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Fear's Strong Hold --- Chapter Two ---

Fear's Strong Hold --- Chapter Two ---

Posted October 26th, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

          The next day Terence woke to his master’s screaming. He jumped out of bed and bolted out of the sleeping room, and outside. His master stood there, looking up. He pointed in the distance.

          “There was a Drawk!” Master Pallando mouthed

          “Master Pallando, do you want to lie down some more?” Terence asked

          “It was a Drawk,” Master Pallando straightened up, “And Fabian is gone. He ran away no doubt about it. What a useless boy.”

          Terence couldn’t say anything. How could Fabian run away and leave him here?

          “Well, it’s gone now and you’re awake so why don’t you begin your work? Go now.” Master Pallando commanded him

          Several days later Master Pallando woke Terence up early.

          “I had a vision. The Drawk is coming!! Hurry!”

          Terence ran outside and saw a Drawk. It was big, black and red, and with… Green Eyes? Drawks never had green eyes. Suddenly the Drawk breathed fire onto Master pallando’s cottage. Terence ran to help put it out. Suddenly he remembered, Fabian had green eyes too!

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