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Dark Angel Chapter 3

Dark Angel Chapter 3

Posted February 17th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

Falcon looked at me and smiled ''Right now'' I gazed outside the cave for a minute ''How do I start?'' Little did I know that I would say that fraze?fraise?frase?phrase! again and I would regret it,but for now it was quite an innocent phrase.Falcon spoke softly ''It's quite simple,you just focus on what you wanna do with your powers and it should just happen.But!Make sure youn don't channel too much energy into what you want or you coud get injured and the spell could backfire.'' I nodded slightly while he was speaking.He started to speak again ''Let's start with something easy.Now be very careful that you don't channel too much energy into the spell'' I nodded and started to focus,I decided that I would make the wind blow into the cave.I started cahnneling a little energy into completing the spell.I calmed my breathing and just focused on the spell.But...The spell backfired and a mini hurricane rushed into the cave.I tried to focus again and as I struggled the hurricane calmed.The 2 boys stared at me in shock and awe.I laughed awkwardly ''Eheh,sorry about that guys'' The boys stared at me with open mouths   ''Why are you looking at me like that guys?'' Falcon stared for a few more moments and then said ''How did you summon a hurricane...?'' I looked at him curiosly,as though he had just asked me how I drew a circle.''I just channeled in too much power?'' Jacob stared at me and so did Falcon.Falcon and Jacob had a mind conversation and apparently forgot that I could read minds for a minute 'JACOB!!HOW DID SHE DO THAT!?!?IT TAKES A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF POWER FOR A HURRICANE AND SHE'S NOT EVEN PANTING'  'I KNOW HOW DID SHE DO THAT!?!?!IT SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE' Then I interupted their mind conversation ''Oh so that's why your looking at me so weirdly!'' For a minute the boys looked shocked but then they remembered that I could read minds.''Yeaaaaaahhh,we need a new way to talk behind you back'' Said Falcon,we all laughed a bit and then it was just awkward.''So,uh....We gotta save the world?'' All was quiet as we realized that's what we were gonna need to do.''Jacob looked at me ''If we're gonna save the world then we better get gping to your realm Falcon'' I was kind of staring for a moment ''You aren't from the same realm?''  They looked at each other,clearly panicked.Then Jacob kind of shouted kind of said loudly ''N-NO!We are!He just,ummmmmm,knows it better?'' I laughed at his horrible improv skills ''We all have secrets boys,I'll let you keep yours if you let me keep mine'' The boys nodded and I gazed out of the cave mouth.I couldn't see the sun setting but I could see the colours dancing on the trees and on the grass it was like the world had been painted with beautiful honey watercolours.It was like looking out into a painting.For a minute it felt like the world was at peace,but then I saw a shadow in the trees.I whispered so as not to alert the thing that had cast the shadow ''What was that?'' Falcon seeing my distress whispered back ''It's probably just a deer or a rabbit.No need to worry about it Alison'' I nodded but kept looking out at the trees,then I saw the shadow again ''Falcon it's back'' Falcon groaned slightly ''It's probably just an animal''  I nodded again but kept looking outside.I kept seeing the damn shadow and Falcon kept dismissing it as an animal.After a while I was starting to get annoyed.Then I started gettting a bit angry and then I was straight up pissed. '' ALRIGHT I'M GOING OUT THERE!'' I whispered angrily.Falcon looked at me a bit shocked ''No! Don't,it could be dangerous!'' He was whispering warnings and telling me to be catious in as many ways as he could think of but I was already outside and heading into the trees.The  shadow stopped moving for a moment as if it was scared.I peeked around a tree only to see a girl around my age with wolf ears and tail,She had long blonde hair tied up in a very long messy plait.Her eyes were red for a moment but then they turned a bright blue.Her lips were a bright pink [she was wearing lipstick and eyeshadow] she was wearing a silk,baby blue blouse and a silk,gentle pink skirt that went down to her knees.She was wearing pretty white shoes with little heels at the back that were covered with pink roses. She looked at me with fear in her eyes ''P-please help m-me....'' She was shaking and shivering but kept stuttering ''I e-e-escaped f-from the m-magic realm and I'm l-lost'' I nodded while she was speaking. I smiled comfortingly ''Come with me,I know where you can stay tonight'' The girl hugged me and thanked me repeatedly.I headed back for the cave with her following after me.As we walked I decided I should find out about the girl who would be staying the night. ''So...What's your name?'' I asked her inquizitively.She was still shivering but she answered the question ''My name is Sapphire.Sapphire Liamotra'' I felt something tugging at the back of my mind,as though I knew that name from somewhere.It felt familiar...After a minuter of racking my brain,Sapphire tapped my shoulder ''Hey are you alright?'' She asked sounding worried ''You've been standing there for 5 minutes'' I looked at her a little shocked ''Oh...Sorry about that,I'll-'' I stopped talking that moment because I had just remembered somthing.I had remembered how I knew the word ''Liamotra''

Anyway I hope anyone who reads this has a great day [or night]! <3

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