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Dark Angel Chapter 6

Dark Angel Chapter 6

Posted May 24th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

I stumbled down the hill,dragging the others behind me,into the village.I had a feeling about the place that I didn't like but the portal had shaken me up and I was starving.When I reached the bottom of the hill I stopped for a minute.The effects of portal travel were starting to wear off.I helped Sapphire to her feet and walked ove to the nearest house to knock on the door. But Before I could reach it Falcon called out from behind me ''WAIT!''I turned around to see him pointing at a flag on the roof of the house.I hadn't noticed it before and it didn't seem very out of place,but everyone's reactions led me to believe that it wasn't just a family supporting the local team.Falcon and Jacob were running to the cover of a forest past around 20 metres of grass,but before me and Sapphire could run after them a women in a navy blue cardigan,a dark gold skirt the went down slightly past her knees and a pair of black heel boots.Her hair was blonde with a single streak of red.She had wolf ears and a tail.Her eyes were blood red and she held a wand in her hand with a silver handle and a dark grey star on the end of it.She looked slightly as if she had been crying but it was hard to tell.When she saw Sapphire her eyes lit up.The woman ran up to her and gave her a ginormous hug.Sapphire didn't move.She just stood there,frozen,like a deer in headlights.I wasn't sure how to respond to what was happening,so, like Sapphire I didn't move.Then the women's joy turned to anger and she started shouting ''WHERE DID YOU GO?!?!?Your father and I were worried sick hun!'' Then the realization hit me that the women was Sapphire's mother.The women stopped for a moment to glance at me before turning back to Sapphire ''Who is that dear..?'' Sapphire turned to me before replying ''That's my friend mom.....'' Her mother nodded slightly before dragging her daughter to the side of the house and began whispering angrily at her.I couldn't hear her so I listened in to her thoughts.The words a person will say pop into their head a few second before they say it so I was able to follow their conversation easily. 'Saph dear,she's human!Why is she here?' 'Mom!Her speices doesn't matter!' 'It does if she's human!' 'That's racism mom!!!' 'You spent too long with those pathetic creatures!They have changed your opinions a little too much darling..'' 'Mom...' 'Shush now darling...Your father misses you.You have to come home now'' I walked over to them after that ''Is there an issue?'' I asked.Sapphire's mother turned to me with a tight smile ''No.Not at all.'' Sapphire's mother waved the wand she was holding swiftly and a portal appeared ''Why don't you come to the castle with us?'' A quick check in my mind showed me.....Nothing?That didn't make sense.I stopped trying to see her thoughts and was snapped back to reality,only to find mysel walking into the portal.I didn't know why but I couldn't stop my legs from moving forward.I fell into the portal and after about seven seconds fell out onto a cold marble floor.I was dizzy,nauseous and very tired from two teleportations so close together.My vision was blurred and my ears were ringing.I couldn't tell what was happening around but I was glad of the cold smooth surface I was laying on.I heard voices but they were indisipherable [that word is spelt wrong so somebody please show me how to spell it correctly] to me.I simply lay on the ground for however long until the effects of teleportation began to subside.I was still tired but other than that I was doing alright.I looked around the area.It was a decently large room made of black marble.It was pretty empty aside from a crystal chandeleir and three thrones seated at the end of the room.There were three people at the end of the room next to the thrones.Sapphire's mother,Sapphire and who I could only asssume was her father,Aruno.I'm sorry but I can't describe him for you,but the effects of the portal were still wearing off and I couldn't get a good look.I heard them arguing.It echoed across the room.I heard snatches of it.''Stop trying to control me mom!'' ''KOKO!!!!BRUL YALA RUNA MUKRA?!?!?'' I was confused at this different language,but kept trying to listen. ''YALA NEVLO LISTIANO TEMO MUKRA!!'' The shouting came from two females so I guessed Sapphire and her mother were fighting.I stopped trying to listen and curled in a ball to try and snatch a bit of rest.The shouting stopped and I heard this before I fell asleep ''Nonatii's koko fiakonon.Shiala nidos sleikon'' I had a dreamless sleep and woke in a luxurious bed.The blankets were smoother then silk and the pillows were impossibly soft.I eventually forced my eyes open to look at the world around me.The room was astonishingly large and filled with too many fancy items to list.There was a table beside me.There was an earpiece that looked just like a hearing aid with a note beneath it that read

Put this in you ear and turn it on.It will translate our language for you.Oh and don't tell my parents about your powers...You know who my father is and I know you wouldn't tell them but with somebody as powerful as you,you can never be too safe. love-Sapphire



Ok that's chapter six finally finished.Before you go!It's my brothers birthday tommorow so wish him Happy Birthday in the comments so I can show him later.Anyway!


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