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Fire and Ice chapter 17

Fire and Ice chapter 17

Posted May 9th, 2018 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

Chapter 17

“So.” said Ember “You used fate crystals even though you knew they were dangerous?!”


“I had no choice!” said Flame.


“You shouldn’t have sent us away!” said Ember


“A-Ember!” said Winter.


“I had no choice! It was because of the war!”


“It sounds to me like the war was your your fault.”


This was too much. In Flame’s anger a ball of fire flew from his hand and struck Ember’s Crystal, It shattered.


Ember crumpled to the floor, pale and lifeless. Winter screamed. She touched her sister with her crystal. At the light touch, Ember disintegrated into a pile of ash. Winter screamed again.  


Flame turned away. Unable to face what he had done. The thing that hurt him most was not the shocked faces of Frost and Emerald, nor the lifeless face of Ember, but the terrified face of Winter.


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