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Fire and ice chapter 19

Fire and ice chapter 19

Posted May 31st, 2018 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

Chapter 19

Winter was thinking. She was the heir of ice, Ember was the heir of fire. They were both very important to the balance of the universe, but Emerald had protected them all these years. As Winter thought, the answer  became clear. Who knew what would happen if either fire or ice were left without a ruler when their parents got too old for their job? It broke her heart, but Emerald had to die. The book had some leaves that she had to chew while performing the death spell. Winter crept up behind Emerald, and said the words the book told her to say. Then turned and ran. She couldn’t bear to see Emerald’s body. She unsealed the jar with Embers ashes in it, spat the leaves out onto the ground and recited the second spell. Sure enough Ember materialised in front of her, fast asleep. Winter started crying again, with a mix of sadness and joy.  Then she heard Emerald’s voice



Winter turned around. It was Emerald!


“Emerald!” she cried. “Oh Emerald! But how?”


“There was a spider on my back. The spell killed it instead of me.”


“But the book had all these really specific requirements about who could die!”


“You can’t believe everything you read. Writers make mistakes just like everybody else.”

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