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D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 7)

D a r k D r a g o n - E p i s o d e B r o s h i (C h a p t e r 7)

Posted January 4th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here is the next chapter! Also, here's a note, events that happen in this chapter happen at the exact same time as in Ultimates the 3rd series book 6 chapter 13. It isn't posted yet, but it will be!



Chapter 7}


Since I was free, I could just take another pod. And that’s exactly what I did. It will take the E.F.A.I. time to get to Featherros and set up a laboratory, so I can get there and find Locke before they find him.

Oh, and I got some sleep on the way there. So I was well rested, I could track down Locke with my powers. My pod hadn’t reached Featherros yet. I should also mention, I took a pod with a television inside. So I watched some TV.

I was somewhat surprised when I saw my brother, Draco, on TV. He was doing some tournament on the Rock Planet. Cool, I guess. I didn’t care anymore. Revenge or not, I could do that after I found Locke and saved him.

I just had to sit and wait until I arrived at Featherros. Soon, I could see the planet through my window as my pod came closer to it. Eventually, my pod entered the atmosphere and landed somewhere on the planet. I got out of the pod. I didn’t sense the E.F.A.I. so they weren’t here yet.

I had to find Locke. I activated my techniques, my Dragon Eye level one as my right eye set aflame. I searched through the planet, running around as fast as I could. I thought about where Locke would hide. Maybe a cave, perhaps.

So I started to enter every single cave I saw. Eventually, I found him. He was laying there in the cave when I walked in, my Dragon Eye giving off some light.

“Locke.” I called out his name.

He simply sat up and stared at me.

“Finally found you.” I said. “Come on, we gotta go.”

“And why’s that? Cuz the E.F.A.I. are gonna come and capture me? Well then I’ll just off myself before they get here.” Locke said coldly.

“No, we’re going to escape before they get here.” I said. “Come on. Let’s go.”

“And why should I go with you?” Locke asked.

“Because I’m helping you!” I replied. “And because you helped me. We can still escape from them. I’m free to do whatever for a year. You’re going to be captured by them and they’ll do stuff to you. So it’s better to come with me, and hide.” I stuck out my hand to him, to help him up. “C’mon. We can be free.”

“You seem to have forgotten something.” Locke said, ignoring my hand.

“What?” I asked.

Locke then reached out to the ground next to him and held in his hand some sort of chip with a small blinking red light on it. There was also a bit of dried blood on it, meaning he must’ve removed it from under his skin.

“Oh.” I said. “They put new trackers? Where was it? Do I have one?”

“Course you do. Do you really think that they would let two previously escaped test subjects go about their business without some sort of tracker?”

“It used to be our blood, but now it’s a chip. Maybe they couldn’t replace our blood this time.” I said. “Or maybe they did, and we’re gonna have to get new blood again.”

“No, it’s only the chip.” Locke said as he stood up.

“Okay, good.” I said. “So, where did you find the chip?”

Locke pointed at the back of his neck. “Yours would be there too.”

“Gotta get it out then.” I then concentrated my dark vines, and sensed around the back of my neck for a tracker. Then I stabbed through, causing myself to bleed a little. It hurt a lot, but it was worth it. I got a chip out. “Okay, got it.” I felt dizzy though. “We should leave the trackers here and go.”

“Sure, why not.” Locke said as then the chip in my hand floated into his hand along with his chip before he then chucked them all the way down the cave. I couldn’t even see the little red light anymore it was so deep in.

“We’re good to go. I came back with a pod, that will be our transportation.” I said, heading out of the cave. “The E.F.A.I. is gonna make a lab here on Featherros, by the way. So the kingdom is pretty much screwed.” The two of us walked out of the cave and into the forest. “Maybe we could warn them before we leave.”

“May as well. I mean you gotta make up for stealing all of their new generation somehow.” Locke said.

“Alright. I’ll do that.” I looked down at him. “The pod was that way.” I pointed. “I’ll meet you there after I warn them.”

“Right.” Locke said as he then teleported away.

Now I had to go and warn King Teloiven. I let dark wings appear from my back and took flight, heading towards the castle. It was night, so they could barely see me as I was flying.

Then I reached the castle, and I spotted the king standing outside his palace thing. I flew down and landed in front of him.

“Hey.” I said.

He looked at me skeptically, unsure of what I was here for.

“You know the E.F.A.I. right?” I asked him.

“Yes, I do. Why does it matter?” King Teloiven asked.

“They’re coming to this planet and setting up a lab here.” I informed him. “So I thought I should warn you about them. Since you’re outside of the more populated systems, your disappearances wouldn’t be that noticeable. They probably plan to use you and your whole kingdom as subjects.”

“Do they now?” the King asked.

“Your brother, he has a mutated army, right?” I asked, as I was now standing next to him, with my hands in my pockets.

“Yes, he does.” King Teloiven replied.

“So they had signed documents to get their DNA modified to give them more abilities. Well, you could have them protect you. I don’t expect the E.F.A.I. to bring their own army.” I said. “Guess we’ll see. Hope you survive.”

“So do I.” The king said before I flew off towards the pod.

When I arrived at the pod, I spotted Locke sitting inside. The door closed as I entered and took my seat.

“Where shall we hide?” I asked. “I was thinking maybe we make… as much as I hate this, but, make new friends. That way we can blend in better.”

“To be fair, it’d be nice to have more people to talk to.” Locke commented.

“Yeah. I know where my brother is. On the Rock Planet.” I said. I selected the Rock Planet on the pod and it took off towards it.

“So are we going there for your revenge or for the whole blending in thing?” Locke asked.

“Both.” I said.


I sat back in my seat, resting as the pod moved throughout space.


The pod finally landed on the Rock Planet. I got up and stretched, ready to leave the pod and find a place to hide. Locke had fallen asleep, so I picked him up and left the pod.

We needed disguises. So I flew to the city and silently and swiftly stole some clothes. I got Locke a hoodie so he could hide and put it on him since he was asleep. I didn’t need a disguise. I wasn’t being hunted down, I was free.

I didn’t know where Draco was exactly though, only that he was in some tournament. His exact location, I did not know. My Dragon Eye didn’t seem to be locating him. He must not be using his yet.

I was now flying around with my wings, carrying Locke. It felt good to know that the E.F.A.I. wasn’t watching us and that we were off their radar.

I glanced around to find a place to set Locke down. I would wait until Draco uses his Dragon Eye so that I could find him. I sat there waiting for a bit, when I felt Draco faintly use his Dragon Eye. Then a few moments later it amplified.

I knew where he was now… I could feel him. It was like he was a part of me, as if we were the same person even though we were two totally different people!

Then I took off, releasing my wings and flying towards where Draco was. It took awhile. But I could feel his presence being closer and closer as I flew. Of course, I brought Locke along with me. He was still asleep though.

But then I found him. I could see Draco, he was running up to enter a spaceship. Oh ho ho, nope. He’s not going to escape just when I found him. I quickly tossed Locke into the air. I then shot a blast of plasma at the mountain, and a big boulder broke off of it. I grabbed it and tossed it at the spaceship.

The spaceship fell. I had stopped it. I then grabbed Locke again before he hit the ground, and then landed on the ground next to the spaceship. Shortly after, a guy with dark green clothes and brown hair appeared outside of the spaceship. He then took out some device and was using it as he leaned against the boulder that was blocking the spaceship door.

And then Draco appeared. None of them have noticed me though.

“Why aren’t you doing anything, Mehrunes?” Draco asked the guy playing with the device.

Mehrunes? Where have I heard that? It reminded me of Mehrunes’ Munchies… In fact, it looked like the same person who gave me free food. Oh so that’s who it was.

“Why should I?” Mehrunes asked Draco.

“Because we need Tech to fix the ship so we can go home.” Draco responded. I just stood there, holding Locke, as I waited on them to notice me.

“Yeah you guys need to fix the ship to go home, I can do it myself.” Mehrunes looked around. “Looks like a boulder.”

“Yes. This boulder that we sent YOU out here to get rid of,” Draco said.

“Yeah but we also have to deal with the source of the problem and I imagine it’s that guy, so we should do that first.” Mehrunes then looked over and pointed at me. “HEY! YOU! DR-Draco…? What…?”

About time they noticed me.

“What do you mean I’m right here,” Draco said, confused.

“Ahem ahem,” I then cleared my throat.

Mehrunes then grabbed Draco and turned him around. “No you’re over there!”

It’s about time… Draco was in front of me, and I could get my revenge right now. This was the moment I was waiting for, right? After a long time of searching and training, I was ready to get my revenge.

Mehrunes then took out a clipboard. “Hold on.” Mehrunes then started flipping through pages on his clipboard. I was still standing there, holding Locke.

“Meh.” Draco then said.

“Yeah?” Mehrunes responded.

“The frick are you doing?” Draco questioned.

“Found it.” Mehrunes said. “I recognised those two guys! He got free food at my stand on the Rock Planet. Like… Broshi and Locke. Is that right?”

“Locke and what now?” Draco asked.

“Broshi. His name is right here, see?” Mehrunes said, showing Draco the paper on the clipboard.

I knew that I saw Mehrunes somewhere before. So he was friends with my twin brother… I continued to stand there, as I watched Mehrunes and Draco look at the clipboard.

Eventually, Draco looked over at me. I just glared at him.

“So what’s happening here someone explain,” Mehrunes then said.

“He’s my twin brother who was kidnapped at birth and was used to kill people and stuff by bad guys. Don’t know the kid though,” Draco said.

“My name is Broshi. And if you want to live, I suggest you shut up for once.” I growled at them. They were paying barely any attention to me and it was ticking me off.

“Well good to know your personality hasn’t changed,” Draco said.

“Says the one who left me to die. I have come back to show you what it felt like back then,” I said to him.

“Wait so you’re getting revenge on me for something Folly did? Also I left because I thought you were dead. Not like I wanted to kill you in the first place!” Draco replied.

“Even if I was dead, you could have taken my body.”

“Folly would’ve then killed me,” he replied. “Also what exactly was I gonna do anyway? Where would I even take your body?”

“Who knows? Anywhere really, I don’t care. But you did leave me,” I retorted.

“Whatever. So you're here for revenge for something that I didn’t even wanna be a part of,” he said, he seemed more focused than before.

Just before Draco and I could even start to fight, a girl appeared. I looked over at her. She looked impatient.

“You guys are taking so long,” She said to Draco. Then she looked over at me. “Whyyyyyyy is there two of you?”

“Twin brother,” Draco said. “Wants to kill me.”

I looked over at the girl. “Who are you?”

“I’m Fucia. Who are you?” She asked back.

“I’m Broshi,” I replied. “You look like someone I’ve met.” This girl looked a lot like King Teloiven.

“Well I certainly don’t recognize you from before I met Draco,” she said.

“Hm. Well. Does the name King Teloiven mean anything to you?” I asked.

Fucia then looked shocked. “Why do you know my dad’s name?”

“Ohhhh, haha!” I laughed. “Well. He’s in trouble.”

“What trouble?! Since when!?” Fucia exclaimed.

“Since a while ago. I was on the planet Featherros a while ago, I left to come here,” I explained. “Aaaand the E.F.A.I. is going there to use your dad and his people as subjects for their experiment. Of course, without permission.”

Fucia didn’t look too happy about what I just explained, and then she teleported into the spaceship that I had made crash.

“Well,” I then said, to Draco since he was the only one there. “You can kinda sorta blame me for it, except I’m just a pawn on the chess board that the E.F.A.I. plays.”

“What did you do?” Draco asked cautiously.

“The E.F.A.I. controls me, pretty much. If I don’t follow orders, bad stuff happens. I was in a situation where I had to just kidnap people and bring them in to be used as subjects. They like babies the most, since they’re young they can fiddle with their DNA easily,” I explained to him.

“How many people did you capture?” Draco asked sternly.

“For every person I capture and turn in, I get a break. A vacation. I’m good for a year now,” I said. If I explained to other people out in the real world living normally what was happening to me… It could possibly benefit me in the future. Cuz there is a lot of things I hate. The E.F.A.I. is one of them. “I don’t know exactly how many I captured. It was a lot. Maybe about 200 or so babies from Fucia’s Dad’s Kingdom.”

“200 babies?!” Draco exclaimed. He looked kind of mad as well as shocked. “The heck’s wrong with you?!”

“A lot of things are wrong with me.” I looked down at Locke. I was still carrying him. “Locke has already proved it countless times.”

“Yeah the reminds me. Who is he anyway?” Draco asked, looking down at Locke.

“His name is Locke. He is another subject of the E.F.A.I.,” I said.

“And why exactly are you carrying him around?” Draco asked.

“He’s asleep. And I’m not going to leave him alone. He didn’t follow the E.F.A.I.’s orders, so he will be punished once they find him,” I explained, “I can’t let that happen.” That was the reality of the situation I was in.

“At least you’ve made a positive connection with someone,” Draco said. He began to move away from the spaceship, probably for safety or something.

“Yeah. Also, did you know that our Dad works with the E.F.A.I.? And that he gave me away to be mutated on purpose?” I then said. I bet he didn’t know that. It was something I found out a while ago too.

“Well. Guess that’s another thing I can despise him for,” Draco said bluntly. “Anyway, I know you want to get revenge and all. But I kinda have some friends who need to get home. So I’d prefer if we did this later.”

“Yeah. Alright. As long as you take us with you,” I said. “We need to be hidden from the E.F.A.I. For safety reasons.”

“Deal.” Draco agreed, and then went over to fix the spaceship or something.

I looked down at Locke. I was glad he was hanging in there. Now we would have a safer place to be.

“Okay, Broshi, you’re on your own now. You’ve bored me. I’m going to leave you.” Dakrus then said in my head.

“Really? Okay. Sure. Go ahead.”

“You found the one you want revenge on! You should be spilling his BLOOD right now!” Dakrus screeched inside my head.

“Aren’t you supposed to be leaving?” I asked bluntly. “I don’t need you around. If I’m going to beat Draco, it will be with my own power. Not yours.”

“Fine then. Farewell then, Broshi.” I then felt as something exited from my body and disappeared into the shadow of the mountain.

Glad that’s over with. Now I could go somewhere and stay safe for a bit. I wondered when Locke would wake up. He has gone through a lot and was sleeping for quite awhile.

“Okay Broshi, you can come!” Draco then called out.

I went back to focusing on reality, and saw Draco at the door of a spaceship filled with people. Oh boy… I didn’t like being around people

I slowly walked into the spaceship. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE INSIDE I COULDN’T EVEN RELAX! Way too many people in here… I didn’t like it. I was just standing there awkwardly in front of everyone, with Locke in my arms.

“Chill.” Mehrunes then noticed my discomfort. “Speaking of, why are we taking him?”

“It’s either that or I kill you,” I growled.

“In unrelated questions, how long do you reckon you can breathe in space?” Mehrunes threatened me.

“Long enough so that I could snap your neck into a million pieces,” I retorted.

“I’d like to see you try,” Mehrunes growled.

“I’d love to attempt it,” I replied with a smirk. Mehrunes was a tiny guy. What could he do? I towered over him, plus with my mutant abilities, I could easily kill him if I wanted to. But I didn’t want them to kick me out now. I would be outnumbered… Plus Locke and I needed a safe place to stay.

Mehrunes stared at me. “Then bring it.”

“No! No fighting in the spaceship! Do it in the training room when we’re back!” The pilot of the spaceship suddenly shouted. They had a training room? I looked back at the pilot and he was… well, there wasn’t much to him. He was a skinny boy with blond hair.

“SHUT IT TELEYON!” Mehrunes then yelled. So the pilot was named Teleyon.

“EXCUSE ME, YOU’RE ON MY SPACESHIP! I MAKE THE RULES HERE!” Teleyon yelled back right at Mehrunes. I couldn’t even sense that that guy had an Ultimate Crystal. No power whatsoever was coming off of him.



A lot of yelling was going on… I wondered if this happened often with the group Draco was around. I also noticed that the spaceship had gone back up in space. We were flying.

I CAN YELL LOUDER, AND IT WON’T BE MY HEAD COMING OFF IN A SECOND!” Mehrunes yelled louder than before. It didn’t bother my ears, since I was used to hearing loud sounds. Well, I had an attack where I could destroy my opponent's ear drums by screaming so loud. It didn’t bother my monster ears.

“Guys, chill, we’re already in space, we don’t want to be in an accident,” a red haired girl then said.

“I’M NOT GOING TO CHILL!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Yeah, you are. Or else,” red haired girl replied.

“OR ELSE WHAT GOODY TWO SHOES?!” Mehrunes yelled.

The red haired girl then got up and hit Mehrunes on the head with something, and he became unconscious. “Or else that.” she then growled.

Dang what kind of group did I get Locke and I into. First thing happens is Mehrunes and Teleyon yell at each other, then the red haired girl knocks Mehrunes out… What next?

“If you didn’t do something, I would’ve,” A brown haired guy commented. “Cuz this was getting way too out of hand. Good call, Listy.” There was also this pink haired girl hiding behind him, like the screaming was scaring her or something.

“Thank you,” red haired girl said. I guess her name is Listy then. Also, what was with the different hair colors? One girl has red hair, and another has pink… the heck…

“Now let’s get home peacefully,” the brown haired guy said.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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