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Gemstone Writer's Contest Entry~Untitled

Gemstone Writer's Contest Entry~Untitled

Posted July 30th, 2013 by lwsmallz

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by DeLphiniUm
in Missouri

I'm really sorry I went over the three thousand limit that I was supposed to stay within and I kinda went over...well...excessively.  Anyhow, hope you enjoy!  Please leave comments even though this is for a contest!  Thanks!  ~Lexi~


I rolled my eyes at Flinn who was listening to Metallica.  Even though he said nothing to me I was annoyed by his cocky boy persona.  If we were lucky we would be on the plane right now and our flight wouldn’t be delayed by two hours because of the snow.  Then I wouldn’t be stuck here next to this b****.  Oh, yeah, and we wouldn’t be stuck in terminal 12b. 

I bit on my thumb nail.  If we sat here any longer I might bit my whole finger off.  I have no clue what was making me so nervous.  I mean I’m not a fortune teller but I feel like something bad is going to happen.  And thanks to my special ‘gift’ I can’t stop being nervous no matter what I do.

The thing is, I never wanted this to happen.  In fact, I never wanted to be anything but normal.  But from my first day in kindergarten I knew something was up.  I was supposed to go to a school with normal kids.  Not some freaky gothic ones that can read your mind or dangerous kids who go outside of the boundaries and play with their fire powers.  No.  If only.

It started the day I was born.  They say that every one person a generation gets shorted a gene.  Wrong.  We have a whole class full of people who can do more than just a regular human being.  Somehow twenty people became twenty odd people.  But, of course no one knows.  Except for us and a few special others.  Parents and such.  Point being scientists were wrong. 

See the only reason that I fret is because I’m afraid someday the secret is going to get out.  And all of us will be in danger.  But, right now I’m not too worried.  When the day comes I’ll worry more.  Scratch that, I’ll probably panic.  Well, we all know how that goes.  No explaining needed.

I sat against the blue, uncomfortable waiting chair.  I stared out the window.  Still no plane yet.  Guess they haven’t cleared up all of the snow quite yet.  None of the planes were here yet. 

We’d been waiting all night long practically.  Our flight was scheduled twelve.  It was almost two o’ clock in the morning.  I count that as all night.  I wish I could escape the hullabaloo of the airport and the noises of rolling suitcases.  Of babies having fits because their sibling took their toy.  Can I escape that?  I hope, soon.

Patricia plopped in the seat next to me which was empty.  She smiled her I-hate-this-so-much smile.  She sighed.  Patricia was a Goliath.  She was six foot one.  Which is very tall.  She even looked like a model.  High cheekbones, ensnaring, brilliant, teal looking eyes.  Her figure was perfectly outlined in the shape of an hour glass.  Unlike the other girls though, Patricia hides a façade of sweetness.  Even harder to believe?  Her delicate body can stretch every which way, literally.

Leaning in closer to me she twisted her long espresso hair, “I hope to God we get on this plane soon.  I’m sick and tired of staying up all night.  I’m too anxious to get on the flight and go to Mexico already.  I know the teachers want to give us a break, but I don’t think they anticipated the delays from the snow.”

I yawned and looked over at Flinn.  He looked very into his music.  The smirk disappearing from his face replacing it with a serious expression.  Boys and their egos.  He turned toward me flipping stray strands of his cinnamon hair toward me.  He gave me a sly smile.  I should just stop staring now; it would save him from a major ego boost.  But, I couldn’t pull away.  Even better, his eyes were the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.  Honey drizzled on the outside ring of his eye and on the inside was smooth dark chocolate.

I was awakened from his dreamy eyes to annoying little smooching noises.  I turned to Patricia who was guilty of making a kissy face and noises.  I rolled my eyes and blushed of embarrassment.  Was it really that obvious?

She laughed with a hint of sinister, “No, but seriously.  We’re finally boarding the plane.”


“Are you in or out?”  He demanded.  He pointed the gun to my face.  I rolled my eyes.  I had no other choice.  As much as I wanted not to I couldn’t help the fact that I would get to meet a. hot girls and b. the fact that he was about to kill me.  Just like he’d done with others he loaded the gun and was on the verge of firing the trigger.  The only difference with the others is now they were all dead.  “C’mon Jess, times a’ ticking.”

“Whatever.  But what do I get?”  I asked feeling my eye brows peak upward in a taunting motion.  He wasn’t going to get me that quick.  It would take a lot more to get me to help him out with this.

He laughed and showed off his famous silver canine tooth.  He pulled a cigar out of his pocket and lit it.  Then he took a puff.  A swarming billow of smoke encroached on me.  I coughed.  D***, he was nasty.  The smell of smoke mixed with sweat and after shave filled the room.  “Whatever you want.”

I smiled, this was more like it.  “Five Grand.”  As soon as I said those words it was like he got stabbed. 

He shifted in his seat vexatiously, “Is that really what you want?”  He rubbed his forehead.  Lines creased his forehead immensely.

“Indeed.  Now, do remember that you said quote ‘you can have whatever you want,’” I smirked.  I wasn’t about to give up now.  He was rich and all I was asking was for five grand.  I had to restrain myself a lot for that.

“Fine.  Okay, then.  It’s deal.” He held out his scummy hands.

I took his hand and shook it as hard as I could.  I hope he noticed.  Because I really want that five grand.


“So…you think it’s gonna last?”

“What the h*** are you talking about Patricia?” I asked turning towards her face and seeing a luscious grin planted on her perfect pimple-free face, yet again.

The corners of her mouth went up in a devious smile, “You know what I’m talking about.”

I sighed.  Which only confirmed her suspicions.  She’d been talking no-stop, since we got on the plane, about Flinn.  Whom, must I add was sitting a seat behind us with his friend Rustle.  “Would you stop,” I whispered feeling my cheeks turning a tomato red, “you’re embarrassing me!”

She gave me the yeah-right look, “He’s a seat behind us he’s not hearing all of this.”

“Yeah, well I don’t need you talking about him anymore.  I just want to read my Teen Vogue magazine, and you’re not helping.”

I flipped the page of the magazine to see a model dressed in a purple push-up bra and skimpy bottoms.  Out of my peripheral vision I could see her rolling her eyes.  I slumped back in my chair, wishing we could land already and I could escape from the awkwardness.

“We are now experiencing some high winds so there might be some shaking.  But please we ask you to not panic and keep your seat buckle on at all times,” One of the flight attendants announced with an Indian accent.  The seat buckle light flashed on above us.

I unbuckled my seat belt.  I didn’t give a crap; I had to use the restroom.

“What the h*** are you doing?” Patricia hissed yanking the sleeve of my black tee-shirt down.

“Going to the restroom, now let go,” I said yanking myself away from her and almost running into the seat next to me.

The rustling of the wind outside made my equilibrium terrible.  My Chuck Taylors keep squeaking against the ground as I tried to surpass everyone’s feet in isle.  I tried to go as quickly as I could so I wouldn’t get caught.  With the foreign strength inside me I finally opened up the bathroom door with a sigh.

I looked in the mirror.  My hair looked like a ratted mess.  If only I had a brush.   My eyes looked tired and highlighted with worry.  Dark circles caked my under eyes.  I turned on the water and let my hands soak in it.  I took a deep breath.  I have no idea why but once again I was feeling panicked and nervous.  Maybe I was just anxious to get off the plane.  Suddenly I heard a small what sounded like a beeping noise.  Inevitably I cocked my head and held my breath.  It sounded like it was coming from the toilet.

I opened the toilet seat.  And there it was.  A red flashing light with a one minute timer.


I popped open a can of Coke.  “So, what’s the plan?” I asked taking a sip.  I sat down in the leather roller chair.  I was in the same room in which he made a deal with me.  It was sort of like an interrogation room minus the fact that it wasn’t dark and there wasn’t a light shining down on you.  No, this was different.  If I assumed correctly this is his office where he does all his criminal schemes.  

One thing is for sure though I would never be able to forget the horrifying day in which case he had recruited me from the alley.  I had no other choice.  It will haunt me forever.  I think I made the wrong decision.  I should’ve just let him kill instead of taking me for hostage.  Stupidest mistake I’ll ever make.

“The plan is you’re going to pretend like you’re a person from the town.  You’ll tell them that you saw the crash on the news and you are going to bring them to safety,” he answered sipping on whiskey and along with blowing puffs of smoke out of his mouth.

“Um, I’m no genius but I’m pretty sure Nicole would get su-…”

“Don’t challenge me boy,” he warned.

“Okay, okay, do what you want,” I held up my hands in defense.

“She’ll be too caught up in you to notice.  Remember you fall in love with this girl.  Do everything you possibly can to make sure that this girl gets into you.  I’ve researched this.  It will distract her.  Trust me.  Then that’s where I come in.”

“What about the others?  They’ll eventually figure out I’m not a person from town.  I won’t be able to help them to town.”

“They won’t ever find out because you’re going to be a licensed Red Cross helper.  Plus, you ain’t supposed to help ‘em.  You’re supposed to lure them into where I will be hiding, which is three miles away.  From there I’ll get them at the right moment.”

“Are you s******* me?  I don’t even know how to wrap a wound out in the wild!”  Why did I ever make a deal with him?

He smiled, “Guess you don’t get your money then, do ya?”


I stood there frozen.  My muscles ached so badly to move.  My brain kept telling me to run.  Yet, I just stood there trembling in awe of what I just saw.  Thirty seconds.  If I didn’t get out soon I was going to be dead.  My knees buckled under me and I started hyperventilating.  My stomach became queasy and I felt as if I was going to throw up.  A large lump in my throat blocked me from swallowing.  I felt trapped.

The bathroom door and in came Patricia.  “Nicole!  What’s wrong?  Are you okay?  Answer me now!”

I pushed myself off the tiled floor and waved a hand for her to leave and stuttered in a voice unfamiliar to me, “It’s a-all goo-od…just g-go.  Now.”

“No, I’m not going to leave you here, I was just coming in to check on you.”

I finally found the strength to stand up and run.  I looked back at the timer, ten seconds.  I grabbed Patricia and by the arm and yanked her away from the bathroom as quick as I could.

Then, everything went black.


“Did they crash yet?”

“Not quite, but they will soon.  We need to get over there when they crash before everyone wakes up.”

“Make sure no one dies.  Please,” I really didn’t want to be involved in a murder.  Better yet be guilty for the rest of my life knowing that I was part of taking lives away.

He smirked, “To late kid.  So, anyways, I’ll have camp set up over to the left,” he pointed, “so allz you need to do is lead them north of the plane crash and I’ll be waiting there.  Now, you’ll have a compass with you so you don’t get lost-…”

“Are you, um,” I cleared my throat, “sure this is a good idea?”

“Look, kid you’re driving me nuts.  If you aren’t gunna do this I’ll kill you because your no use to me.  So, make up your mind, are ya in or are ya out?”


I woke up to the smell of burning.  To my surprise I saw debris that looked identical to our plane.  There was no sign of the pilot of the flight attendants.  Was I the only survivor?  Or was there others?

I stood up and brushed the dust off my pant legs.  I couldn’t remember what exactly happened when I walked into the bathroom.  It was something I saw but…  I just couldn’t remember.  And somebody walked into the bathroom but I forgot who it was.

Fear stabbed my heart.  Betrayal filled my mind.  My eyes squinted to slits.  But, I could still feel the fear squirming down deep in my stomach.

Then like a snap of the fingers, it was gone.  What did this mean?  Was I going to get betrayed?  But, I thought I was the only survivor.  Curious, I turned over my palm of my hand like I knew there would be something there.

And to my surprise there was.  But, it wasn’t a good thing at all.  It looked like someone was…


“’Kay, camp is set up kid,” he said as he brushed he hands off and stood by the tent inspecting his work, “better go now.  I’ll be waiting here.  Remember take your compass.  I’ve tapped everything so one wrong move and you’re done.  Good luck, kid.”

I nodded my head in return.  I really didn’t want to do this.  It was the only option I had.  Unless I could figure a way to escape without getting caught by a freaking criminal.  I highly doubt I would ever be able to escape, I might have to chance it but it’ll be worth it.  I’ll take all the kids and get them to safety.  I might not be a real trained Red Cross person but at least I know what I’m doing.  At this point the five grand doesn’t exist and if it means putting my life in danger to safe others I’ll do it.  I don’t care what it takes.

I looked on the device he gave me.  I saw flashing dots on the screen.  I guess that was them.


I found it hard for my eye lids to stay open.  I was too tired to even care about how I was thirsty and hungry.  So far everyone else showed no signs that they were alive.  I guess I’m the only one.  Which, may I add is quite hard to believe.  How could I be the only one living?  Whatever I saw must’ve killed a lot of people.  The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why would, if it even was a murder, which I’m pretty positive the object I saw was suspicious.  I just can’t quite put a finger on it but I do remember it had a time limit or something in that nature. So then why would they kill everybody?  Half the kids on that plane had some kind of special power.  Wouldn’t they use that to their advantage?  Things are just not adding up.

I trekked into the beginnings of the woods.  Wispy branches hitting my face in fury while my hands were swinging every which way to try and stop the reoccurring incident. I stepped through several globs of mud which smeared on my Chucks.

Maybe if I gathered some wood I could start a fire.  Even though I had no freaking clue how to.  My only hope is that someone else is here with me, that I’m not the only one.  And that my friends are still alive.  Yeah, hope.  It hadn’t quite sunk in yet that my friends are probably dead.  It kills me to say those words but right now it’s the truth.

I wonder if there were any berry bushes around here or something.  I not sure how much longer I’ll be able to live without food and water.  Not that I knew which berries were poisonous and which weren’t but it would just be nice to see some food.

I paused for a moment.  It sounded like there were footsteps coming from behind me.  Surely there wouldn’t be anyone out here.  Well, unless it was someone from the plane crash.

I turned around, inching myself backward, ready to prepare to go into a run.  More footsteps.  “Hello?”  I called anxiously, “Is anyone there?”

The scene reminded me of a horror story that I, myself, did not want to be a part of.  I was just about to run when a medium sized, handsome man appeared.


“Holy s***,” the young blonde announced.  She looked to be about eighteen.  Three years younger than I am.

“Hello,” I greeted her with a warm, friendly smile.

Her eyes took a full body scan of me and looked in amazement.  I smirked, and muttered, “Wow, didn’t think it would be that easy.”

“Didn’t think what would be so easy?”  She asked her grey eyes penetrating mine like bullets.

“Oh, nothing,” I matted my hair.  That was a quick recover.  Hopefully she can’t tell I’m hiding something from her.

Her eyebrows crinkled upward in annoyance.  She took one last look of me and then matched her gaze to my eyes.  “So, who exactly are you?”

“Um, a Red Cross associate, it’s on the shirt.  Can’t you read?”

“Perhaps I skipped over it.  You seem a little young to be one.  How old are you?”

Oh god.  Has she already figured me out?  I ran a hand through my hair, “Yeah, a bit I guess.  I’m twenty-one.”  I didn’t want lie about another thing because it would be just another thing she would assume.

She held her hand on her hip.  Her hair cascaded down her shoulders.  And she exuded such and an excessive amount of uncertainty it was crazy.  How could a beautiful looking girl like her lack in that sort of thing?  Her Chuck Taylors were caked in mud and a couple mud splatters covered the very bottom of her pant leg down by her ankle.  She had on a black plain tee, which was really fitted.  Especially around her chest area…

“What are you looking at?”  She asked frowning.

“Your…just…so I don’t know, sexy.” I mentally face palmed myself.  Really?  I could feel my cheeks heat with embarrassment.

For a moment, a split second I saw her grey eyes become softer.  Then in a snap they were harder again.

“Sure, you do.  Every boy thinks that about me,” she answered sarcastically.

I smiled, “Actually, I’m not kidding.”

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever, just get me back home, idiot.”

“Well, yes, but we have to pick up the others too.”

“How’d you even find me here?  And how did you get here?  Because no offense or anything but it’s just sorta creepy when you just appear into thin air like your some kind of magician.”

These where the questions I feared of.  One slight miswording and she would be on to me.  I laughed trying for it not to sound forced, “I came by helicopter.  I saw the disaster on the news.  I’m so sorry to tell you that there were a couple people killed.”

“You never answered my first question,” she pointed out nastily waiting for an answer.

“Fine.  I found you by a tracking device one of my co-workers gave me.”  God, she was being a hard a**  He was right.  She was a very curious person.

“Which leads me to my next question,” she smiled devilishly, “where are your so called ‘co-workers?”

I swallowed.  A heavy weight lied on my back.  Again, if I didn’t answer this the right way, she will flank me under her radar.  “Well, to be honest,” yeah right, I wasn’t being honest at all.  But, I continued anyway, “we only have a few Red Cross volunteers here, which is sad.  But, sometimes if the emergency isn’t to too bad one of us will go on our own.  But say it’s a tornado and we’re out finding survivors we’re going to need all five of us there to search the area so the job is easier.”  I prayed that was a good enough answer for me to pass her diabolical test.

She nodded her head in fascination.  Guess I nailed it.  “Huh, interesting.”

“Alright, well, let’s get a move on it.  Shall we?”

“Sure I’ll follow you.”


We entered a clearing out of the woods.  And as we entered I saw a beautiful waterfall with an avalanche of water tumbling down.

He was about to walked past it.  I didn’t want to be a pain but I really wanted to stop.

“Um, can we, uh, stop for a minute?”  This was my real test for him.

He turned around and I saw the sexy smirk appear on his face as his violently blue eyes flashed back at me, “I knew you would say that.”  Butterflies entered my stomach.  I looked down away from his eyes. 

I followed him over to a big rock sitting right next to the water.  If this guy was a real Red Cross person he wouldn’t stop and take a break.  No, he would decline and keep searching for the survivors.  Something irked me.

Then, I suddenly remember what I saw in the plane.  Bombs.  The tracker.  The Red Cross helper.  It was all a plan.  A well-made plan indeed.  There was definitely someone behind this and I was going to figure out who it was.

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This is really good!

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