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Gone For Chapter 1 Rough Night

Gone For Chapter 1 Rough Night

Posted April 12th, 2018 by AnnaLC

by why u need to know?
in Fantasia

It all started off with a wind warning at school. I went to an overnight school. It’s for kids who don’t have a home. Each student gets a pet companion if they would like. When a wind warning is in Chicago, it must be really windy. All of a sudden, trees are falling everywhere, my dog Eva is in my arms crying, and lots of people are dead. Now, ccs ( comfortable classrooms) everywhere are crushed to pieces. Mine is not, so I take my iPhone X, and tell everyone who is not injured to go to room 186. The youngest (other than my little sister), was a little boy named Kyle. He’s three. Unfortunately, only 14 teachers survived. The other 172 teacher weren’t with us. My teacher was in the room, and she just sprained her ankle, so I hope she is okay. 42 out of around 1300 kids were alive. 4 were injured and going to die. Corrected, 42 kids were going to survive. All pets owners survived, and all pets survived. Eva is still scared. I get to the classroom, my teacher is waiting for us. I was the first one there. My teacher leaps up and hugs me. She asks me if anyone in our class made a wrong turn. I reply that everyone except for my friend group had died. She began to tear up. I do too. I say that I need to see if Ethan( my younger brother ) was okay. Coincidentally, Ethan walks in along with everyone else. My 3 brothers and 3 sisters walk in and give me hugs. The rest of the day teachers were walking around the campus bringing beds over to this classroom. My teacher and I sleep next to each other, because 3 weeks ago we found out that she was my biological mother, but we went to this campus. That night I can’t sleep.

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Nice going! But what is the

Nice going! But what is the name of the person writing this?

Posted by Cherith on Sat, 04/14/2018 - 17:57
Seems interesting! I got so

Seems interesting! I got so much information at once I didn't know what to do with it though!

A bit of friendly advice would be to spread out the information or explain more in the next chapter. Good luck!

Posted by a zombie now (*... on Mon, 04/16/2018 - 08:55

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