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Flying Blue Hedgehogs Part 1 & 2

Flying Blue Hedgehogs Part 1 & 2

Posted March 10th, 2009 by coyotejo

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by Coyote Jo
in Arizona

Flying blue hedgehogs part 1

Flying Blue Hedgehogs are amazing and cute creatures. They can fly.  in 1950, Hedgehog breeders breeded a Dragon hedgehog and a blue Alaskan Hedgehog. Then a flying blue hedgehog was created. Flying blue hedgehogs range from Arizona all the way to Nevada. Flying blue hedgehogs are friendly to people. They love to help people. Flying blue hedgehogs like to live in the mountain forests of Arizona and the Forests of Nevada. Flying blue hedgehogs are the only hedgehog species that don't get rabies. They are friendly to people and they will help people when they are lost in the mountain forests of its habitat. Flying blue hedgehogs can fly up to 90 miles per hour. But they can run up to 45 miles per hour.  Flying blue hedgehogs eat tee leaves, berries, microphones, corn, and other crops. Farmers own flying blue hedgehogs to help gather the crops in the winter.

Flying blue hedgehogs are a wonderful piece of nature. They are loved world wide. Everybody will love them forever.

Flying Blue Hedgehogs part 2

One day a Flying Blue Hedgehog made a animated video. The animated video had The Flying Blue Hedgehog's animated head on the screen saying things like, "Watch out for falling Keyboards" or "I use a pair of underwear for a hat." Then one day the media found him jogging in place with underwear on his head. Then he attacked the camera pretending he was a goose. "And a big Pizza pie pizza pie pizza pie *BARF*" Said the blue hedgehog as he barfed during his wonderful *BARF* song.

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