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Do the Math : Chapter One : The Square Root of Trouble is Math

Do the Math : Chapter One : The Square Root of Trouble is Math

Posted April 18th, 2012 by gafreeman

by Ms.Ebony
in the observable universe

My life is one big math problem.
Why must it be math that seems to explain the world? Why not history or the school chorus? Oh no it has to be math, math isn't bad, it's just the reason I'm crying in my locker.

I've always been a math wiz, leading algebra at 5 and trigonometry at 11. At first it was cool to be smart, everyone saying "wow you're smart", or "nice work!" But now, being a math wiz gets me slugs and pushes, teases and taunts. I have to admit, my appearance probably doesn't help things.

I have shoulder length dirt brown hair and long bangs that look like the end of a broom. I have large black glasses, no taped up rims but still nerdy. My fashion sense is less then wonderful, and my shirts aren't right off the red carpet. My legs are long and lanky, capped off by shoes that I got 3 years ago with butterfly decals. I looked overall pathetic, no wonder I was a prime target.

A couple years ago, in 6th grade, I joined the school math team. I helped them go to the championship and won a lot of medals, I felt pretty good, but that's just where the trouble started. I got pushed around and teased, me being four foot seven didn't help either. At the end of the year, Marcuss, a mean oaf of a boy, signed my year book "l8tr nerdling."

That summer the only friend I had to play with was "wrecking ball" rebeca, a clumsy girl across the street. In 7th grade, I made no friends, only enemies. I got teased, bullied, your standard nerd treatment. It just broke me down over the years, even the slightest insult feels like a punch in the gut. I'm afriad of what Rebecca, my one and only friend, will say, even though her worst fault is kissing up to someone's rear end.

A got majorly teased by a bunch of motorcycle riding ogres, after the school conselour gave a lesson a respect. At 4th period, I told the counselor my woes, meaning I was sobbing on her "respect the world" rug and carpet set. By 6th period, mrs. Feelgood came in and gave us a talk about respecting everyone, while making feelbetter eyes at me. As soon as she left, my teacher told us the top math test score, announcing that I was the top scorer, like that would help things.

The ogres came to me and their leader said, "hey nice going brainiac. My ma said that if I got at least 10th in the class she'd put flames on my bike, but you and your nerdling friends bumped me down to 17th, your gonna pay for this. Remember the lesson on respect? Well here is how it goes.

R for rend" he said as he punched a dent in my locker, "E is for emaciated" he continued as he took my lunch and threw it away. "Next is S for sunder" he said as he ripped my home work. Aparrently, P stand for pummel, and I deserve a slug in the arm. I also got a entry in my locker with E, a coiling of my glasses with C, and a bloody tooth with T. "nice word choice, huh?" the leader said after he was through with me, "you brainiacs better not ace the vocabulary quiz, or you'll learn a new meaning of respect, be glad you tooth stayed in your mouth this time." he walked away, my arm stinging like crazy. You see what I mean, when there's math, there's trouble.

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Beautiful. Seriously? This


Seriously? This is awesome. PLEASE continue.

~Kat Solo Holly Presley

"Me fail English? That's unpossible." -The Simpsons

1 h4v3 a WHI73 B3L7, /:)~

Posted by Kat Solo Holly ... on Fri, 04/20/2012 - 11:57
I'm so glad you like it!!!

I'm so glad you like it!!!

-the llama ate my home work
then it ate my brother

Posted by Xploding Llama ... on Fri, 04/20/2012 - 20:50

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