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First Time For Everything Chapter 8 *mild language*

First Time For Everything Chapter 8 *mild language*

Posted June 30th, 2012 by Ellimac

by Camelrat [Coldplay]
in somewhere pretentious.

Shelby's POV

As soon as I entered Hollister, I was blasted with too-loud music.  It was Neon Trees, "Everybody Talks".  Usually Hollister played songs that nobody new about, but I've heard this one on the radio a few times. 

I followed the sign that read "Bettys" and my nose started to tingle.  The employees had sprayed Hollisters signature perfumes all over the place.  I sneezed loudly and a few girls mingleing around the just in rack looked at me in discust.  God.  Everybody sneezes you prissys.

I headed over to a table covered in jeans.  I started searching for my size, a double zero.  It's not like I'm freakishly skinny or anything, I just have scawny legs.  But my hips are really wide.  Weird combnation I know.

A pretty, tan, brunette looked up from across the table.  She'd been organizing the jeans so I figured she was an employee.

"Hey, can I help you find your size?"  She asked.  I smiled kind of awkwardly.  I suck at talking to anybody I don't know well.  It was even more intimidating sine the girl didn't look much older than me.  Maybe she was fifteen or so?

"Uh, yeah thanks I'm a zero."  I said unsurely.

"'Kay is there a certain style you want to try?"

"I mean I'm a double zero, sorry."

"... Okay that's fine.  Do you want to try our super skinnys?  They're on sale for thirty percent off."

"So, how much would that be?"

"Thirty five dollars."  Crap I can't afford that!!  I only brought twenty.  Thanks again Hollister for making everything overpriced.

"Oh.  Um.  You know it's fine actually."  I quickly made my escape through the same way I came in.  I hate waiting around for a conversation to get even more awkward.

Once I'd made my way out of the store, I took a break on the bench just outside of it.  I reached inside my bag and pulled out my iPod and headphones.  I switched the song from "I'm Sorry" to "Don't Look Back In Anger" by Oasis.  Ah, nothing a bit of 90's rock can't soothe.  But that theory was over the second I caught sight of a girls fiery red hair.  And her friend, she had superlong blond hair.  Gwen and Georgia.  God.  They definantly hadn't noticed me because they were über immersed in whatever they were discussing.  Careful to not get myself noticed, I yanked my purple hood over my head.  I followed them with my eyes until they were pretty far away.  Then I stood up and began retracing their steps, careful to stay at least twenty feet behind them.  

I stocked them all the way to American Eagle, where they turned inside.  I followed them in.  Gwen seemed very drawn to a baby pink, flowy tank top.  But I honestly didn't see the specialty in it.

I casual ducked behind a pillar that displayed some new clothes and mulitasked to hold up part of the roof.  But that prooved to be a bad idea.  Instead of getting a dressing room, Gwen yanked the shirt on over her other shirt and began to head over to the mirror hanging on the pillar.  Without having a lot of time to think anything though, I pulled the draw string on my hoodie to hide my face.  Yes, I could've simply darted away but I wanted so badly to evesdrop on their conversation.

"It's cute!"  Georgia squealed.  Gwen shrugged.

"Yeah, but this is for such an important occasion... I really can't screw it up."  What important occasion?  Probably just a bat mitzvah or something, right?

"Seriously Gwen: You don't even know when he's gonna ask you out."  Dammit.

"But he's gonna, that's what Patrick says.  I need to be ready."  Gwen smirked at her reflection.  Georgia nodded.  Dammit.  

Gwen yanked the shirt off over her head.  "I'm gonna get it."

"Good.  Wear it tomorrow, just in case that's your lucky day."  Georgia smiled.  My heart must've shattered into a bazzillion peices at that exact moment.  My first pretty legit crush is going to ask out the most popular girl in school.  Oh, Jack.  Why?

I couldn't take it anymore.  The lump in my throat ached horribly, and I sprinted out of the store, full speed ahead.  I was ready to collasp into a pile and burst into tears.  But I couldn't do that.  Not here at least.

I dashed out of the mall as soon as I found the nearest exit.  From there, I ran all the way home... Well almost all he way home.  About a block away, I totally ran out of juice.  But, even though I'd caught my breath shortly after I stopped running, I almost passed out when I saw Jack and Patrick--Still there--tossing the ball back and fourth.  Stay cool, I told myself, just don't say a word to them. 

Everything was just fine until I started up the steps of my house.

"Hi Shelby."  Jack said.  Ah!! I think I started having an heart attack again.  But I'm not even kidding.  I definantly felt my heart stop beating.

"Hi..." I replied a little more surely than last time.  Before he could say another word, I puked up the stupidest thing I've ever said.  I swear.

"Are you gonna ask Gwen out?"  Kill me.  Now.

"Yeah probably."  God.  Again with those tears creeping their way out of my eyes.  I barely managed to blink them back.

"K-K-Co-ewl."  I'm pretty sure what I'd just said made no sense whatsoever.

"Yeah, she's cool."


"And I like her so... Yep."


"How bout you do you like anybody?"  

"Hmm... No."

"You're sure?  Not Daemon?"

"You bastard."

"Haha, I know."  I was being serious when I called him a bastard, but I didn't actually think that... If that makes any sense.

"I have to do my homework.  Bye."


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