me. I control myself. And I’m being myself right now.” I said. “He doesn’t have to approve. He can’t do anything about it.”

“Hmmm… I’m not sure.” Locke said. “I feel like maybe I should spend some time away from you.”

“And leave me alone with Dakrus? I don’t know how that would end with me…”

“If he’s gonna run, he knows stuff, we gotta kill him.” Dakrus said.

“It’s hard to resist.” I said. “You’ve been helping me, but if you go, I don’t think I can hold back much more.”

“Hmmmm...” Locke thought. “Fine I’ll stay with you a bit more. But then I’m leaving.”

“Don’t leave if Dakrus is still here.” I said. “Otherwise, I’m not sure I can… not kill you.”

“Fine. But once he’s gone, we’re gonna discuss the whole leaving thing.” Locke said as he floated down to me, he still seemed skeptical. “But I’m mainly doing this so that way you don’t murder innocent people.”

So not because… this is exactly why friendship is stupid. It’s not real. He doesn’t want to help me. Just the innocent people that I was going to kill. I thought he showed what friendship really was.

I’m dumb. Why would I think that? He doesn’t care about me. No one does. That’s why I am the way I am. I care about myself, while no one else cares about me.

“Well your face has clearly shown something.” Locke smirked.

“What does it show?” I asked. I was still kinda mad at him.

“That you actually cared about what I said.” Locke said as he then stood in front of me. “Besides, I gotta make sure you change before I ever leave. Probably the only person who can change you since you have yet to kill me.”

“I’m not gonna kill you.” I said. There was part of me that couldn’t dare hurt him, even though I’m a monster.  

“See? That’s why I’m gonna change you. Cuz I’m the only person you’ve haven’t killed and have follow you around. Would kinda be terrible of me to just leave you in the middle of society without knowing how it works or how to not just murder people who peev you off.”

“I didn’t kill you because you weren’t trying to kill me. People that followed me around were usually trying to kill me.” I explained to him why I haven’t killed him.

“That’s usually cuz you killed someone they cared about. Or maybe they just didn’t like you killing people. That’s why I gotta make sure you don’t do that. I mean, that’s what lead to you losing to Folly and Draco right? You killed Folly’s parents?”

“It was… my mission, yes.” I nodded.

“And that’s why he wanted revenge. So we gotta make sure you stop being a revenge making machine by making you stop murdering people without a good reason.” Locke said.

“But revenge feels good.” I said.

“Smoking and drugs and ‘something’ do too. But that doesn’t make them good things for you to have all the time.” Locke said.

“Why are drugs… bad? They’re bad?” I asked. “They aren’t though, I was drugged and it took away my pain when I was still at the facility.”

“No not medical drugs like painkillers and medicine. I mean the drugs that heal absolutely nothing but feel good. Like meth and crack and heroin and stuff. Those are all bad. But people like how they make them feel. So they keep using them.”

“Neeeever heard of them.”

“Course you haven’t. You don’t even have a school education. But basically, we need you to stop killing people for no reason so people don’t seek revenge on you so that way if they beat you and somehow don’t kill you, you don’t seek revenge on them. Basically I wanna stop the whole revenge domino effect you have going on.” Locke said.

For some reason, Dakrus wasn’t talking anymore.

“Well…” I said. “All my life was just killing, kidnapping, and doing all sorts of bad stuff for the E.F.A.I.”

“I know. So we’re gonna try and make sure you don’t do that anymore. I mean, those acts won’t really go away but we’ll make sure you at least become a decent moraled member of society. I mean, what are you gonna do after you get revenge on your brother anyway? We gotta make sure you have somewhere to go, to live. To be.”

“Hm.” I thought to myself about it. “Well. After I beat him, I guess, I could ask him what he’s been doing. I could do the same.”

“Yeah that’s a good idea! Who knows, you two could maybe even train together and stuff. But let’s leave that for later.”

“Pfft. If he trains, I’ll train to be stronger. I am better than him.” I said.

“Well, at least you still have one thing from your siblingship.” Locke said. “You have sibling rivalry with him, even if it is on the almost murdery side.”

“Well. I still do want to… do something…” I have been thinking about this for awhile, but never got to do it.

“And what is that?” Locke asked.

“I want to go somewhere.” I said. “I want to see what family is.” I was interested.


“Because you said I don’t know what it is. So I want to learn.” I said. “To see what it means.”

“I did say that.” Locke said as he thought to himself. “I mean I haven’t had much experience with family either. Sides my brother at the E.F.A.I. Haven’t seen him for awhile though. And we can’t just walk up to people to ask what family is. Cuz that’s kinda rude, and creepy, and might get us arrested.”

“Well, I was kidnapped as a child.” I said. “But I know where my home is. I was thinking of going and seeing who my parents are. See what family is that way.”

“Well where is you home? What planet?” Locke asked.

“Aerth.” I replied. “It’s similar to… Ertin. Same climates.”

“Really? Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.” Locke said. “So we’d just need to get someone to fly us there. Do you remember where on Aerth it is?”

“I think so. I can probably find them.” I said. “We just need a spaceship, yeah. We should go to the space station and find… someone to give us a ride.”

“But how will we pay them? We don’t have any money or anything to trade. Don’t tell me we’re gonna threaten them.” Locke said.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to see.” I shrugged. “There’s the… Bounty Canteen. Maybe we could make a deal with a bounty hunter, and they’d give us a ride.”

“Better then nothing I guess.” Locke shrugged before we began flying to the space station.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

to be continued in the next chapter....

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plothole: near the beginning

plothole: near the beginning i thought locke was asleep and then he started talking.

Locke continues to be the philosopher! He's so aptly named. Yet, the philosophy might be a little too heavy-handed? I'm not sure. It felt heavy-handed to me. 

I think maybe Broshi agreed to accept Dakrus into him too fast. Again-he's the wary one? Why is he doing this?

But the way Broshi resists Locke and yet wants him around is 10/10, would not change. That's the good stuff right there. 


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Fri, 11/30/2018 - 20:38
“Hard what now?”

“Hard what now?” I heard Locke say groggily as he woke up.

He woke up first and then talked. 

And his philosphy is pretty heavy-handed, yeah. Shows how he veiws it. Or maybe he could be trying to make it sound a certain way to Broshi.

Broshi is pretty stupid, and has a lust for power. So he accepted Dakrus because Dakrus was powerful and he wanted to be powerful. 

And yeah, Broshi resists yet he wants him around. Isolation drove him crazy and he has started to build a relationship with Locke. 


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