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Dark Angel Chapter 2

Dark Angel Chapter 2

Posted February 15th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

As I entered the empty apartment I felt the strangest feeling,as though something was watching me.Feeling a little scared because of that thought I looked around the apartment with held breath......and then i heard something nearby breathing.I tried to scream but found my voice wasn't working.The door of my closet was pushed open and a boy about my age stepped out.He had blue eyes that seemed kind of empty,like he was hurting,and even though there was no wind in the aprtment his hair was flying around wildly.The wildly flapping hair  was black and seemed very knotted,like he'd been standing in the wind for a few hours.The clothes he was wearing seemed normal enough.A t-shirt with a Youtube logo on it and a pair of Nike pants.I stared at him wondering why my voice wouldn't work and why he was here until he spoke ''You need to come with me..''I just stared at him until he explained himself ''I'll give you the jist of it.There was a great wizard named Aruno and his sister was the queen of the magic realm.One day she was kidnapped and he had to rescue her.He managed to do it but he got trapped in the shadow realm.He was finally rescued after 2 months of being trapped but he wasn't the same.People brushed it off as him just readjusting to life otside the shadw realm.Aruno had been gathering an army in secret and then when his army was big enough he stormed the castle and took the crown from his sister.He is now ruling the kingdom as a powerful tyrant.I have been ent to get the Dark Angel but I'll explain later right now wehave to go'' I wasn't quite sure I believed him and as my voice wan't working I just focused on speaking.Then out came the words ''I'll go with you...But what's your name?'' He stared at me in shock as though i shouldn't have been able to speak but he then said ''Just call me Falcon''  I nodded and,hearing footsteps coming in the direction of the door I headed outthe window with him following behind me.When we were both safely on the ground he started running and I followed him.After a while of running and panting he slowed to a walk and we carried on for 13 minutes.[What?I got bored!]until finally we reached a cave.[YEP a cave].He told me that it was getting latee and we should stay there for the night.I looked at him like He was crazy ''Okay your insane.But you have interesting stories.Tell me more about this Dark Angel.'' He nodded '' I'm not crazy.I'll show you.'' He closed his eyes and consentrated,within a moment there were massive bubbles floating aroundthe cave. ''.....Okay weirdo.Talk'' He laughed slightly ''Okay I'll tell you about the Dark Angel.My people tell legends about a girl who's mother is the angel queen and who's father is the demon king.The legends call her the Dark Angel and they say in our time of greatest need a hero from the magic realm would bring her to the magic realm and she would save everyone.'' I looked at him for a minuter before speaking ''And you think I'm this magic person why?'' He pulled something out of a secret pocket in his pant leg and showed it to me.It was a beautiful gold and silver locket in the shape of a heart.He opened it and a puff of bright blue smoke came out of it,the smoke swirled upwards in a spiral.Then the smoke was everywhere and I couldn't see a thing.The smoke started clearing after about a minute.When it was gone and I could see again there was a boy standing there.He had warm brown eyes and a bright smile that was quite infectious. He had  red hair that seemed to kind of just flop around when he turned his head. He was wearing a blue hoodie and a pair of jeans.His hands were in his pockets.He was talking to Falcon but  when he saw me he kind of trailed off '' Hi'' he said sounding a little shy ''What's your n-name'' I laughed slightly at how silly he sounded '' My name is Alison.What's yours?'' He turned and whispered to Falcon,kind of loudly ''There is a hot girl talking to me!What do I do?'' I stifled a laugh ''You talk to her dumbass'' [ pardon my language XD] They both kind of stared at me ''How did you hear that Alison?''asked Falcon slowly. ''Maybe because you whisper really loudly?'' The stranger that came from the smoke decided to speak. ''We were talking to each other through our minds....''    Falcon turned and glared at the stranger ''I think your a mind reader..'' I stared at them ''Is that strange?You were just reading each others minds''  Falcon decided he'd explain ''A mind reader hasn't been seen in decades.You see 2 people can let each other into their minds but otherwise they can't communicate like that.A mind reader doesn't need permission to enter another person's mind they just do.'' I looked at the boys '' So I can enter people's thoughts?'' Falcon nodded. I laughed ''Oh I'm gonna have some serious fun with this!'' Falcon glared at me '' Mind reading is a gift not a toy-'' I interrupted him '' I won't read your mind'' He looked at me for a minute  '' Okay go nuts'' We all started laughing '' Just one thing'' I said '' who the hell is locket guy?!?!?'' The stranger from the locket looked at me ''My name is Jacob but my friends call me Jake'' I nodded ''Okay now when do I learn magic?''

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