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Fire and Ice: chapter six

Fire and Ice: chapter six

Posted January 6th, 2017 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

Chapter six

“Are you done packing?” asked Winter’s new foster Mother.


“Yes Mum.” said Winter. The truth was, she hadn't even bothered to unpack when she was just about to go away again.


“Don’t call me that!” snapped Winter’s foster Mother.


“Why not?” said Winter.


“It would be an insult to your real parents.”


Winter’s ears pricked up.


“You know my-”


“You will know all you need to know about your parent’s soon enough.” said Winter’s foster Mother.


Winter decided that that was good enough for now. She would get the truth out of her New foster Mother soon enough.


“So what Should I call you then?” said Winter.


“Emerald.” Said Winters new foster Mother.


“Okay Emerald.” said Winter.


“Come on, we can’t be late for the airport.” said Emerald.


Emerald loaded their suitcases into the boot of the car. Then they drove to the airport.


“Why are we going to America?” said Winter


“I told you, there is someone I want you to meet.” Said Emerald


Winter wondered who this someone was, but she knew she would find out.


“International flights are very expensive.”

Signed Emerald, as she dumped then entire contents of her wallet onto the reception desk.


“Wait a minute!” said the guy at the desk. “This isn't enough!”


“I’ve been collecting these bits of metal and paper for four years! How much more do you want?!” said Emerald.


“This is an indian coin.” said the guy at the desk, holding up a coin. “And this is an australian dollar note, and this credit card...”, Emerald pulled down her sunglasses, so only the guy at the desk could see her eyes.


“This money is correct.” she said. The guy at desks eyes glazed over “this money is correct.” he said. “This money is enough.” she said.  “This money is enough.” he said. Winter and Emerald got onto the plane without any more problems.


Winter was beginning to realise that Emerald was different from her other foster families.


Winter had been working on a very detailed unmeltable ice cat, that she got out of her pocket and began working on when she got bored on the plane, Emerald was very impressed. “What a beautiful ice sculpture!” she said. “Your mother would be very proud.”


Winters ears pricked up, Emerald was talking about her parents again. Emerald realised what she had said, and didn't say a word for the rest of the flight. It was twylight by the time they finally got off the plane.


“We will go home now.” said Emerald.


Emerald took Winter’s hand and lead her across the street. Standing next to a bus shelter was a man with a balaclava and a pair of dark sunglasses. Emerald went stiff with terror when she saw him.


“Winter” Emerald whispered in Winters ear. “Just keep looking straight ahead, don’t turn around.” Emerald tried to block Winter with her body so the man couldn’t see her, but he must have seen her anyway.


The man turned around. With one quick movement, he was standing in front of Emerald and Winter and had his hand around Winter’s neck, choking her. Winter tried to pull his hands away but he was much stronger than she was.


“You’re a traitor to your people!” screamed the man.

He had a raspy reptile's voice.


“Let her go!” shouted Emerald.


“Only if you tell me where Ember is.” snarled the man.


Winters chest was ready to explode. Her attempts to free herself got more and more feeble as she got dizzy from the lack of air.


Emerald thrust the man against a brick wall, so violently that he let go of Winter for a second.


“WINTER, RUN!” screamed Emerald.

Emerald fighting with the man was the last thing Winter saw as she ran away into the night.

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OMG IT'S BACK!!!!!!!

OMG IT'S BACK!!!!!!!

Posted by Lila Violet on Fri, 01/06/2017 - 21:48

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