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Friends (Ch. 1) - First day of school

Friends (Ch. 1) - First day of school

Posted December 17th, 2020 by Cutecrittre9

by Kaitlyn
in British Columbia

"Ring! Beep! Ring!" My eyes blink open to bright rays of light poking through my curtains. "Beep! Ring! Beep!" My alarm clock continues. I reach over onto my nightstand and click the button to shut it off. Then i slide out of bed and slip on a pair of Jeans, A T-shirt, and a tie-die hoodie. I then grab my backpack and and shove the door open. I stumble loudly down the stairs and fly around the corner into the living room, scrambling to a halt. "What's the rush?" My Mom asks "What time is it?" I answer with another question. "7:30. Why?" Mom sounds genuinely confused. "Mom!!! It's the first day of school!" I shout. Then, grabbing my agenda, I run out of the room. As I run into the kitchen I pop two peices of toast into the toaster and slide across the floor on my socks to make my lunch. As I am finishing my lunch up my Mom walks in. "Hey Audrey. Are you alright? Need any help?" Mom asks, concerned. "I'm alright. I mean, I you want to help you could pack my bag" I smile. "Um... Now that i think about it - I'll just go watch TV." She replies, and with that she walks off. I stick my lunch into my lunchkit and stick that into my backpack. Suddenly My toast pops up. I run across the kitchen and take it out, smearing butter all over it. I stick my agenda and everything else i should need into my backpack, then I glance at the clock. 7:57! I quickly pick my backpack up and run out the door.

"Ring! Ring! Ring!" The school bell is ringing just as I arrive "Hey! Aud!" My friends Daisy, Amber, and Sierra run over " quick! Let's line up." Daisy shouts "Mr. Smith will NOT be impressed..." Sierra mutters. "I am sure he'll be just fine" I answer.


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