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The Dragon Slayers ----------- A Chose Your Own Ending Story

The Dragon Slayers ----------- A Chose Your Own Ending Story

Posted April 6th, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

 The Dragon Slayers

A pick you’re ending story


        1.     You wake up with a start. It’s the middle of the night. The dragon is gone. You realize it’s a bad dream. You’re sweaty and breathing heavily. You can’t remember at the dream was. ---To try to remember the dream go to 3--- to go back to sleep, continue to 2---

        2.     You sit and sit for hours but can’t get to sleep finely it’s time to wake up-------to wake up, go to 4--- to stay in bed sleep to 5---

        3.     You think and think. You remember bits of it. It doesn’t take long to put them together. You were a young man in dwenderville, and you were an apprentice to a wizard.  Suddenly a dragon broke through the roof and ate the wizard. It began chasing you and you ran until you felt like your lungs were on fire. You slowed down and the dragon was about to eat you when you woke up. ---to go back to sleep, go to 2---

        4.     You yawn, stretch, and get up for the day. You make your bed, change your clothes, and brush through your hair. When you go out your mom has breakfast made ---to eat breakfast go to 6---

        5.     You stay in bed five minutes until mom comes and “wakes” you ---wake up to 4---

        6.     You quickly eat breakfast. Then you brush your teeth, and get to the bus stop. At the bus stop, a bully starts bullying you. ---To start a fight go to 8 ---to just go with it continue to 7---

        7.     You let him club you until the bus comes. Your head pounds and you’re dizzy. You get on the bus and sit in the front ---go to 10

        8.     “Shut up jerk!” you say as you kick him in the stomach. The crowd of kids starts chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!” He clubs you, and you revolt by punching him in the kisser. He lips swells. He charges like a bull. He thumps you in the stomach and you feel like throwing up. Suddenly some kid sees the bus and they straighten up. You all get on the bus. The bully usually sits in the back of the bus. --- To sit in the front go to 10---to sit in the back continue to 9---

        9.     You follow him back and sit down. Behind you he smacks you in the back of the head --- to start a fight, go to 13 --- to go with it, go to 14---

        10.  As you sit in the front, a kid in the middle of the bus walks up and sits by you. It’s your friend, John. He is a nice kid

“What happened to you?” He asks pointing at a purple bruise ---To tell him continue to 11 --- to not say anything go to 12 ---

        11.  “Simon happened!” you grumble, “we were at the bus stop and he was bullying me. He was literally punching me.” ---Go to 15 ---

        12.  “Well?” He asks, “What happened?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it.” You reply ---go to 15

        13.  You quickly turn around and smack him unfortunately he grabs your arm and punches you full force in the ribs. It feels broken. Luckily the bus pulls up at the school and you all file off.  ---Go to 16 ---

        14.  He hits you again and again. A huge bump forms. Luckily the bus pulls up at the school and you all file off.  --- Go to 16 ---

        15.  The bus pulled up by the school and you get off. You walk to you locker and lean against it. You sigh and get your English books. You walk over and enter the class room. --- Go to 17 ---

        16.  You linger as you wait for your friend, Simon. He must have gone before you. You somberly walk in the school and to your English class --- go to 17 ---

        17. You sit down and wait. Finally the teacher comes in and does roll call. Suddenly you have to go to the bathroom.  --- To go to the bathroom go to 20--- to wait go to 18 ---

        18.  You wait and wait, you raise your hand. The teacher lets you go. You walk down the halls. You get to the bathroom. When you’re done you begin to walk back. You walk and walk. You turn, retrace, and wonder. Where is the class? Where are you? You keep walking and walking. It’s seemed like hours of walking. Your legs hurt. --- Go to 19 ---

        19.  You start to turn around. Suddenly, you hear a noise. It sounds like…like breathing (It’s someone else’s, because you’re not breathing!) Footsteps! You hear Footsteps! You cry “Who’s there? I’m not afraid! Come out!” Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see a creature, half man half Goblin-ish. It raises a club and lowers it onto your head. You fall over, unconcise! --- Go to 21 ---

      20.  You stand up and bolt toward the door. Just then you hear the teacher start roll call. You continue to run and run. You reach the bathroom and rush inside. One minute later you exit the bathroom and take off running with all you’re might. Suddenly you stop! You must have taken a wrong turn. It’s very creepy and dimly light. You’re not sure your lost, you know you’re lost. It’s very strange because you know these schools by heart --- To turn around, go to 19 ---

        21. You bolt upright. You’re in a caged cart pulled by a donkey. A weird creature is in front

“Look, our prisoner has awakened.” He said to his companion, in a shrill voice, “Welcome to your new home!”

You’re pulled through dirty, muddy, bumpy, and disgusting paths. You hate it. When you’re put in a small mud house. You find something on the ground. It’s a page of a book. It said:

Name: Goblin

Attack: poison dagger, Stealth

Diet: Rotten meat

Ruler: Trickery

 You tuck it into your pocket and drift off to sleep thinking about this --- Got to 22 ---

        22.  You wake up to hear a Goblin muttering something under his breath. You quickly stand up. He’s small, about three feet high. He gives you a wooden plate of rotten meat. It smells disgusting. It looks disgusting.  It is disgusting. You look around and see a small wooden slab, and a bloody leaf. As you look around, a tall, slender elf dressed in leaves and bark is pushed into the cage. He looks around and his eyes land on you ---Go to 23 ---

        23. He stares at you through green eyes.

“What are you doing here?” He asks

“Where is here?” I ask

“Do you not know? It is Okunoshima.”

“Where’s Okunoshima?”

“Do you not know? Where are you from?”

“A place very far away called Dakota, South Dakota!”

“Where is that?”

“It might be… another dimension! Wait what’s your name?”

“My name is Theroner.”

“Nice to meet you Theroner! Can you tell me all about this place?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Everything!” You sat, “all the peoples, the shape, the animals, everything!”

“Okay, sit down. I’ll start by the tribes. There are ten tribes. There are dragons, elves, mermaids, Gargoyles blood wolves, tree monsters, unicorns, trolls, Goblins, (they are the ones that are holding us captive) and Griffins! Then there are lightcons but they are nearly extinct.”--- To let him continue go to 24. To tell him about your world, go to 25 ---

        24.  “Continue! Continue please!” You say

“Well… We are at war!! Do you want to hear about it?” He asks

“Yes! Please tell me more!” You say taking a seat

“The Trolls, Gargoyles, and the Goblins are on one side. The Dragons and Mermaids are on one. All the Elf tribes are with the Griffins. The Blood wolves are with unicorns and the Tree monsters. The lightcons are not in the war.”

“So it’s ad that you’re a prisoner?”

“Yes very. It means I am a bad warrior and if I go back I will be killed.”

Killed! That seems over reacting! Are you a good warrior?”

“No, because I was captured.”

“Why did you get captured?”

“I was in battle and a Goblin snuck up on my while I was fighting a Troll. I am a bad warrior and I must die!”



That's all for now!!!

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yo this is c o o

yo this is c o o l



-that other kid



Posted by {]Kayla[} on Tue, 04/07/2020 - 18:00
yo this is c o o

yo this is c o o l



-that other kid



Posted by {]Kayla[} on Tue, 04/07/2020 - 18:00
thanks a ton!!!! i'll post

thanks a ton!!!!

i'll post more as soon as possible!!!!

Posted by Fire Dragon 74 on Tue, 04/07/2020 - 20:00

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