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Fatefully Yours (Black Rose) - Prologue

Fatefully Yours (Black Rose) - Prologue

Posted March 4th, 2013 by mholden

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by Kay
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·         Manipulation; It’s what we are best at.

·         Love; It’s our weakness, yet also our savior.

·         Hate; It’s our cripple.

·         Dreams (sleep); they are our minds way of telling our future.

·         Caution; It’s what we lack most, yet what will protect us in the end.

·         Loss; It’s our blindfold.

·         Revenge; is what keeps us from accomplishing our dreams.

Pain; proves that what we are fighting for is real.


In my world we are told to love the sinner, hate the sin. I suppose the purpose of forgiveness is to prove that you are above them. That you are more grounded than they are and that you don’t have to prove anything to them. This is no easy task, especially when the sinner has taken things…people…who cannot be returned.

Gweniever Pencing was one of those people. She was strong, courageous, honest and kind, but she was also human. She was a master manipulator, and was good at her craft. Gweniever experienced love, hate, loss, and most of all pain. She desired revenge and usually, much to my dismay, got just that. I chuckle softly, I loved her- though not in the way you would imagine! She was the sister I never had, and the friend who I always desired. By then, it was too late to save her from her untimely demise but not too late to let her know.

That sparkle in her eye the night she had discovered my feelings towards her…I remember every moment of that night. The feeling of her arm wrapping around my neck as my hands rested on her hips. Her breathe vibrating off my skin. The taste of her lips…

It had not always been like that. I had once been very in love with another, and had manipulated the one who I now love. At the time I must admit, though our future was very unclear, we had never expected such a simple mission to turn into what it did. Then again when has it ever turned out as predicted?

Our story begins with Jade, Gwen’s father. Jade is a very noble man, though he too has been swayed in the wrong direction more than once. I suppose that is where Gwen gets it from. Though I suppose she also gets her strength and character from him as well.

I guess if we are going to tell this story the classic way I had better start…Once upon a time…I, Seth Mobec set out on a mission. It was simple; manipulate and kidnap the Lady Gweniever and return her to her father…only that’s not what happened.



(18 years before)


The marketplace lay abandoned and noiseless except for the occasional whimpers and screams from the hiding villagers.

I look up at the starry night sky; such a beautiful night to mask the battle that was about to go down. It would perhaps be the last time these old eyes get to gaze upon such wonders. I had spent so much of my life wondering about what was beyond the beauty right in front of me… and tonight is no exception.

What was to become of me after this? Surely there was a place to go after all of this… but would I even go there?

Setting down a small basket, I kneeled lifting the curtain covering my baby girl. Surprisingly her eyes were wide open. Those green eyes always caught me off guard. Looking at me with an innocent expression, she blinked several times, reaching out her small infant hand to touch my wrinkled face.

Feeling a chill rush over my body, her mouth broke into a small smile, her fingers brushing against my cheek. My concern was no longer for me… but for her.

Her mother was already dead and if the battle of Jalon went as prophesied, I am soon to die as well.

So many things no longer made sense… Evil fighting good is a given- but there was still so many things we did not know of our enemy. Their weakness, their motives, their intentions all remained unclear.

All we knew was that they wielded a force, stronger than any knight. Stronger than any king… magic.

Black magic… the same power that ran through my blood, pulsed through my veins, as did Melisa’s, and soon our daughters.

Was I really just about to give up everything to fight against the one thing that made me who I am? Then again, what other choice did I have?

The king had toyed with the balance of good and evil, and now we were to pay for it.

The story has already been told, written on the walls of the temples and palace walls. One has not the power to change what has already been told would happen, or undo what cannot be undone. Though I was being given the chance to change the future for my kind…my daughters as well…

Ever since I could remember, magic has been outlawed in every kingdom, countryside, and every league. The punishment of course was death; such a cliché. For hundreds of years my kind has been murdered in cold blood, for practicing their heritage and gifts. We have been forced to hide, shield our identities and many of us have turned from good, onto the side of evil in hope to regain our place in the world.

Today was the day that was to go down. Black magic, twice as strong as good, has come to destroy the one place where Magic was first outlawed. Jalon…

Truthfully stated, mankind had plenty of their own ways to destroy magic. It was how humans managed to keep control of us for so long. But an army of witches and wizards fighting on the side of sin and evil? It was a battle that would not be easily won- if that. Many lives would be forced to perish, as well as large amounts of blood to be spilled. All because of power and control.

It is sickening.

I- being on the side of the king, have been one of those who have chosen to hide my identity as a wizard and continue on with my life, as my wife Mellissa had. One might ask how I could sit there and watch, much less help kill my own kind.

It is because when I look into the eyes of others with the same ability as I, I see evil. No good intentions, no good motives, just hurt, pain, and anger. Time after time I have tried to save my kind from their fate, but in the end it comes down to the same choices.

Be killed for who you are, or be honored for who you are.

It is an easy choice, wouldn’t you say?

Nevertheless, I was not one of them. I chose to live among good, instead of breathing evil.

The hair on my back stuck up straight, as I stood, clutching my covered basket. My cape blew in the wind behind me. The tension was enough to give me goose-bumps. Climbing the castle staircase, I nodded to the guards who looked more nervous than even I.

I push through the doors and stumble down the hallway until I reach the throne room. Pushing open yet another set of doors, the torches lined around the room light it up just enough for me to see all of the maps, and battle plans laid out on the long wooden table. Sets of windows align the wall looking out into the empty courtyard, and just beyond the castle walls you can see the line of orange that indicates the lighted torches heading towards Jalon.

Drawing my attention back to the King, I notice the rest of the knights looking from me to the basket. I hadn’t even noticed my child’s sobs… Meeting the king’s eyes, he also looks down to the basket.

“We need to talk” I say just before another small sob comes from Gwen. “My lord…”

Nodding, the king moves towards me, leading me into the hallway. “I expect you shall fight well, my dear friend.” The King began, “don’t lose faith by the numbers and be sure to come back to my service alive and well, do you hear me?”

I nodded, a bit rushed as the battle horn was heard. I handed the king my basket.

“If anything were to happen to me, swear that you will care for her.” Lifting the blanket from the basket, I reach in and withdraw Gweniever to calm her. Kissing her forehead I watch the king’s dazzled expression. “Do you remember when we were boys, my lord? How we constantly fooled around despite your father’s orders? All the times I covered for you, taking the blame? I only request that in return for everything that I have done for you that you will care for her as long as I am away.” I offer her to the King. “Please… she is my everything.”

The king nodded, “Of course… it would be the very least I could do.” He replies taking Gwen, a gleam of happiness in his eye.

“I have to go, sire, promise to me on your life that you will do everything to care for her and treat her as your own.”

“Yes, but you-”

“I would not be too sure… My lord, please forgive my doubtful talk, but this is a battle to be won by courage, and many lives will have to be given. I fear that I be one of them.”

The king looked to me, meeting my eyes. He places his free hand on my shoulder.

“Do your best to stay alive.”

I nod.

“I assure you,” I looked to my baby girl, her beat red face and tear filled eyes. Memorizing the green in her eyes, I gently stroked her cheek. “I will.”

Racing from the castle, I only once look back at Gweniever as she screams.

“I’ll be back.” I whisper, hearing the screaming of our army as we prepare for battle. Drawing my own sword, I race down to my enemy “I promise”.


The battle was won.

Jade never returned for his daughter.


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K-K-Kay? I thought I'd never

I thought I'd never see you again!!
I was wrong!!!!
¡¡¡¡¡ ( yes, those are upside down exclamation marks.....)

Well, this is amazing. (Your writing, I mean.)
You just have a couple of tiny errors:
I looked to my baby girl, her beat red face etc.
Did you mean beet?

That's pretty much it.
I think I got the first comment!!!!

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Posted by Sunsets (S.E) on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 00:19
What an epyk beginning!

What an epyk beginning! O____O This was spoken from the heart by Jade...and he spoke with fear about the black and dark magic that consisted around him. ^_^ I loved the Prologue and I will be following—most definitely, Kay! <:^J I loved how much detail you put into this and the type of style that you added in when you were speaking in his point of you and.......fsagdhafhgsdfsdhgsfdg!!! OKAY ENOUGH RAMBLING MORE EPIC COMMENT! XD THIS IS EPICLY AWESOME. The plot, the drama, OMG!!!! :D

Caution; It’s what we lack most, yet what will protect us in the end.

I might put that in my signature because that gave me a tear. :') :'D

The marketplace lay abandoned and noiseless except for the occasional whimpers and screams from the hiding villagers.

What a frightening place to live in!!! D"; I am definitely not going in there only to meet the characters—yes—but for the emotion—no—BECAUSE that is just sad. ;____; *I rambled again. XD*



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Posted by THE FW MAX on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 04:43
I read Pinnochio's Curse,

I read Pinnochio's Curse, and I HAD to read this.

OMPJ. If that was not one of the best prologues I have ever read, let them eat dirt cake.

Ohmygosh, Kay. That was so brilliant, so heart-melting. I. Loved. It.

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