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The Fight for Life

The Fight for Life

Posted June 7th, 2022 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

          Jason sat up with a cry. Jason glanced around the room. He saw his closet and walls which were covered with antiques. Jason sighed. He wondered what had caused the dream. He had been in a field. It had started to rain, so he ran for shelter. He ran and ran but could not find any. He was soaked. He heard a rustling in the grass behind him. When he turned, he saw a man in a black cloak. He had said to him in a raspy voice,

                             “Your days are numbered.

                              Be quick to find The Word.

                              It is your only hope of life.”

         Then Jason had woken. He jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs so fast that his feet barely touched the steps. He ran past his sister’s room and turned right into his family’s library. He glanced at the shelves as he ran by. He finally stopped at the row marked ‘W’ He walked along, looking at the books. He stopped at the section labeled ‘WO” He scanned it. He pulled out books. He read. He looked and looked for hours. Finally, at 8:00 A.M. he found the book that he was looking for. It was in the far back, covered with cobwebs. He brought it to a table and dusted it off. It was labeled ‘The Word.’ He opened it slowly and started to read. It said,

          “I must congratulate you. You in your hands hold a book that many have died to get. You hold the power. Use it wisely.

          CHAPTER 1 – The Dream

                    You probably have been woken from sleep at some point with a strange dream. Allow me to explain it. The plain that you were in was called The Plain of No Return. It is a plain that no one has ever made it out alive. The cloud was Väinämöinen The Nonexistent. He was cursed into The Plain of No Return by Agamemnon The Mighty. All Väinämöinen wants is to escape his prison and seek revenge on Agamemnon.

          CHAPTER 2 – The Word

                    You heard Väinämöinen say, “Your Days Are Numbered. Be Quick to Find The Word. It is Your only Hope of Life.” He was referring to The Word. It is a mystical word that is said to be able to defeat Väinämöinen. I shall write it down. It is…

          The rest of the page was torn out by some sort of creature. The very back said, “To Know the word, go toToirdhealbhach.”

          Jason shivered. He looked around for Toirdhealbhach. He found a book saying that Toirdhealbhach is a king that lives up north. Jason thought for a while about all that he had learned. The strange thing is that he had never seen that book before. He had read every book in the library, but he had never seen this one. He was thinking about these things when suddenly to book disappeared. Jason jumped back with a scream. He felt around where the book had been. There was no thought needed. The book had disappeared all by itself.

       Jason ran up to his room. His heart was beating fast. He searched through his closet and came upon an old brown backpack. He grabbed it and stuffed in a blanket from his bed and a clean tunic. Jason looked around his room and grabbed a map and a lantern. Then he went to his family’s kitchen. He grabbed a canteen of water and put that in his pack. He grabbed fruits and sandwiches and placed them in a bag before tossing them in his pack. Jason knew that the roads were extremely dangerous in Vatoa, his home. He glanced at his calendar. It read ‘Friday, 13, 1056. Some people were calling this period ‘The Middle Ages’

  *Vita is an island off Australia.

     Jason walked to his father’s closet and grabbed a cloak, which he put on a dagger, which he put in his belt, and a staff, which he held. Jason slung his pack on his back, looked out over the sleeping house, opened the door, and left. He shivered at the cold night breeze. He lit the lantern and started towards the road. Halfway, he turned and looked at his home for what he hoped would not be the last time.

     Jason walked for about three hours. His feet started to nub, so he stopped and started a fire. Jason did not mean to doze off, but he did. While he slept, Jason had a dream. He had been in a plain. It had started on fire, so he had run for shelter. He ran and ran but could not find any. He was so hot. He heard a rustling in the fire behind him. When he turned, he saw the man with the cloak. he said to him,

                             “Your days are numbered.

                              Be quick to find The Word.

                              It is your only hope of life.”

         Then Jason woke up. He jumped up and looked around. The sun was peeking above the hills. He gathered his things and started again. As he walked, he kept thinking about the dream. He had received the same message both times. He knew now that it was particularly important. He kept walking as he thought about it. He walked for two hours. His feet were tired, but instead of stopping, he pushed on. Another hour dragged by. His feet ached so badly, but he refused to stop. Finally, after two more hours, Jason rested. He started a fire and laid down. He started to doze but caught himself. He flicked himself and glanced up. It was noon. He ducked into the woods and slept through the rest of the day. This time, he did not have a dream. That evening, he sat up and gathered his stuff. He started walking. As he walked along, he heard a noise. He turned around. He did not see anything. He started walking again. He heard it again. Jason glanced around. It was strange, he did not see anything, yet he heard it as clear as day. He started walking again. He turned around when he heard it again. SMACK! Something hit him full in the face. He fell on his back. The last thing he saw was a large, hooded man standing over him. The man chuckled and then Jason lost conciseness.


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