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Posted May 16th, 2019 by FrostBittenKitten

by it's great to be 8 {luna}
in the clouds

the me you see

is so different from me

have you mistaken me for someone else?


every time you say 

"you look cute today"

i wonder whether i still look the same way

as i did this morning


i can't believe it

even when you tell me

that i could be pretty

that i could be fun


i almost forgot

the time when i loved myself

when i was younger and more innocent

without knowing what was to come

but suddenly 

that feels within reach


they say that you need to first love yourself to love someone else

and i say "that's where you're wrong"

others can teach you how to love yourself again

and you gradually learn to be strong


so thank you for thinking i'm pretty

and thank you for thinking i'm nice

i think that i can learn to love myself again

i think i can take your advice

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