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Determination Cubed: Chapter Five

Determination Cubed: Chapter Five

Posted April 28th, 2018 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow*
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chapter five: you want weird things sometimes


Overall, Sans decided, the First Meeting of the Flowey Fan Club was an unmitigated success. He opened the book of minutes that Papyrus had insisted on and chuckled deeply.


10:41 AM: nothin much happenin

10:45 AM: flowey just faceplanted

10:46 AM: quite literally, i mean

10:50 AM: we are finally putting the petal to the metal and gettin stuff done


Unbelievably, the rest of the page was also littered with plant puns. The caliber decreased as the list grew longer, but that was only to be expected.


Sans did have a certain appreciation for his own jokes, but he wasn’t laughing, really, at the puns. He was laughing at the “presidential review,” which Asriel had painstakingly written after some practice with his vines;


Dear Secretary of the Flowey Fanclub:

It has come to the President’s august notice that amusement, in the form of punning, has corrupted the minutes. Now, the Secretary must be aware that this is a serious group, formed for serious reasons, so for whatever cause he has allowed such tomfoolery to ensue, he cannot be allowed to continue, on pain of his official hat being torn into a thousand tiny pieces and being expelled from his post.

I kid you not.



[July 31-August 1]


It wasn’t that things were getting better, quite, they were just getting easier.


Asriel had repeated doing the things he wished to do; kind things, even if the charity was by necessity feigned, playful mischief, dramatic groaning at puns, until they came so easily he didn’t have to think about it as much. Besides, things kept happening that didn’t let him stay still long enough to have another moral crisis.


The Flowey Fanclub had only met once officially, but Papyrus had taken to plaguing the lab weekly at least. Alphys and Sans were still trying to understand what exactly was happening to Asriel physically, even while Sans was trying to get him out of the lab permanently. Alphys, on the other hand, wanted to keep him there. Asriel said he didn’t care, so, reluctantly, Sans let Alphys have her way. Asriel guessed Sans wanted to trumpet the fact that the prince was not quite as dead as was thought, but he did not want his parents to see what he had become, so Asriel caught Sans late one night and asked him to keep his real name permanently secret. Sans searched his face before agreeing to it, though contesting the “permanent.”


The appetite that Asriel was unused to dealing with so much vocalized often, but the strange desires he had to hurt people began to fade into the background as four other desires shone through. The first was vocalized right after the second Flowey Fanclub meeting, when Asriel doffed the party hat and sighed. “I can’t even laugh right anymore. Dang it, Sans, I want to have fun.”


The second came after visiting the statue, as lights were turning off around him. “I want to miss her,” he said to the empty lab, and kept Chara’s intense, intrepid face in his head.


The third was said after Asriel resolved to stop taking Sans’s red book. He didn’t know what was going on with it, where Sans needed to get back to, why it was so important to him, but the fact remained that it was crucial. Take it away, and the suave skeleton turned frantic, as if he had broken something and didn’t know how to fix it. “I want to care about you,” Asriel realized, and returned the book quietly.


The last was said when they were walking through the Last Corridor on the way to alert Asgore of Asriel’s existence, and Sans was speaking of the Barrier and the six human souls. Almost too quiet to hear, he mumbled, “I want a soul.”


But Sans did hear, and marked it.



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Nice! This is a different

Nice! This is a different side of Undertale prequels than I've ever seen, and this intrigued me a lot! It's cool how Flowey/Asriel doesn't know how to use his Determination yet, and he's just learning how to be a flower. If you're planning on continuing this (the date this was released tells me no, but I'm not 100% sure), I have a quick suggestion-depending on whether Alphys and Undyne have met yet, it would be funny for them to have some sort of reaction to each other... especially if they haven't met.

Just a suggestion, if this series is over that's fine too. I love the ending.


"Mew, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" -My cat, Luna

Posted by CatKeeper on Sat, 08/25/2018 - 20:26
This is probably "a

This is probably "a different side of undertale prequels" because at this time I was totally using Undertale as an experimental playground with which to try to understand Plato's model of the soul and the fact that in the fairy tale Undine nereids don't have souls. (i referred to undine as undyne mistakenly several times in class. it was funny.)

I think Alphys and Undyne have met, but based on the game I would assume they don't know each other very well right now. So THAT SCENE IS PROBABLY COMING UP LOL. 

I am planning on continuing this. I actually have continuations, but as they are not in chronological order I haven't posted them yet. 

Thank you so much for your feedback!!!


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Sat, 08/25/2018 - 23:36

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