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Fire and Ice chapter ten

Fire and Ice chapter ten

Posted August 30th, 2017 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

Chapter 10

“What a weird dream” muttered the girl who looked like Goldie the ragdoll. Winter sat up. She had dreamed that the dolls were talking to each other.


“Hello.” said the redheaded girl.

“Hello.” said Winter.

“What’s your name?”

“Winter, what’s yours?”



“You look like my doll” they said in chorus.

In shocked surprise, they noticed that the two dolls who happened to be on the floor, looked like them.


Emerald came in later, to find the two girls playing with their dolls on the floor.

After breakfast Emerald said that it was time to go to their new school. Winter was terrified, but Amber seemed excited.


“Good morning class” said the teacher.


“Good morning Miss Bumble” chanted the class.


“Today, we have two new students! Please stand up and introduce yourselves.”

Amber shot up, eager to be the center of attention. Winter reluctantly stood, she felt the eyes of her classmates burn into her.

“My name is Amber” said Amber. “I have fire powers, I have a doll called Crystal, she has blue eyes and white hair and a blue dress. I have never seen my real Mummy and Daddy, I’ve had lots of different Mummies and Daddies...” Amber proceeded to give the class her full autobiography, until the teacher cut her off.

“That’s lovely Amber” she said “But now it’s Winters turn”

Winter gulped. She had been dreading this moment. Her palms were sweaty, her breathing was strained, her classmates gazes burned into her skin.

“I-I am Winter.” she stammered, then quickly sat down.

At recess, they went outside to the playground. Amber became very popular, and spent recess showing off her fire powers to a stunned audience. She found it easy to make friends, when James wasn’t there to tell people about her in advance. Winter on the other hand, sat alone, watching Ambers show out of one eye.


One day, the teacher was telling the class about how hot air went up, pushed away by cold air, and this caused wind. For the first time, Winters hand went up.

“Yes Winter?” said the teacher

“If you could make air cold, could you make wind?” asked Winter.

“Why yes.” said the teacher.


When Winter got home, she practiced making air cold.


A few weeks later, it was cross country, and Winter could control the wind.


Amber was running at the speed of wildfire, Winter was running like a glacier. Winter covered the ground in slippery ice to remove friction, then summoned wind to push her along, just like she had practiced. The other students stared in amazement.  


Amber came second. Winter smiled as she received first prize. Anyone who has played chinese whispers knows how gossip works, and the next thing Winter knew, people were asking about the stone giant she had created to pick her up and carry her to the finish line. Winter sighed as she was hit by the familiar wave of unwanted questions and attention.


But what she didn’t realise, was that this attention would have some unexpected consequences.

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This is awesome and very

This is awesome and very creative! Don't forget to post more.

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - Shakespeare

Posted by Vivace on Fri, 09/08/2017 - 15:47

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