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D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 6)

D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 6)

Posted December 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6}


It took awhile but sooner or later, the people of this castle town began to realize that their babies were missing. Ha! They didn’t know that I kidnapped them since I was too fast for them to even see. The pod was filled with babies, riding back would be a total pain with a bunch of babies crying.

I wondered where Locke was. He wasn’t really helping out, but it didn’t matter. I could do it all by myself. These town folks are stupid, they don’t know what’s hitting them.

I noticed, as I walked through the town, that the remaining babies were being guarded by armed guards. Pfft. Like that could stop me. I tracked them down, and spotted the babies inside a house with guards. I walked on in, and before any of the guards could say anything, I killed them with dark vines. I left their dead bodies there as I took the babies back to the pod.

That was all of them. The pod was packed tight. I squeezed in, and set the coordinates to head back to the Space Facility. Then I jumped out and let it escape. Well, now I was stuck on this planet. But at least now I get a break for kidnapping every single baby in this castle town.

I returned to the castle where I spotted Locke chatting with King Teloiven. I did all the work while he chatted. I did the fun part, while Locke did the distracting part.

“Hey hey, wassup Locke, Teloiven.” I said, walking up to them with my hands in my pockets.

“Hello Broshi.” Locke said in a not very greeting way.

“What have you guys been up to?” I asked.

“Majesty! All the babies have disappeared!” A guard suddenly appeared, pleading to King Teloiven.

“I don’t understand how they’ve all disappeared in only two days.” King Teloiven said as he looked at the two of us, a look of slight suspicion and concern on his face.

“Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it? We must be bad luck.” I replied.

“Broshi, you don’t seem to be taking this very seriously.” Locke said.

“Not the first time it happened to me. So I’m used to it.” I shrugged. “What, this is the first time this happened to you guys here in Featherros?” I asked the King.

“Yes, usually we don’t have all of our newborns stolen in forty eight hours.” The King said, he looked upset at my calmness.

“Well, you want help finding where they are?” I asked. “Cuz I mean… I could track them down.”

“And how would you be able to do that?” King Teloiven asked, he looked suspicious of me.

“You have noooo idea, old man.” I replied. “I’m capable of doing a lot of things other than just eat fast. I know where the babies are, but we can’t get to them. They’re way off in space now.”

“……” The king half glared at me.

“What?” I asked. “I told you where they are. And that by now, it’s probably too late to get them back, since we don’t have transportation and since they’re test subjects now.”

“You…” the king said, he was seemingly furious.

“Not me. The scientists that took them, bro.” I said.

Locke was simply watching, he seemed unsure of if he should say something or not. If he exposed us, then that would cause problems and I’d have to something about it. But Locke is better than that.

“Hey, it’s not like they’re dead.” I then added. “I was kidnapped by the scientists when I was a baby too. And here I am, stronger than ever.”

“That doesn’t make it any better. They still took their kids. That’s unredeemable.” the king said.

“We really can’t do much about that, majesty.” I replied. “Can’t they just get more kids?” Since the pod was gone, and I already got like two hundred or so babies, I’m good for 200 days. So any new babies are safe. For now, at least.

“ ‘Can’t they just get more kids?’ Who do you think you are? Parents can’t just have another kid after having one get kidnapped. They can’t just forget it happened.” the king said.

“Well before I was asleep, so I couldn’t stop them.” I yawned. “But now I’m awake so I could.” I had a plan to convince them. I grabbed the device in my pocket and pressed the button. A man dressed in white was summoned. “Oi! No more baby kidnapping!” I then leaped at him before he could do anything and killed him with my dark vines. Or at least I would’ve. If Locke hadn’t grabbed me with his mind and chucked me out the window.

Startled by his sudden movement, I grabbed the edge of the window with my dark vines and threw myself back in. I looked at Locke. “What was that for!?”

“Because you almost ruined everything!” He yelled.

“How is this ruining!? This guy is the one kidnapping all the babies!” I pointed at the E.F.A.I. worker that I had summoned, who was watching carefully with a weapon in his hands.

“It’s ruining because you didn't use your dang head to realize that it's very obvious YOU summoned the transport guy.” I had noticed by now that Locke must’ve teleported the king away. “Do you really think that would’ve lowered any suspicion?”

“Yeah, cuz it wasn’t THAT obvious. The king isn’t an Ultimate.” I said.

“Oh boo hoo he doesn’t have a power rock. He still has eyes you idiot!” Locke yelled.

“Whatever, if he suspected us, I could've just killed him then.” I shrugged it off.

“Oh yes kill the king, that totally won’t get us captured slash killed.” Locke said, acting like my apparent ‘stupidity’ was frustrating him.

“Ha! The guards are no stronger than their babies!” I exclaimed. “They won’t be able to touch us even. You are even stronger than them. That’s the benefit of modified DNA!”

“Oh the guards here aren’t what I was referring to.” Locke said. “I’m referring to something even YOU with all your ego couldn't handle.”

“…the E.F.A.I. itself?” I questioned.

“Something similar to that. Have you ever heard of Dr. He? Well he has an interesting connection to that king, or rather the king’s brother.” Locke said.

“And how would you know that?” I asked.

“The heck do you think I’ve been doing the past two days?” Locke asked.

“Oooh, so while the king was distracted, you drew out information from him.” I said.

“Basically. And I learned that his brother, King Verdan. Knows Dr. He. Granted, you may not know what that entirely means for his brother so I’ll make it simple. Imagine a fully trained ultimate crystal using army with modified DNA like ours. Thats King Verdan’s army.” Locke said.

“Wait. So why doesn’t his brother have a good army then? Sounds selfish.” I said. “I would do the same though.”

“Because his good soldiers are off doing other things. He didn’t expect for something like you did so he wasn’t prepared.”

“Well, at least it was easy then. We’re free for 200 or so days to do whatever now, so, we could leave this place.” I said.

“In all honesty, staying here would be a terrible idea. As since the King’s brother has that army and said brother also knows about the E.F.A.I. We don’t want to get caught in the blast zone of what could possibly happen. Seriously, that army King Verdan has is one of many things the E.F.A.I is upset about since Dr. He left the organization. Not even they have the resources to deal with it, his army is just so well trained and powerful. So we really need to get to another planet quick. Because worse case scenario, this place is just gonna have a lot of DNA modified babies rather than normal ones.”

“Yeah. And best case scenario, if we don’t leave and have to face that army, the Dakrus dude could help out. Right Dakrus?” I said aloud. But he didn’t reply, huh. I wonder why.

“That’s not what the best case scenario would be. What it would be is that the army would expose the E.F.A.I for the kidnapping of a whole kingdom’s newborns which they’d be able to prove by just having the government and said army search their locations.” Locke said.

“It wouldn’t be a problem for the E.F.A.I. They know how to deal with things.” I said.

“Yeah, they know how to deal with small things, like maybe only a dozen people being kidnapped, they can hide that easy. But from all I’ve learned from looking through information with my mind is that they’ve never had to deal with the amount of people you just sent. Sure, you’ve bought us 200 days of vacation. But you’ve also brought them 200 babies worth of they’re screwed.” Locke said.

“If anything were to go wrong with this kingdom…” The E.F.A.I. worker I had summoned spoke up. I forgot he was there. “We could have them all executed and our problems will be solved.”

“Oh right because of course you heartless monsters wouldn’t care if 200 babies get murdered. Just like how you don’t care for human life at all.” Locke scowled.

“We’re not killing the babies. They’re experiments, that’s all.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

“Somehow, I doubt that. The fact that you would experiment on babies at all clearly shows you have no care of human privacy or ethics.” Locke said.

“Just doing my job, kid. You’d have to tell that to the boss, even though he wouldn’t care.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

“Course he wouldn’t. I’d be surprised if he actually cared if all of us experiments dropped dead and he showed more concern than just ‘Welp, now we need to kidnap more babies and orphans.’ I’d wonder what kind’ve of goal your organization even has, but for all I know, your boss is just doing this for nothing but the fun of it.”

“Originally it was Dr. He that started this organization.” The E.F.A.I. worker said. “It’s goal was to see how other animal and creature DNA in humans would do to the human. Subjects were originally volunteers. But when the boss, who was Dr. He’s assistant, saw what power the DNA had, he wanted to create an army. The army at the moment is even bigger than this King Verdan’s army. So it won’t be a problem for us.”

“Holy shiz.” I said. “So Dr. He left cuz he didn’t like what the assistant was doing?”

“Yes. That’s what happened. Or what we were told.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

I then noticed that Locke was leaving the castle and was about to close the door behind him.

“Hey Locke, where are you going?” I asked him.

“For all you and the E.F.A.I. care I’m going to the middle of a forest to grab my own head with my psychic powers and tear it off cuz I’m tired of living with what my life is and dealing with your uncaring nature. That and the fact that for some reason I was dumb enough to think that going with you after leaving you behind would ever be a good idea.” Locke said coldly as he closed the door behind him.

“Huh.” I looked back at the E.F.A.I. worker. “What’s his deal?”

“He already told you. He’s like a lot of people, they don’t like what’s being done to them and others. They can’t do anything about it, and neither can I.” The E.F.A.I. worker said.

I didn’t like what was done to me either, because I don’t like being in a cage. That’s why I killed the last worker I summoned, for revenge. But now I see they were all innocent too. They didn’t like what they’re doing but are forced to by whoever their boss is. Man, this is really complicated.

“Why does this… happen?” I questioned. Not really to anyone, but just in general. “Why do we just… I don’t know. Why do I listen and do as I’m told?”

“So you don’t get tortured or be put in a cell until you die.” The E.F.A.I. worker answered. “Sometimes doing what is bad is better than getting bad things done to you.” He sighed. “Doesn’t mean it’s not wrong still. You killed my co-worker by the way.”

“Oh fricc. Right. Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. He was going to die since he didn’t do something right. You ended him with less pain than he would feel in the hands of the boss.” The E.F.A.I. worker turned around. “I should head back now. I’m in charge of watching you and Locke now. Take care.” He then disappeared.

Man. Life was messed up.

“Pathetic mortals.” Dakrus was back.

“Oh. Hey Dakrus. Where have you been?” I asked.

“I’ve been feeding off of your energy to recharge. Thanks for that, by the way. I’m almost fully recharged.”

“Cool.” I really wasn’t in the mood for this anymore.

“I’m in the mood for killing. What do ya say?”

“Not in the mood.”

“Maybe next time then.”

“Yeah. Maybe.” Then I had an idea. “Say, Dakrus. What do you know about the E.F.A.I.?”

“As much as you know. They wanted my DNA to create hybrids of humans and the dark creature I am. Told them it would kill them. You can’t mix immortal DNA with mortal DNA.”

“Oh.” I said. “Well. You’re strong, right? Can you help me take down the organization?”

“Stupid goal. Dream on, kid. Dream on.”

“You’re strong, you could take it down with me.”

“Hear me out.” Dakrus said. “People that do evil, I will leave alone. The E.F.A.I. is doing a lot of evil. I like them.”

Welp. So much for that plan.

“But seriously, I’m in the killing mood. Let's go kill some innocents.”

“No. No more killing today.” I said. “I’ve had enough.”

“Okay then, I’ll return to charging up.”

I then walked outside the castle to find Locke.


“Locke?” I called out into the dark forest. I was tired. Maybe because Dakrus was feeding off of my energy. But I was too tired to find Locke with my powers. So I had to find him normally. “Locke where are you?”

No response. He wasn’t anywhere around here. There was no sign of him. What should I do now then? I could just leave, but I didn’t have a pod since that was used to transport the babies.

I took out the summoning device and summoned the worker from before.

“Hey Broshi.” it was the same guy.

“Can you take me back to the facility?” I asked. “I’m done with this planet.”

“Okay.” He grabbed my shoulder and disappeared, dragging me along. We were now in an office, probably his office. “You look tired. You should get some rest.”

I nodded as I exited the office. As I walked through the hallway, I bumped into someone. I looked up, it was a tall man.

“Watch where you’re going, lad. It’s not good to bump into people. Especially me.” the tall man said. He had gray hair, looked pretty old yet he seemed full with energy.

“No. You watch where you’re going, chump.” I growled.

“You have any idea who I am?” he looked down at me, he looked scary.

“No, who are you?”

“Dr. Móush?. You’ve probably heard of me. I’m the boss here.”

“Boss?” I looked up at him. “It’s a pleasure to meet you then.”

A smile appeared on Dr. Móush?’s face. “I saw you kidnapped over 200 babies and brought them. It’s not possible to do that and go unnoticed in the Elemental System. You’ve given me an idea.”

“What, to go to other systems?” I asked.

“We need more labs around the galaxy. We’ve got one being sent to Featherros. You’ve done well, Broshi.” Dr. Móush? walked away down the hall. “You get a year of vacation. We don’t need you.”

I nodded. “Thank you sir.” I was free for a year.

“However, bring that child back. I think his name was Locke.” Dr. Móush? turned around for a second. “I heard he had problems with my way of doing things. He shall have the same fate as the others.”

I gulped. Dr. Móush? smirked and then walked away. I wasn’t going to bring Locke only for him to get… whatever it was he was going to face. But if I didn’t follow orders from the boss of the E.F.A.I. itself, then I would be in trouble.

If an E.F.A.I. laboratory was being installed on Featherros, they would find him. Not going to happen. I’ll just have to find him first, and then hide him before they could do anything bad to him.

I smacked my head. What happened to me? I was so different before. When Locke came into my life, I changed. I didn’t feel the same at all. Or maybe because Dakrus is inside me? He was just giving me more power. But really, just feeding off of me so he could get his power back.

I walked through the hallways and then spotted an open door. My curiosity of what was inside led me to enter the room. It was a prison room, and there was a cell. Inside the cell was this white haired kid dressed in the same ragged clothes that I was dressed in. He looked up at me, and I saw his eyes were blue.

“Oh frick.” I also realized it was Folly, the guy who my brother Draco had teamed up with to kill me.

Folly suddenly coughed out blood. I saw he was injured. I didn’t know if I should say anything, since the dude hated me.

“Folly?” I decided to say his name.

He looked up at me, hate filled in his eyes. “You’re alive.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Frick!” Folly punched the wall, but did no damage to it. They were durable, they had to be to keep us stuck inside. Folly was breathing heavily. He looked up at me. “They put me in here. I let one of their greatest weapons escape.”

“You did?” I asked.

“Apparently. I was helping out some old friends, letting them escape and be free. I had to be a distraction for them to escape, however. I got caught.” Folly looked down, and I saw there was a chain around his neck as the chain was attached to the wall. “I’m now left here to die.”

Part of me ached. What… where did that come from? Why did I care about… Folly? He tried to kill me. I smacked my head again. What was going on with me?

“Are… are you okay?” Folly asked.

“No.” I slapped myself, leaving a bruise on my left cheek. “Okay. I’m good now.” I had to come back to my senses. I shouldn’t care for Folly. I shouldn’t care for anyone.

“Dang it. It would be good if you just killed yourself.” Folly said. See, my point exactly.

“It would be good if I just left you here to die, too.” I retorted.

“How did you survive? I’m pretty sure I had you dead then.” Folly said.

“Genetics, DNA, stuff.” I summed it up for him. “Apparently after I’m dead, or close to dying, my body starts to regenerate.”

“Frick.” Folly got up onto his legs but the chain on his neck pulled him back. “I’ll kill you again once I get out of this cell!”

“Good luck with that.” I said. I turned around to walk away.

“DON’T JUST WALK AWAY FROM ME!” Folly shouted from behind me.

“I have better things to do. Better and stronger people to fight.” I turned my head and looked at him, he was furious. “See ya when you’re out of the cell, if you ever will be.” Then I walked away with a smirk as Folly was screaming gibberish.

I had to find Locke before the E.F.A.I. did.

And then I had to hide him.




to be continued in the next chapter...

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ooof Locke is having an

ooof Locke is having an effect on you, Broshi. Maybe you should be caring about Folly :)



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