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Dark Aurora Chapter 4

Dark Aurora Chapter 4

Posted February 28th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in California

Indigo dropped to all fours, growling. Aurora quickly dropped too. She faced the forest of blades in front of her.

Then Indigo leaped.

Aurora would never know how he got past the spears, but he did, plowing into one of the wolf soldiers and wrenching the guard’s curved sword away. Aurora ran through the gap before the startled wolves could react. Aurora followed through the gap. 

She saw his dark form racing down the stone hallway and ran after him, claws clicking on the stone floor, sounds of pursuit came from behind as Aurora caught up with Indigo.

Soon the passage turned and began to slope upwards steeply. The two wolves began running on all fours while the sound of pursuit grew louder and louder.

They came to large wooden double doors, which, thankfully, were unlocked. Indigo leapt up and threw his weight against the door. It creaked and slowly opened. Aurora, who was one step behind Indigo, threw her weight against it too, and light poured into the dark hallway. Aurora ran out and Indigo followed, whirling and slamming the door behind him, dropping a bar and effectively blocking off the chase.

In front of Aurora and Indigo was a large courtyard bathed in the light of the noonday sun. Yellow bricks absorbed the heat and the courtyard seemed to be as hot as a bread-baking oven. 

Guards paced in front of a large gate right ahead and more wolf soldiers paced on the tops of the walls that encircled the square courtyard. 

At the sound of the slamming door, every guard froze and turned toward Aurora and Indigo. The surprise only lasted a second before shouting broke out in the courtyard.

Aurora grabbed Indigo’s arm.

“Quick, over here!” she shouted, dragging him towards a side door that she had seen.

They raced across the large courtyard, dodging guards and spears. 

Aurora realized that Indigo was lagging behind. He had always been slower than her, she remembered now, and she felt a bit of annoyance.

The next time she looked back at him, he was pressing a paw to his side. She slowed to let him catch up. He caught up and urged her on

The two burst through the side gate and turned to the side abruptly, pressing their backs to the wall as the soldiers ran past. Indigo sank to the ground.

“Indigo! We can’t stay here. They’ll come back any second now,” hissed Aurora.

“Just…have to…rest…a second,” he wheezed

With shock, Aurora noticed the dark blood staining his side. He had reopened his wound.

“Indigo! Get up! They’re coming back!”

But Indigo was unconscious


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