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The darkness

The darkness

Posted January 8th, 2017 by TCGuest

by Rambouten101
in Hawaii(I can dream, right?)

Do you know
what I'm most scared of?
She whispered to the darkness
There was no answer
Only the rustling of the curtains
To remind her where she was
She didn't mind the silence
The darkness kept her secrets
And that was all she needed
She went on slowly
And the darkness didn't interrupt
I think I'm most scared of
The times when I'm not crying
And I know the world would be better off without me
The darkness wrapped around her
In its best attempt at comfort
She whispered,
Now is one of those times
The darkness gripped her tightly
Unwilling to let its only friend go
But darkness is only a lack of light
And so she pushed through it
The darkness howled with the wind
Stay, it cried
Stay with us
She didn't hear,
Her eyes focused on a sole object
The darkness screamed her secrets out;
Calling for attention desperately
The shutters rustled,
But that was all
She brought the object to her throat
And if glinted, fending off the darkness
As if eager for more blood on it's blade
And then there was nothing dark or light could do
As the girl made up herself mind
And gone was she

The night was still young
And the darkness was forced into another secret
Another thing of hers to hide
Because her blood alphas spilled over the floor
And the darkness could not get her help;
Could not show the blood
And the darkness grieved over her broken body
The one no one would see until the early morning
No one heard the howls
And she was dead by morning

The darkness gave in
Just like her

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