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Enemies for Life~Chapter 10 [RATED PG-13]

Enemies for Life~Chapter 10 [RATED PG-13]

Posted April 5th, 2009 by Lauren

by Lauren
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~Caius's POV~
The only plan I had formed ready for that night was to kill. Kill a particular someone...

Calla and Fate arrived at Lauren's place the next afternoon, most unfortunately with Aiden trailing behind looking like he'd just swallowed something particularly nasty and was about to throw it up. Hopefully he'd hold off the chucking up until after I killed him.
After some routine greetings with Lauren and Calla jumping all over the place, during which I glared at Aiden because he was glancing around nervously - for Alary, no doubt, because she wasn't there (she'd been avoiding us all day) - they decided to get back to what happened yesterday. Yesss...my chance to kill the scum, at last.
'Fate is still laughing about yesterday,' Calla told Lauren with a grin.
Lauren grinned back. 'Didja hear what Caius was yelling? I had trouble controlling him.... And I made him fix my door.' The last bit was smug.
I was about to open my mouth and remind her exactly why actually I fixed the door when Calla cut in with a smirk, 'Funny.'
I turned on her. 'Tis not!' I exclaimed, clenching my fists. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Aiden edging away, and I gritted my teeth and pondered the most painful way to murder him.
'Is Alary still in shock?' Calla asked Lauren, before shooting at me, 'Tis too Caius.'
Lauren said something, but I couldn't hear her over my own shouting. "TIS NOT FUNNY!' I hollered at Calla suddenly, and then turned to point at Aiden. 'AIDEN GET BACK HERE COWARD! I SWEAR I'M GONNA KILL THAT --'
'CAIUS!' Lauren shouted, louder than me so I was forced to hear it. 'NO CURSING!'
Aiden glanced in my direction and smirked. 'I didn't quite catch that, Caius. What were you saying?'
Grr....Oh he was asking for it...
'CAIUS STOP IT!!' Lauren shrieked at me. 'Sheesh!'
I furiously considered punching her, but decided I'd save my strength for knocking the life out of the Rogue scum. By now he was laughing, over safe in his corner...
'Oh yeah?' he asked.
'Yeah!' I growled at him, anger rising through me. 'That's my cousin you sent into shock! YOU FREAKIN' KISSED HER?!?!?! WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!?'
He raised his eyebrow impertinently. 'What will you do, if I may inquire?'
'Attack you,' I told him.
And attack I would...
'How?' was his thick-skulled reply.
Oh how else do you think? I thought scathingly, but didn't have any time to add any insults onto it before I dived for him, pinning him face down. Gotcha...
'That's how,' I snarled, twisting his arm high up his back. I hoped it would break.
Then I found myslef back against the ground, him free of my grasp.
'And that's how I get out of it,' he smirked.
He didn't have a chance to say anything else before my fist collided with his face.
'And that's how you get socked in the face,' I said smugly. I was momentarily distacted by admiring the blood that was pouring from his nose - when pain screamed through my head.
'Like it when someone plays with your face, buddy? Huh?' Aiden's voice sounded.
It was then I realised was having my head smashed into the ground. I twisted over and kicked a choice spot, and while he was blinded in pain pinned him again.
'I'm messing with much more thatn your face, buddy,' I snarled, my head spinning as I gave him a taste of his own sick medicine, whacking his face into the ground. 'Stay away from my cousin, idiot!'
I found myself flying backways, his foot to my chest, and I slammed back-first into the wall. The pain in my back was quickly drowned as my arm was twisted up my back, and then his fist slammed into my face. Twice. I heard a sickening crunch, but didn't connect it with the pain in my nose until a few moments later.
'You're not her dad,' the Rogue shot at me. 'Stop messing with me!'
He released me and my legs gave way beneath me, crumpling to the ground. Aughh...my nose.... Pinching it, I got to my knees and looked up at him with a deep scowl. 'I suppose you'd know all about that, wouldn't you? With your betrothed and her father?'
'Shut up you idiot!'
Oooh, touchy subject, eh... I smirked and stood up quickly. He went to lunge for me, but Fate caught him from behind.
'Let me go, Fate!' Aiden exclaimed, and I sent a kick at his chest combined with a fist to the face. He went sprawling back into the wall.
'I'm not going to shut up,' I yelled. 'You! With my cousin! That's just...just....wrong!'
'Touch him again and you go down, Caius,' came a low voice. I whirled to face Fate, clenching my fists again and trying to ignore the stinging pain shooting through my body.
'What would you do in my position, Fate?' I demanded, ignoring Aiden as he attempted to stand up, and then my voice raised to a yell again. 'Him with Alary? SHE'S MY COUSIN FOR GOSH SAKE! I DON'T WANT HIM WITH HER!'
'I mean it Caius. Calm down. He's my brother, and she's my friend.'
Argh.... Her calmness was maddening!
'She's my cousin! He's my ENEMY!' I shot at her.
Then she flew at me suddenly, and before I could dodge out of the way she grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. 'Get a grip! Act mature!'
I shrugged her off and stepped back, scowling. 'Act mature? I am being mature. Completely rational! I'm serious, you know. I - DON'T - WANT - HIM - WITH - HER!'
Fate looked as furious as me now, and it unnerved me. I stepped back as she yelled at me, 'WELL WHAT IF SHE WANTS IT??! DID YOU THINK OF HER!?!'
She thought I wasn't thinking of Alary? GOSH, they're all delusional! Ignorant! Stupid! What is wrong with these people?!
Fate was silent for a moment, her eyes meeting mine piercingly. 'Are you really?' she asked quietly. 'Are you really thinking of her?'
I lowered my shaking voice to her level. 'Yes. I am.'
I quickly glanced at Calla and Lauren, who were standing by Aiden happily pointing out his battlescars, and then took Fate's arm gently and pulled her into the opposite corner.
I sucked in a breath and said softly, 'We can't stay here forever, you know. In eight months we have to go back to Mirnan. What's she going to do then? A war is raging in my world. We've got to go and fight, and Aiden won't be able to come. She'll have to leave him. What's the point of him losing someone again? What's the point of her getting hurt?'
I looked at her pleadingly. Didn't she understand?
To my sudden shock, she stepped forwards and hugged me. 'You need to let her choose,' she whispered. 'She's grown up too.'
She pulled back a bit and I managed to say, 'I know, but...she's still younger than me. Still only fifteen. I've all she's got for a big brother...' I hesitated. 'I just don't want her to have to leave him, and never come back....if I can do anything to prevent her pain, I will...'
I cursed my voice as it cracked at the end. 'Besides,' I added in a fake lighter tone,' I mean, her leaving might kill Aiden, and then I'd have no one to beat up!'
'Caius...' Fate said softly. 'Aiden is grown up too...even if he acts like he's three.'
'Exactly,' I said. 'He's what...a year older then her? A year and a half?'
'He's sixteen.' Fate sighed. 'Caius, I understand you want to protect her....But sometimes you can't be in charge of everything.'
I grimaced. 'I'd sure like to be.'
'Wouldn't we all?' she said with a small smile. 'So, take a deep breath and calm down.'
My grimace turned to a half grin. 'I am calm. Notice - no shouting?'
Fate grinned back, and I looked down at my feet as a strange feeling fluttered through me.
'So, Caius,' she said. 'What now? Are you going to accept my brother likes your cousin or sullk all day?'
I paused, and then looked up. 'I'd prefer to sulk. But I guess I've gotta let Alary chose.' I sighed as I contemplated this. 'Definitely prefer to sulk...'
Fate smiled warmly and I averted my eyes again. 'But you're not three anymore.'
'Who says that will stop me from sulking?'
'Cai-usss,' Fate exclaimed in exasperation, and I grinned, before pulling her back over to the others.
'Truce for now, Caius,' Aiden said, wincing as we came over. 'I think you cracked my ribs...'
I grimaced. 'That's good, because my nose is in about... Oh, say, three thousand pieces?' Ugh, this was a messed-up affair. Nothing else for it now, I supposed...and sighed. 'I'm off to find Alary,' I muttered. 'I wish she wouldn't avoid me like this...' I trudged out of the door, making sure to slam it hard behind me.
I found Alary quite quickly, to my surprise. Sitting moodily up a gnarled and leafy tree, in the park near Lauren's place. It took a while to coax her down, because she was refusing to talk to me - and having a one sided conversation with someone you're not even sure is listening is more furstrating than it sounds - but at last I managed to get her to come when I told her Aiden had to tell her something. Urgently.
It was only a small lie...
And it got her to apparate us back. So there.
When we got back home Aiden was missing, and Lauren and Calla were deep in a happy discussion about something that sounded suspiciously like a book. About us. Oh, the joy of knowing writers...
'You ain't writing a book about me,' I snapped as I dragged Alary through the door into the living room. 'What, like I'm some random character? For you to boss around?'
'We'd boss you around anyways,' Calla said brightly, and I shot her a scathing look.
'So Alary, while Aiden is washing up,' Fate said, nodding her head towards the bathroom, 'Did they tell you?'
'I'm not talking to them,' Alary said clearly, pulling away from my grip and looking at me. 'He only told me Aiden wanted to tell me something.' Then her eyes narrowed in suspicion. 'Was he lying?'
Oh great...tree here we come again...
'No, he wasn't,' Fate quickly reassured her.
'Mmm, lucky for him,' Alary said, scowling.
I scowled back at her, snorting. Lucky for me....pfft...
'And how did he get his face so mangled?' She looked at me critisizingly, and I wiped my nose in case blood had dried around it. Most unflattering.
Then Aiden threw open the bathroom door and strode out, wearing clean clothes and looking decidedlly un-bloody. 'We had a discussion,' he announced.
Alary sighed heavily. 'Discussion. Code word for full-scale punch up? I knew I shouldn't have left...'
I half-grinned, half-smirked at him. 'Got a manicure with that, Aiden? And are you going bald?' I raised my eyebrows at his shortened hair.
'Alary, it isn't your fault,' Aiden told her, ignoring me. I wondered if he wanted some more broken ribs... 'You can't blame yourself.'
'Yeah,' I said mockingly, 'I pummelled him, and he b****slapped me with his manicure.'
'I have no manicure,' Aiden snapped. 'You, on the other hand...' He trailed off, and I clenched my fists as I felt heat rising in my face, feeling strangely self-conscious. Curse him....curse him to hell and beyond...
'Anyways,' Aiden went on quickly to Al, like he wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. 'There's a choice that needs to be made, and Caius can't make it for you. I think you know what it is...' He broke off, and this time it was his turn to go red. I smirked through my anger, glancing to Alary, waiting for her to speak.
'Yes, I know,' Alary said looking at him. 'And he can't decide things for me anyways....especially not this.' She looked away again, her face turning crimson.
More anger, more anger, more anger built inside of me....I wondered when I'd explode....
Awkwardly, Aiden sat on the edge of the sofa and looked at her. I refrained from smacking him.
'You really need to hear?' Alary asked, eyes looking at her feet. 'Shouldn't you already know the answer?'
I looked to Aiden, who was again looking like he was going to throw up. Charming...
'I need to hear it from you,' he said quickly. Was his voice shaking?
I snorted, rolling my eyes. Really, Alary couldn't do this...she couldn't. I grabbed her by the arm and yanked her over to the side of the room.
'Alary,' I said in a low voice. 'You haven't really thought about this, have you? You can't have thought about it if you're going to freaking - '
'Caius,' Alary said quietly, 'I can make my own descisions.'
I threw up my hands in exasperation as I launched into a rant. 'Al! C'mon! You can't do this. Won't you stop and think for a moment?' I pleaded, gesturing furiously. 'You know what's going to happen - things can't stay like this. You know you can't, you hot-headed idiot, and it's not just because of leaving, or because I hate him. You're freaking e- '
Alary pressed her lips together in a small smile, which made me break off uncertainly.
'Caius, you worry too much,' she said simply, shoving me back gently and flitting back over to Aiden.
I stared after her. I'm going to kill that girl...
She smiled at him nervously, and I felt like punching something. Hard.
'I don't really know how to put it,' she said shyly. 'So...'
And guess what she did then, huh? What the stupid ignorant senseless moody impulsive hot-headed idiot did then?
She leant down and kissed him.
'Oh God!' was the groan that escaped my lips.
I don't know what happened, then. All I was aware of was my head smacking against the wall, over, and over, and over...
~Aiden's POV~
Did I say I would die? Let me rephrase that. I was killed at least fifteen times, each time worse than the last. First I killed myself the whole night thinking about how she would react. Then I wondered if she didn't like me at all. Calla got very annoyed from my ramblings. Very. But the next day is when hell broke loose. Aiyah....

As soon as Calla got home from her exams, we rushed over to Laurens place, I tried to act as normal as possible, like I hadn't spent all night with a sinking feeling in my gut.
Calla and Lauren were thrilled to see each other, but soon the conversation drifted towards yesterdays occurrences.
"Fate is still laughing about yesterday," Calla informed Lauren.
"Hehe," Lauren chuckled, "Didja hear what Caius was yelling? I had trouble controlling him.... And I made him fix my door."
Calla snickered, "Funny."
"Tis not!" retorted Caius. I inched towards the door a bit, I could take him on, but I'd prefer not to take on a over-protective relative.
"Is Alary still in shock?" Calla inquired. "And 'Tis too Caius."
"Mmm... I wouldn't know, she's been avoiding us all day," Lauren began, but was soon cut off by Caius.
"TIS NOT FUNNY!" Then his face darkenin
"CAIUS!" Lauren shouted over him. "NO CURSING!"
I snickered, "I didn't quite catch that Caius. What were you saying?"
"CAIUS STOP ITTTTTT!" Lauren whined. "Sheesh..."
I shook my head in silent laughter. He thinks he can beat me. Poor delusional chap. "Oh yeah?" I asked mock serious.
"Yeah! That's my cousin you sent into shock! YOU FREAKIN KISSED HER!?!?!?! WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!?!?"
I felt like saying, Well duh. It's not like you'd give it anyways. But I settled for, "What will you do if I may inquire?" I also decided at that moment to abandon my plan to steer clear of Caius.
"Attack you," he replied, simply, but seething.
"How?" It was a stupid question.
Moments later I was pinned to the floor.
"That's how," he said twisting my arm.
I easily flipped him over on the ground and twisted out of his grasp, "And that's how I get out of it." I was about to comment on his poor form when something hit me in the face. Hard.
"And that's how you get socked in the face," I couldn't see Caius because there were little flashes of light before my eyes, but I could hear the smug tone in his voice. I could also feel something wet dripping down my face. I'm guessing blood. I stopped my bleeding nose and blinked my eyes clear, willing them to focus, cursing the fact that I let my guard down. Then, once I had my sense of balance back, I leapt forward and smashed his face into the floor, smacking it a few good times, "Like it when someone plays with your face buddy? Huh?" I whacked his face again for good measure.
The next moments were a bit blurry because Caius hit low, but next thing I knew, he was pinning me again. "I'm messing with much more than your face BUDDY." Then after smashing my face a few times, "Stay away from my cousin idiot!"
That's it. I flipped him off my back then kicked him into the wall, then twisted his arm high on his back with one hand and breaking his nose and blackening his eye with the other. "You're not her dad!" I shot angrily. "Stop messing with me!" I let him crumple to the floor.
He looked up at me scathingly as he got to his knees, "I suppose you'd know all about that, wouldn't you? With your betrothed and her father?"
"Shut up you idiot!" I snapped, starting to go at him again. But Fate held me back, "Let GO Fate!" I demanded, but before I could say anything else something knocked me back against the wall. The bright lights were back in front of my eyes. Gods, he hits hard when he's angry...
"I'm not going to shut up! You! With my cousin! That's just... just... wrong!"
Then I heard Fates voice, "Touch him again and you go down Caius."
I stood shakily, and listened to them argue.
"What would you do in my position Fate? HIM WITH ALARY!" Him? I do have a name... "SHE'S MY COUSIN FOR GOSH SAKE! I DON'T WANT HIM WITH HER!"
"I mean it Caius," Fate said calmly. "Calm down. He's my brother, and she's my friend."
"She's my cousin! He's my ENEMY!"
Ugh... Drama Queen much?
I heard some scuffling then Fate was yelling at him, "Get a grip! Act mature!"
"Act mature? I am being mature. Completely rational! I'm serious you know. I- Don't- Want- Him- With- Her!"
"WELL WHAT IF SHE WANTS IT?!?! DIDJA THINK OF HER?!?!" Oh great, she's lost it...
"WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING?!?" Too much yelling, I clutched my head. "I'M THINKING OF ALARY ALL THE WAY! I DON'T WANT HER TO BE HURT!!!"
My vision cleared some and Calla was standing over my, looking down critically. "Hmm... You'll have a battle scar or two... Or five..."
I rolled my eyes and looked at Fate and Caius, who were in a corner talking softly. Then she hugged him.
For once, I had nothing to say. Shock can do that to you.
Finally they finished.
"Truce for now Caius," I winced as they came back over. "I think you cracked my ribs..."
"That's good, because my nose is in about... Oh say, three thousand pieces?" Then he sighed, and muttered, "I'm off to find Alary... I wish she wouldn't avoid me like this..."
"You know," Calla said as Caius left, "Lauren, we should write a book about this." Then she shooed me off to wash up.
Through the bathroom door I could hear the girls discussing the book happily. Lovely. They're probably gonna recount every embarrassing detail.
While I was washing the blood off my face and mourning the few inches of hair I had to cut off because it was so bloody, I heard more voices. Caius and Alary.
"You ain't writing a book about me. What, like I'm some random character? For you to boss around?"
"We'd boss you around anyways," quipped Calla.
"So Alary, while Aiden is washing up, did they tell you?" Fate asked.
"I'm not talking to them," came Alary's voice, "He only told me Aiden wanted to tell me something." Curse you Caius. "Was he LYING?"
"No, he wasn't," Fate reassured her.
"Mmm... Lucky for him. And how did his face get so mangled?"
I sniggered as I pulled on a fresh, un-bloody shirt, and braced myself to go out.
Opening the door I announced, "We had a discussion." And walked out.
Sighing, Alary
said, "Discussion. Code word for full-scale punch up? I knew I shouldn't have left..."
Caius looked at me and smirked, "Got a manicure with that Aiden? And are you going bald?"
I wondered how hard I could punch him, instead I said, "Alary, it isn't your fault. You can't blame yourself."
"Yeah, I pummeled him, and he b**** slapped me with his manicure," Caius said mockingly."
"I have no manicure. You on the other hand..." I trailed off as the tips of his ears turned red. "Anyways," I hurried on. "There's a choice that needs to be made, that Caius can't make for you. I think you know what it is..." I stopped, waiting for her response.
"Yes, I know... And he can't decide things for me anyways. Especially not this," she blushed furiously while say this.
I sat on the edge of the sofa because my knees probably would have collapsed if I stood any longer. This was probably the most unnerving thing I'd ever had to do.
"You really need to hear it? Shouldn't you already know the answer?" she asked looking down at the floor.
I bit the inside of my cheek. She didn't want me. And she didn't want to say it. Taking a deep breath, I replied, "I need to hear it from you."
Across the room, Caius snorted and rolled his eyes, then pulled Alary over into a corner out of my earshot and started talking to her, making furious gestures with his hands. Then Alary smiled at him and pushed him away slightly; after doing so she walked back over to me.
I looked up with a feeling of dread building in my gut.
She smiled shyly, and a bit nervously, "I don't know how to put it really so..."
As I started to lower my head and close my eyes in disappointment, her lips caught mine.
"Oh God," I vaguely heard Caius moan, but was too busy being shocked to pay attention.
She pulled away and straightened, blushing, "That should say it..." She smiled sweetly.
I simply looked up at her, completely caught off guard. Then I grinned like an idiot.
I had been wrong. She does like me. And for once it was a good thing to be wrong about.

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Well I do have to say...that

Well I do have to say...that was funny.  I don't know what I was expecting but that pretty much sums it all up.
Kaysan: *snorts*  Gee Caius...you got it bad.
Ailidh: I think everyone's got it bad.
Kaysan: Him worst of all for the moment.
Adrian: I think I can agree to that...

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Hehe... Now I have to dig up

Hehe... Now I have to dig up allllllll our convos and send them to Lauren >_< IMA GONNA DIE~!~!~!


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Cadelyn: Wow. Gee-wiz.

Cadelyn: Wow. Gee-wiz. Wow.
Alessa: What the--? Cool!!!!!!

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