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Fire and Ice chapter 16

Fire and Ice chapter 16

Posted May 9th, 2018 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

Chapter 16

Winter wasn't sure how she and Amber had ended up inside the volcano, but she remembered it had something to do with their crystals. Anyway here they were.


The inside of the volcano didn't look the way Winter expected it to. She had expected it would be full of lava, but instead they were in a sort of cave; with a strange combination of lava and snow (that somehow wasn't melting) flowing around the walls, never touching them. They were standing on rocky ground. On one side, there was a big pile of wood.  


“Who goes there!?” a woman made entirely out of ice and snow, who looked strangely familiar, came through a hole that had suddenly appeared in the wall. Amber jumped and let out a small yelp.


“Oh!” said the woman softening. “You.”


A man made of fire appeared at her side.


“About time to. Emerald!” he said.


Emerald came in through the same hole.


“Good” she said. “You found it.”


“Could someone please explain what’s going on?!” said Amber.


“Emerald.” said the fire-man. “Explain everything to them, from start to finish.”


Emerald closed her eyes for a moment, and let the memories surface.


“You have probably heard of the snow queen.” she said “The snow queen in the story wasn't very nice, but the real one is different. Anyway here she is. The great ruler of all snow and ice (calm down Flame, I’m getting to you) her name is Frost. You may have not, however heard of the fire king. Here he is, the great ruler of all fire, and his name is Flame. Near Flame and Frost, lived a race, they had the body of a human, and the head and neck of a snake.


“The snake people, the fire king and the ice queen were all at war with each other.”


“How did the war start?” Amber interrupted.


“I was just getting to that.” said Emerald “The most valuable diamond in the world, the one that holds the balance of the universe, used to be owned by Frost. But then one of the snake people stole it for herself. Then Flame took the diamond from that snake person for himself. Then another snake person stole the diamond from Flame and gave it to Frost.  He died in a housefire. Long story short, they were at war. Then to everyone's surprise Flame and Frost fell in love, and it was them against the snake people.

One day Flame found that Frost was pregnant with twins. Flame thought that it would be best if the snake people didn’t know, but Frost pointed out that if they knew she was pregnant, then their strict war code wouldn’t let them harm her. So they told the snake people.


“Different snake people have different ideas about the code. Some said that they could kill Frost immediately after the babies were born, others said that they should wait until the babies had stopped drinking her milk, still others said that they should wait until they had grown up.


“Flame like consistency, and they decided that there would always be a king of fire, and a queen of ice, if their first child was a son he would inherit the power of fire, if she was a daughter she would inherit the power of ice. So when their first child to be born was a daughter, Frost gave her the power of ice, and named her after her favorite season. Then when they found that their second child was also a daughter, Flame gave her the power of fire and named her Ember.


“Shortly after the birth of Winter and Ember, some of the snake people placed a curse on Frost and Flame meaning that they were trapped inside the snow covered volcano that they lived in and could not leave. While the council of the snake people were debating whether or not this violated the code, two snake people agents kidnapped Winter and Ember, with the intention of raising them as snake people. The snake people became very divided, some of them thought that this was a good way of winning an unfair war, others thought that it was disgusting and uncodely,  among the second group was a woman named Emerald. In the dead of night, she

snuck Winter and Ember back to their real parents. An act which caused her to be banished from her people.


“Frost and Flame allowed Emerald to live in the snow covered volcano when she was banished in return for returning Winter and Ember. Eventually they realised that Winter and Ember were not safe with the snake people around. So they gave them human forms and put them in a boat with dolls that Frost had made and two notes saying their names, and sent them to the human world. Flame made them fate crystals, which basically means that part of your soul is in the crystal, but they also bound Winter and Ember together and made sure that one day they would be reunited with their parents. Emerald agreed to protect Winter and Ember, and make sure that the crystals served their purpose. All these years later, I didn’t think you were ready to meet your parents, but I felt the presence of another snake person at your school, and I realised that you would be in danger if I didn’t take you here quickly.”


“You’re a snake person?” said Winter


Emerald took off the pants she wore on her head, to reveal a snake's head and neck.

Winter and Amber both gasped.

“But I’m Amber not Ember!” said Amber.


“The note must have got smudged.” said Frost.


“So... does that mean..” said Ember


“Ember.” said Flame “I am your Father.”




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Love the quote! Some CC, I

Love the quote!

Some CC, I think that the stuff about the war might need to be reworded a bit to make it slightly more exciting. It does however sound very much like someone trying to exsplain somthing. Maby a few more details on how the snake people and Emerald look.

I love it how they've met their parents, and who their parents turn out to be.

“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.” Sherlock Holmes

Posted by Vivace on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 23:10

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