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two different openings to a story that i probably won't continue

two different openings to a story that i probably won't continue

Posted May 19th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in Don't starve, starving, about to go insane, and being chased by about 70 hounds

A/N I'm just using the names of mythical creatures as names for the wolves. I don’t mean the actual mythical creatures


The air was hot asd filled with the scent of blood and dust. The dusty plain was filled with howls and the carnage of another wolf battle

As if Dragon hadn’t had enough in his lifetime. 

The wolf commander ducked and pinned his ears back as a Feren, claw-blade, whistled over his head. The red wolf heard the reassuring hiss as his own claw-blade unsheathed on his right paw. He slashed blindly to the side. He leaped ahead, not caring whether he had hit. 

His over-sensitive ears flinched at each new sound in the battle. The hoarse battle cry of a wolf-chieftain. The higher scream of a laikaina (she-wolf)  in pain. The squeal of a yearling. 

He didn’t- laikainas would fight in battles in times of need, but it would take an act of true cruelty to push a yearling into one. 

Dragon knew his chieftain personally. Karkadann wouldn’t bring cubs into battle if he could help it. It must’ve been Tarasque.

His gaze suddenly flicked to a familiar cream-colored wolf


Kitsune skidded to a stop in front of Dragon. “Here!” she shouted, throwing something that looked like a bundle of black fur. Dragon caught it in his mouth almost without thinking. “Run! Take it out of this battle.” screeched Kitsune.

Without thinking, Dragon turned and ran, catching a dim glimpse of Kitsune turning and snapping at a large wolf who had landed on her hindquarters. He dodged snarling wolves and leaped over wolf bodies. A forest seemed to appear out of the dust, and he made for it. He leaped into the safety of the trees and slid down the ravine. The bundle of fur slipped out of his mouth and came to a stop at the bottom of the ravine.

Battle always made Dragon confused and disoriented, and the sudden change from the heat and dust of the battle to the cooler, quieter forest confused him even more. For a long time he did not get up. It was only when Kitsune slid down the steep walls of the ravine and called his name that he stood up, shaking his head to clear the dizziness. 

He glanced down and saw that the thing he had brought out of the battle was a yearling, its ear was clipped with the unmistakable mark of the enemy

“You know you just rescued an enemy wolf.” he said to Kitsune

Kitsune didn't seem to hear him. She was staring into space. “Shuck, his name is Shuck.”

“Shuck? How do you know that?”

Kitsune ignored Dragon again. “And we’re going to adopt him” 


The feather pen hovered above the page as Dragon contemplated the next words.

Karkadann tells us that we will be moving in soon, but I don’t see that happening. The supplies and reinforcements are not due for a week. Anything can happen in a week. The feather pen paused again. I have been put in command of two hundred troops.

I love you, Kitsune, and I will not forget to write.



Dragon slipped the quill back into the inkpot and laid the letter aside for the ink to dry. Flies buzzed in the hot canvas tent as he flipped the paper over.

“Commander Dragon!” came a voice from outside his tent.


Kitiesune, Feiral Salive, sent by Dragonae on Fourmoon, Nailsom, second epoch, he wrote on the back of the paper

He rolled the parchment up and sealed it.

“Commander Dragon!” The voice was more insistent this time. 

Dragon pushed aside the flap, letter in paw.

“Chief Karkadann would like to see you.” said the wolf who had been calling. 

Dragon held up a paw. “Where’s Kirin?” 

“Here sir!” said a swift light-colored wolf who had just run up. Dragon put the letter into a backpack that Kirin wore. “Feiral Salive, Kitiesune, you know the place” 

“Yes, sir” The wolf dashed off

Dragon turned and followed the other wolf.


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Honestly, I like the first

Honestly, I like the first one more. But you should use them!

"You should never argue with a crazy mi-mi-mi-mi-mind," Moving Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel "Reflections in the waves spark my memories, some happy, some sad... I think of childhood friends, and the dreams we had" Come Sail Away by Styx

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