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First Things To Do: @describe me

First Things To Do: @describe me

Posted July 2nd, 2007 by perryd

by Perry
in KidPub Press Headquarters

The second thing you will want to do after you connect to KidMud for the first time is to describe yourself. Before you describe yourself, people looking at you will see:

You see a player who is too experienced to 
have any excuse for not having a description.

Not very fun, eh?

@describe me as
Use the @describe command to set your description. For example, you might type:

@describe me as "Toby has bright eyes, long, pointed ears, 
and extremely short legs. His short brown fur is shiny, and he 
has a small pendant around his neck which says If Lost Please 
Return To Wizard"

You can describe yourself in any way that you like. Toby happens to be a dog in KidMud, which is why he has fur. Once you have set your description, it is what people will see when they look at you.

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You know how it says,

You know how it says, "so-andso is awake and alert"? How do you change that?

"No matter how strong and firm one appears, the cracks are always there." -Mingling Souls, K.R. Galvin

Posted by Chiaki on Sun, 01/16/2011 - 08:58

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