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Posted January 13th, 2018 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

We made our way in the forest. I was a city girl. I craved the husle and bussle of life.But, then again I hadn't ever really been out of New York untill I went to live with Aunt Sam. It was clear that Ray,and Jay were at home in the woods. Just because I was Ray's foster sister didn't mean he would give me any slack. I had to keep up with them, keep quiet, and help with setting up camp. Nothing went into their bellies that didn't go into mine, and nothing went in my bellie that didn't go in there's. It was pretty fair and sqaure.

Ray dotted over Genisis. She was always on his hip. Which Jay teased him about. The brothers weren't mean or anything, but they were difinitly uncofortmable with each other. I was walking behind Jay when I noticed he walked with a limp. When I asked why he blushed and told me to mind my own bussiness, which of course made me even more curious. After that, Ray said we were going to make camp. Relax, and enough though he didn't say so, I knew it was because of Jay. Jay and Ray went to go find something for super. When I flashed a puzzled look at Ray he laughed and said the Fast food places were too expensive at the moment. Jay laughed at that, and I realized we were really far away for cilivlatztion.  They came back with a handfully of mushrooms, black berries, and bird eggs. While they were gone I felt this strang feeling of someone watching me. Jay and Ray [ of course Geni was snuggled in the middle of Ray] sat indain style .  " Close your eyes Geni, and open your mouth". Jay commaned, before breaking and plopping a raw bird egg into her mouth. At first she looked like she might cry, but then swallowed it. The berries and mushroomes went down much easier. After everything was in our stomaches Ray asked Jay about his limp again, when he gave him the same answer he gave me, Ray's brown hand pulled Jay's short's above his knee. Jay flinched. A spidery ugly scar showed us it's face. Ray looked relieved. Then He leaned back, put his hand behind his head and yelled. " Ok, whoever you are you can come on out"!  I felt a jaw open and fall when two teens obeyed. They were twins, you could tell. Dimples, brown skin, forest green eyes, killer smiles, wild red ringlets and broud shouldered. The boy wore overalls without a shirt, the girl the same, but with a shirt. Booth were barefoot. The boy was stronger and taller then the girl, the girl also wore messy braids.  " Well, I'll be Ivin and Irirs O'Conner"! Jay grunted.  " How do you know each other"? I asked. " Were cousins". The girl named Irirs answered.

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