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Friends (Ch. 2) - The last day

Friends (Ch. 2) - The last day

Posted December 17th, 2020 by Cutecrittre9

by Kaitlyn
in British Columbia

"Good Morning students! Today is there is exactly one week until the last day of school. But, SOME of you decided to make it their first." Mr. Smith Anounces. Giggles and chatter began to rise from the students in the room. "Ahem!" The students go silent "As i was saying, We have four new students. Please stand: Daisy, Sierra, Amber and... Audrey?" Mr. Smith sounds a bit skeptical of my name... Is that possible? "Audrey!" He Growls. "Um.. Yes? Yes, I'm Audrey." I Mutter "Well, stand then." Mr. Smith is definitely annoyed. I glance back at Amber, who is standing, and then rise to my feet. "Alright. Today is only a half day - and therefore we will start by cleaning our desks." He pauses, and when nobody moves adds "Well get on it!" Mr. Smith sits down at his desk and begins to write this years report cards(even though it is only christmas/winter break) "Alright, What should me, Daisy, Amber, and Sierra do?" I ask Mr. Smith politely. "Well what i asked you. And if you're done... Oh, it's you. Deal with the recycling." I squint my eyes at the recycling and scrunch up my nose. "Anything else we can do?" I ask hopefully, But Mr. Smith answers with a straight forward "NO." So me, Daisy, and Amber put masks on(Covid) and pick up the three recycling bins. I take plastic, Daisy takes paper, and Amber grabs bottles, cans, juice boxes etc. We each haul our bin down the haul and dump it out in the big ones, then return to class with the empty bins. "... Test so please sit down and i will hand it out." Mr. Smith finishes speaking and hands 2 stacks of papers to Sierra (who didn't help with recycling), as Sierra hands me 2 papers I ask what we are doing. "A math test. Grade fives get one minute. Grade fours get two." Sierra quickly moves on.

"Yeah, seeya tonight?" I call after daisy and Sierra as they hop on the bus "Yeah I guess!" Daisy calls back. Then I turn around and begin to walk home with Amber. As we arrive at my house, me and Amber slip through the gate to my back yard and through the back door to my house. The sleepover is on.


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