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Fire and ice chapter 11

Fire and ice chapter 11

Posted May 9th, 2018 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

I'm back! I hope somone is still reading this...

Chapter 11

Amber was sulking.


“Second prize is still pretty good.” said Winter.


“You cheated!” said Amber


“Time for school.” said Emerald.


At school, the teacher said:

“Today we have a new student! Steve would you like to introduce yourself.”


A boy stood up. He was tall and lean, with a long neck, dark hair plastered onto his head with some sort of gel, and green narrow eyes.

He introduced himself, then sat down.  The teacher taught them stuff, then the bell rang and the recess stampede went outside. Amber approached Steve.


“Hi!” she said.


“Hello.” he replied


They talked for a little longer, then Amber’s hand grew hot.


“Look at this!” she said.


She held out her hand, and made a tall flame shoot into the air.


“Wow!” said Steve. It was normal for people to be impressed by this, but there was something different in Steve's eyes, when he saw it. It was the look of someone who had found something they had been looking for, for a long time.




William was playing tag with his friend during recess. When they stopped to get a drink of water, Williams friend said:


“You know that girl Winter?”




“She has a necklace, even though jewelry isn’t allowed.”


“You should tell on her.”


“Since you are my friend, you can tell on her, you might get a gold star.”


“Wow! Thanks!”


The next day in class, William put up his hand.


“Yes William?” said the teacher.


“Winter has a necklace.”


The teacher turned to Winter.


“Take it off.”


Amber panicked.


“No!”  She blurted out. “If she takes off her Crystal she will die!”

The teacher knew that five year olds had very active imaginations, and were prone to using lot’s of hyperboles. The last person she was going to believe was the five year old who said she had fire powers.


“I’m sure she will be fine without it until it’s time to go home.”


The teacher reached out her hand.


“Come on Winter. Give me the necklace.”


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