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The Fight for Life Chapter 3 & 4

The Fight for Life Chapter 3 & 4

Posted June 20th, 2022 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

             Jason glanced around. He was in The Plain of No Return. It started to rain, so he ran for shelter. He ran and ran but could not find any. He was soaked. He heard a rustling in the grass behind him. When he turned, he saw the man with the cloak.

             Jason yelled at it, “Go away, Väinämöinen.”

             He had said,

                             “Do not use my name in vain.

                              You are smarter than you look.

                              Be careful, Trust No One.

                              One will lead you astray from your mission.

                              Your life is at stake. Be careful.

                              Trust No One.

            Jason woke with a start. Sunlight poured through the window. He blinked and hopped off the bed. Jason met Toirdhealbhach in the dining hall. The food was being brought out. Jason just shoved his food around. When Toirdhealbhach asked what was wrong, Jason told him about the dream. Toirdhealbhach’s eyes widened.

             “He talked to you!” Toirdhealbhach gasped.

              “Yeah,” Jason replied. “is that bad?”

              “Maybe, maybe not.” Toirdhealbhach answered, “It depends on his attitude.”

              “He kind of had this ‘I’m better than you’ attitude.” Jason replied, “He also was kind of like this ‘Watch Out! Watch Out!’ attitude.”

               Toirdhealbhach went silent, thinking.

               Finally, he said, “You must leave. I can’t tell you The Word, and you need it more than ever.”

               Jason silently left to pack.

               Later that day, Jason set out. He did not turn back. It is not that he was mad, it is just that he wanted to go home, but here he was, going the opposite direction from home. He just wanted to go back to his lifestyle, to what he knew was safe. Jason sighed. He kept walking though. He had a mission to finish.


               Jason made a small camp by the side of the road that night. He was careful to camp a ways from the main road. He did not want a repeat of the last time when he was robbed. He did not sleep well, because he woke to every noise. When he woke the next morning, he was tired and sore. He grumbled as he packed his small tent up. He found his way to the main footpath. He walked along the road for a couple of hours. His stomach was not happy about the “No Breakfast” policy. It grumbled and complained all morning. He finally ate some bread, which didn’t help very much. Finally, Jason came to Far From Hope. He shivered as he saw the scraggly handwriting, obviously written hastily. He knocked on the large fort walls and waited. A small hatch opened, and a pair of beady black eyes stared at him.

             “What do you want!” A shrill voice asked him.

             “I wish for food and bedding for the night. Toirdhealbhach sent me through these parts.” Jason replied, hoping that he had said the right thing.

              The eyes stared at him for a moment, though it felt like forever. “What is your name?”


               “Toirdhealbhach sent you?”

               “Yes. He sent me to a village farther away, but as it is night, I wish shelter here.”

               “Which town did he send you to?”

               Jason started to feel uncomfortable, “He sent me to Broken Heart Bay.”

               The eyes stared at Jason for a moment and asked, “Do you seek The Word?”

               “Yes, I do.”

               “Why do you seek it?”                                                                   

               “I wish to go home.”

               “Where are you from?”

               “I am from Enchantia.”

               “Hmmm. The only way to get there is with a fetch… I must tell this to my governor.”

               “I do not mind.”

               The slot closed and he heard footsteps walking away. Jason waited for a few minutes. He started tapping his foot. He started whistling. He started twiddling his thumbs.

               After about an hour, Jason banged on the door again. “Hello! Would you please let me in! I have been waiting for an hour!”

               The slot opened again.

               “What do you want?” The eyes replied.                                        

               “Oh, for Pete’s sake!” Jason cried.

               “Are you Pete?”

               After a very long time, Jason was finally let in. He noticed that several guards attended him to a small building in the center of town. It was the finest of the buildings in the town. As the guards pushed him in, he realized why it was so sturdy. It was a jail cell!

               “Wait! I am a friend!” Jason called desperately to the guards as they walked away.

               “Tell that to the governor.” One of the guards taunted him.

               Miserably, Jason paced the cell. “I could try to escape, but I cannot escape past the wall. Hmmm. I could try to persuade the guards to let me go… That would never work. They wouldn’t let me out for the world. There has to be a way out! Their governor will probably have me killed! Why did I bother to stop here? I should have kept going! Why didn’t Toirdhealbhach warn me about this place? Maybe he did, but I wasn’t paying attention.” Jason groaned. “I bet that’s what happened.”

               Jason paced and thought for a couple more hours. Eventually, fatigue caught up with him and he fell asleep, still thinking of ways to escape. Jason woke to the cell door creaking open. Jason sat up and looked out. It was about two in the morning. Jason stood up and poked his head out of the cell. The town was quiet. There were no guards. Jason silently crept out. He grabbed the key, which was still in the lock. He looked around. Then he noticed another cell next to his. Jason walked over and peeked in. There sat a boy. He was Jason’s age. Jason silently unlocked the cell and nudged the boy awake.

               “Shhhhh!” Jason said to the boy, “I was in the cell next to you. I’m here to rescue you. Trust me. Come on.”

               The boy hesitated and then nodded. He followed Jason out. Jason unlocked the front gate and the pair slipped off into the night.

               Only when they were miles away did Jason speak. “What is your name? Mine is Jason.”

               “Jake.” The boy said. His voice was raspy, and he cleared his throat. “Thank you… I was sentenced to life in that cell. I have not talked to anybody in a long time”

               “I probably would have been too, but someone unlocked my cell. Probably an absent-minded guard.”

               Jake said, “Can we stop for a drink of water?”

               They stopped at a small stream and drank deeply. Jason watched Jake. Jake had dark, curly hair. It was clean cut on the sides, like a military hairdo. Jake had very pale skin, and his eyes were a brilliant green. Jason ran his fingers through his own hair. It was brown and straight. It grew in complete disorder and was in despite need of cutting. His skin was tanned, and his eyes were blue. Both boys were skinny and tall. They both were fairly strong.

               Jason asked, “Do you want to hang with me? I am looking for The Word.”

               Jake stared. “The Word… How? I am looking for it too!”

               “Then let’s do it together!” Jason exclaimed.

               Jake nodded and stood up. “Which way?”

               Jason glanced around and pointed in a direction. Jake and Jason walked briskly in that direction. Little did they know of all the adventures they would get in together.

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