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Fire and Ice chapter 20

Fire and Ice chapter 20

Posted May 31st, 2018 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

Chapter 20

The next day Ember was walking along the beach. When she saw Steve.


“Hi!” she said.


“Hello.” he said. “Going for a walk?”




“Mind if I join you?”


“Be my guest.”


They walked together for a bit, then Steve grabbed her crystal.


“What are you doing!?”


There was a bright flash of light. Ember shielded her eyes. When she looked up, Steve had turned into a snake person.


“You’re a snake too?!”


“Yes, and by killing you and your sister I will be doing my people a great service.”




Steve ripped off Ember’s crystal. He knocked it against a rock, the top left corner got chipped. Ember screamed with pain as an enormous gash appeared on left her shoulder.


“I was never really appreciated among my people. Then I found a way to become a hero. I tracked you and Winter down, got myself a human form, and enrolled in your school. You quickly made friends with me but Winter didn’t. I was planning on killing you both ASAP, but I thought I could learn some useful information from you since you saw me as a friend. What I needed, was a way to kill Winter without breaking your trust. The perfect solution seemed to be to get my friend William to get the teacher to take away her crystal, remember that? Anyway, that failed. But not this time. This time I’m going to kill you both, then come back to my people with Emerald’s skull. I’ll be given rewards and riches and will be celebrated a hero.”


Ember wanted to throw fire in his face, but without her crystal she was growing weaker and weaker. Steve began to dangle her crystal in the water, Ember screamed as a terrible burning pain started in her toes and slowly creeped up her legs.


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