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The Fire Child's Gem (Chapter 6)

The Fire Child's Gem (Chapter 6)

Posted June 15th, 2008 by Zoe

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by *Z* (WoA)
in a dark swirl of choking depression (a.k.a. drama)

A/N Okay! I haven't been on for a while, but finally I'm able to post! I hope you like this chapter. Please comment if you can, not only have hardly any people READ the last two chapters, but I didn't get any comments. Okay, I sound really wimpy. I don't mean to beg. Anyways, enjoy!

Azara stayed with Adeline, Rob, and Ted for longer than she had expected to. She managed to keep her mystery about her, and yet she had a good time. She was happy. For days! It was some unknow emotion to her. Adeline was like a mother. . . Okay, more like a grandmother. Or great-grandmother. Still, she was kind, and knew a lot about the woods! She was a respectable woman! She told Azara myths of the elves, sang songs and told stories. She knew everything! Azara was able to regain enough fat to no longer look like a mangy dog, and though the fire was too warm she had a good time in the old cottage.

It was true, of course, that she could not stay there forever. She would need to find the gem she was looking for. The problem was, she had no way to get it.

All problems are meant to be solved was what Azara soon discovered.

She was listening to Adeline tell of magical wolves, which had befriended the elves and continued to aid them to this day. They had furs as blue as a blue moon, though Azara didn't know what that meant, and could fly. They had two tails, and one was as white as snow. The other gleamed like fire. They could change the temperatures. Azara was entranced, though she knew their was not truth to the tale, and she wrapped the shirt she wore tight around her. The shirt was black, and a flower was embroidered on the right shoulder. Adeline had made it for her. She wore it. And her cloak, which was the one thing she had always hung onto, was hung near the door. She trusted Adeline. Trust. She was changing, even she could tell.

Anyhow, it was sometime through the story Azara realized the lady was elderly. Not that she realized that for the first time, but it was when she realized Adeline could help her. She knew all the folk lore. So would she know of the gem? She might. She was Azara's best chance.

"Do you know of the Rasier Gem?"

As soon as the question had jumbled out of her lips she was at the edge of her old wooden chair, listening to her heart pounding. The reaction of Jim when she had asked of that flashed before her eyes, and her head hurt at just the image. Adeline's response, however, was anything but expected.

"Yes, I do. What would you like to know of it?"

Azara's mucsles tensed, and she relaxed back, though the fact she was not fighting stunned and somwhat dissapointed her in the crevices of her mind.

"Everything," the girl breathed, and soon she was like a child listening to their mother recall a fairy tale.

"Well, alright then Azara. You see, the Rasier Gem is special. It's tale, it's legend, is like none other. Countless people have died trying to find it. The reason they look for it? Not power, like is the motivation for many men. And women, but that isn't in the story. Anyways, not power, but life. Life for the dead, and life eternal. They are said not to come back as zombies, but come back restored. There is a catch, but no one knows of it, for that catch is only found when you are at the gem, when it is warm against your fingers. And because no one has come back with it, no one knows that catch. The gem is found in the mountains. It was crafted by elven hands hundreds, no thousands, of years ago. They still look after it, in the forest near the mountains. That forest, Azara, is said to be this one. You can guess that, huh? Anyways. . ."

Adeline stopped, taking a deep breath and a sip of honey tea. How she had honey tea all the way here Azara did not know, but hey, what could she say? Adeline was resourceful. Which was a good trait, as Azara would not be alive without it.

"The gem is buried in snow, on the peak of Mount Lestari," continued Adeline eventually, "That's near here, by the way. Remember, I'm not saying this is true, but so is the legend. It would be hard to find that gem, and one must be searching for true love to unearth it. Yes, I know. True love. So original. Well, that isn't the point. That gem brings back the dead. So, usually if a loved one is deseased the other will look for it. Not that anyone has ever found it. Still, you know. . ."

Adeline sighed a rackety breath, leaning back.

"Are you okay, Adeline?"

"Just fine Azara," answered the old woman, "Just fine. But that's all the story for today. Okay?"

Azara nodded, and stretching in a pained way Adeline went to her room. Though she was worried (why were Azara's feelings so warped in this cottage?) about Adeline, Azara was pleased to had unearthed all that information. And so, with a yawn, she went to her old cot by the fire and fell into a slumber, dreaming about finding that gem. Because she would. No matter what the odds. Espiecially now. How could she fail?

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