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Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Posted January 6th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

I stood outside my burning home.There was chaos as the ambulansce and police rushed around I ran through the bushes to escape hoping that the police wouldn't notice me.I think one of them spotted me but thought I was a shadow.I ran blindly into the night and tripped,I rolled down the steep hill and when I reached the bottom i was sobbing queitly.     my flashback ended and i was whipped back to the present           I was walking through a dark alley on my way to school.I watched as all the children walked into school looking somewhat annoyed about being there.But it was fine for them.They all had friends and they all new me as ''The Loner'' They passed me by or they pointed and laughed.Sometimes i prefered the laughing because seeing other people happy made me feel better.My favourite part of the day was when Missy Brendons AKA ''Queen Bee'' came to make fun of me.It was my favourite part because i always ignored her and imagined punching her stupid face. School finished and like usual it was time for Missy to make fun of me.I was sitting on a bench reading Watership Down when Missy came over.She started to insult me but today some part of me just couldn't take it anymore and it said this ''MISSY!YOU THIS EVERY DAY AND I'M GETTING TIRED OF YOUR STUPID SQUEKY VOICE'' upon seeing and hearing this a crowd had started to gther to laugh at Missy.Missy tried to but in and defend herself but I started shouting again ''NO!YOU DON'T GET TO SPEAK!YOU'VE BEEN MAKING FUN OF MY AND LAUGHING AT ME SINCE I STARTED GOING HERE AND IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO SHUT THE censored UP![yes i said that word infront of all those children and no i didn't get in trouble]The children all stood there shocked as i walked away strangely calm.I felt like the stress i'd been carriying around for so long had finally gone away.I felt at ease but as I went home I remebered that I was an orphan and nobody knew that i lived in the emty luxury apartment on the top floor of the building by the alley.I got in and out through a broken window.Since the room was a suite on the top floor of the building i got up to the window using a conviently attached to the buiding mettal ladder.  



Hi everyone thanks for reading chapter 1 I'll post if im not lazy during the week.Don't mind all the grammar mistakes  please  sorry about them  but I'm in a bit of a hurry today


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Interesting start! I'll be

Interesting start! I'll be sure to read again once you finish this.

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Mon, 01/07/2019 - 01:58

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