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The Girl Who Appeared: Chapter 8, Part 3

The Girl Who Appeared: Chapter 8, Part 3

Posted August 12th, 2017 by alemye10

by /alem/
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So uh, this is really short. Sorry for the long wait. It's rushed but I hope you guys like it! CC very much appreciated! :)


Brande opened up her umbrella and shielded Bernice, her mom, and herself from the pounding rain. He weather was humid and hot. It was a terrible start to a first day of school.

Brande and her mother ran into the car with Bernice following closely. No one except Brande knew about the existence of Bernice.

“Excited?” Brande’s mom asked. The truth was, Brande was excited. Just yesterday, she had video called Parker and Kerry Bridgette whose school had started about a week ago. They were going to the same middle school and so far they loved it. From what they said, it was nothing like the books. But in this district, the sixth grade was in an intermediate/elementary school with fourth and fifth graders.


For a little bit, the mother and daughter stayed quiet.

“I miss Bernice!” Brande blurted. Bernice, sitting in the back was alarmed. How could Brande miss her, when she was right here?

Brande’s mom started comforting her. She stopped at a stop sign, looked both ways, and crossed.

The last thing Brande saw, was a gray Ford Focus.

The same kind of car Bernice had died in.


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:D Thanks, bye!

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Tank you, tank you, kind

Tank you, tank you, kind sir.

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