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The Ghost That is Haunting Me Chapter 1

The Ghost That is Haunting Me Chapter 1

Posted November 11th, 2008 by jlovello

by Mrs. Lovello's Winning Writers
in South Carolina

                                Click, Clack, Click, Clack. I hear the sound of boots coming up the stairs, Then all off a suden I hear rocks hitting my window, I rush to see what is happening, nothing or nobody is there. I hear screaming coming from downstairs, I rush down there because my baby sister's room is downstairs nothing is down there and the noise stopped, but the strange thing is I still hear the noise. Then I wake up screaming, but luckly it was time to get up for school. As I walk into first peorid, I hear claws scrathcing the chalkoard. and I saw a ghost that i think made me have the nightmare last night. In second peorid, we had to write about something scary or that had to deal with haloween. I decided to write about the dream I had, but I didn't know we had to share it with the whole class. So I felt scared when I had to share my story. I thought about what would happen if the ghost would haunt me more. The whole class (including the boys but the won't tell you) freaked out. They were like is that real. I started to

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