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Dark Angel Chapter 4

Dark Angel Chapter 4

Posted February 23rd, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

I froze up and had a flashback,but strangely enough it wasn't my own flashback.It was like I was watching the scene from above.I saw a beautiful women with bright white feathery wings and a beautiful white flowy gown.Her hair was white blonde,wavy and flowed down to her hips.Beside her stood a man with dark red and black skeletal wings.He was a suit of armor painted with different shades of dark colours and silver.His hair was messy and a deep colour of red.His eyes were a pure white but you could tell they could see,they just looked.They looked like they could see into your soul.In front of them stood a person in a black cloak decorated with dark blue runes.The person in the cloak handed the two people two golden lockets in the shapes of hearts.The angel spoke then ''Thank you Riala,shall you be giving your wish locket to your son?'' The person apparently name Riala replied ''My little Falcon will have use for it someday,even just for moral support the genie should be helpful'' The angel nodded and looked at the demon '' Darling?How will we get the lockets to our daughter?'' She asked suddenly saddened.The demon looked at her comfortingly and then looked at Riala ''Riala...Give our lockets to your son and tell him that if he ever meets the fabled dark angel to give her the lockets'' Riala nodded slowly then smiled.She bowed jokingly ''Your highnesses,Queen of the angels and King of the demons'' The angel and demon laughed then the angel bowed back ''Queen Riala Liamotra of the magic realm'' Then I woke up to find myself on the rough ground with Sapphire leaning over me,I automatically read her mind and saw that she was contemplating CPR.I forced my eyes open ''Dammit girl...I'm not having my first kiss as CPR'' She looked shocked and then I laughed and told her ''I can read minds without permission''       Then I was hit with a realization ''W-wait...'' Sappphire helped me up and asked me ''What do you mean?What's wrong?Are you alright?'' I took a deep breath in ''I had a flashback vision thingy....I saw my parents and.....Riala Liamotra......Are you Aruno's daughter Sapphire?'' Sapphire looked shocked and terrified.I looked in her head and saw she was thinking about running but I also saw that she trusted me and that she was greatful to me for not turning her away because of her ears.I looked at her with pity and comfort and I told her a secret ''It's ok.....Let me tell you something....It's a big secret and knowing who you are I probably shouldn't trust you but I do,so trust me and don't run...The sceret is....I'm the Dark Angel'' She stared at me ''With how insane my life's been lately that sounds about right'' We laughed slightly and then we started walking to the cave.After about half a minute of walking we got back to the cave and I introduced her to Falcon and  Jacob.Falcon recognized her and pulled me aside to tell me about Sapphire ''Falcon I already know about that and I know that your the prince of the magic realm aaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd I know that Jacob is a genie!I had these flashback vision thing...Were you given two lockets for me as a child?'' He looked quite shocked at me knowing all that I knew.''Well the secret is out but it's pretty dark,I think I should say hi to my cousin.Oh and sorry for ignoring your question I have your lockets'' He threw a small beautifully decorated box at me and I opened it to see two beautiful golden heart lockets.I closed the box and held it to my chest.I didn' want to open my lockets....Because it might be the only thing I'd ever get from my dead parents.I sat down in the cave and watched as Jacob got aqquainted with Sapphire and as they talked with Falcon I felt myself begin to drift off but I couldn't sleep....I felt like we were being watched so I satyed awake through the night.I heard noises and I was scared but I satyed awake....

That's alllllllll 

If you read through all of that then have a great day [or night]! I should release chapter five soon

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