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Dark Angel Chapter 5

Dark Angel Chapter 5

Posted April 29th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

As much as I know I should have,as much as my mind and body begged me to,I refused to sleep that night.I just couldn't.I looked around at the three people I would ''Save The World'' with.I kept thinking about what might happen.I kept thinking about my parents...The ground in the cave was hard and cold.I just didn't know how the others could sleep on it.I gazed into the trees and up into the sky.It was full of beautiful shimmering stars.The pale moonlight lit the world outside up just enough to scare me by being able to see every silhoutte and every shadow of every animal that passed by.I was bored but everybody was sleeping.I wondered what had happened to Aruno in the shadow realm but eventually my thoughts sipped away and I fell asleep.I was awoken the next morning by Falcon.I went outside to check how high the sun was and it had barely eve risin yet!I was tired and cranky but I knew he musthave a good reason so I got over myself and calmly asked him why he woke us up so early.JUST KIDDING thats not what happened at all.This is: I stormed in there.[and i mean literally because i was holding a godamn storm cloud and my right hand] ''WHA DA HEYLL R WEE UP RIGHT NOW?!?!?! ID'S LIK TREE AM BRUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Falcon stood there a little stunned from the volume that my annoyed screams reached 'P-portals to o-o-o-our r-r-realm only op-pens at sun-s-set'' He stammered,clearly still reeling from my screeching.I released the storm cloud that was in my hand.I shot him a death glare and although it clearly scared him he ignored it ''W-we have to open the portal now..'' he muttered not quite to himself but not quite to us either.He put his hands forward and faced them towards the back of the cave.He looked like he wa going to push something and that made me giggle for some reason.Maybe it was just the lack of sleep?Anyways, he closed his eyes and you could almost feel the burst of energy rush to his palms.He slowly turned his hands to each other.He was pushing them together and he was clearly struggling at that task.It was like watching a person push the same end of two powerful magnets together.He was now panting for breath but he managed to push his hands together.When the touched it sounded like a nuclear bomb had just exploded in the cave.It echoed everywhere again and again.Thn suddenly the noise stopped and a crack appeared at the back of the cave that spewed azure sparks out into the cave.It slowly expanded into an oval of azure and cobalt and sapphire swirls and sparks.Jacob was the first to go into the portal.When he was half way inside it he looked back and laughed 'See you on the other side!' and then disppeared into the portal.Sapphire followed him in.Then Falcon walked towards it 'Ladies first' he said 'I agree,I'll follow you in' I laughed,despite being so sleep deprived I was starting to think that today might be fun.I was wrong.VERY wrong.But I'll get to that later.Going to the portal was like going on a rollarcoaster.It was fast,scary and you permenatly felt the falling feeling in your stomach.It was fun,except for one thing....It was like an insane ride...Without your safety harness.After falling for about a minute I landed in the soft grass of a place I didn't recognize.I assumed it was the magic realm because grass wasn't this soft back home on earth.I saw Jake and Sapphire lying,dazed, in the grass nearby.I forced myself onto my feet.I was dizzy and wobbling but I maintained balance.It was hard but i didn't want to fall,so I didn't.I stood still for a few moments to steady myself.Then I noticed the portal beside where Sapphire and Jake lay.After another moment of balancing with difficulty,Falcon fell out of the portal and it closed behind him.The dizzyness was gone and I could finally see the world around me clearly.We were on a small patch of grass sorrounded by an ivory fence that looked to have been painted recently.There was a little gate in the fence that was open.It led onto a smoothly paved pathway.It led down a hill and into a small town filled with brightly painted houses and buildings.It all looked bright and welcoming but something felt off....Something was wrong with this town.I just didn't know what.........

Thats all for now.I will put up chapter six if I get a chance.I hope anybody reading this has a great day [or night] Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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