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The Forest of Infinite Possibilities, Chapter 1, Part 1 (Could someone post CC?)

The Forest of Infinite Possibilities, Chapter 1, Part 1 (Could someone post CC?)

Posted May 13th, 2023 by BohemianRhapsod...

by Melted Connor
in Utah

"Come on, Martha, what could possibly go wrong?"

Jane darted ahead of Martha, who was standing nervously, unsure about the expedition the two teenagers were about to go on. "Ah, come on Martha, you never try anything fun!" Jane said, unhappily walking back to her. Martha replied, glaring at Jane, "Well, I value my life, unlike someone I know, so I think we're even." Jane replied, "Whatever."

Jane grabbed Martha's arm, and bolted into the forest, dragging Martha along. While the two were approaching the forest, Martha tried to free herself from Jane's iron grip, or at least slow her down enough to call someone. She pulled out her phone, and just as she was about to call her mother, they entered the woods. There was no cell phone service. That meant that she couldn't look stuff up on Google if her life or Jane's life depended on it, and if she took any photos, she wouldn't be able to send them to anyone or post them on Instagram until they both left the strange forest. And it wasn't like she could run, either. Jane would just grab her and drag her back into the forest. 

She was stuck here, with her best friend Jane, although Martha could admit that Jane could be a little too gutsy for her sometimes. 

While the pair went deeper into the forest, they saw more than a few strange things. Martha took out her phone to take pictures of the strange things. There were things that were just stuff like glowing lizards, dancing mushrooms, frying pans growing on trees, wait, what? Frying pans growing on trees? Where were they, anyway? 

Martha tried to use GPS to find out where she was, but that wasn't helpful. All it said was, 'Unable to find location.' Great. Now they were lost in a mysterious woods, with no outside contact available to them. Martha started twiddling her short, red hair, a nervous habit of hers, while Jane's long, dirty blonde hair blew in the wind, free of a bow, or clip, or anything. Just free. 

Jane had a pocketknife in hand, ready for anything that might happen.

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