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The Guardian Angel Chronicles Chapter 2

The Guardian Angel Chronicles Chapter 2

Posted October 27th, 2013 by scarlett424

by Augusta
in Dunder Mifflin Paper Company


Sighing, I stood before The Gateway. The Twelve Apostles were sorting out humans into Heaven and Purgatory, checking Angels' IDs, and releasing Guardian Angels onto Earth to find their children. I approached James the Lesser and handed him Lucia's note card. He smiled and pointed out the right direction. Flying past The Gateway, I gulped and headed for Nashville. For my first time outside of Heaven, I wasn't too confident.

I swallowed my fear and flapped my wings harder. Soon, I was sitting on a chair in the corner of a cramped hospital room that smelled like baby formula. I was talking to the baby, who was inside the stomach of the young woman lying on the bed. 

"I'm Jade."

"Who?" replied Lucia.

"Jade, your Guardian Angel."

"Where are you?"

"Well, currently I'm on an uncomfortable fold-up chair in a nasty-smelling hospital."

"Oh... um, where am I?" she inquired.

"You're inside your mother's stomach."


"Your mom. She takes care of -"


"Never mind. You'll meet her when you're born."

"Born? What does that mean?"

I sighed. Being a Guardian Angel took patience. "When you come to the real world for the first time."

"When were you born?" she asked, making me cringe.

"Uh... Angels aren't born, they just... appear. It's quite complicated."

"Have you ever left your home before?"

"This is my first time leaving Heaven, so yes."

"Then that means you just got born!" she exclaimed.

I laughed. 

Smiling, I noticed how my heart fluttered at the thought of being born. Just like a human, I thought dreamily. Pinching myself, I chastised my unreal imagination. How could I be so selfish?

"You'll be born tomorrow, Lucia," I concluded.

"What did you call me?" she asked cluelessly.

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Good job. I like how Lucia

Good job. I like how Lucia was kind of confused about everything. Your story has a bit of humor too it and I like it. 

"This is my first time leaving Heaven, so yes." That sentence was a bit confusing to me at first. I don't know, it may just be me, but I had to really think through it to understand it. I also like how you've already gotten a conflict into your story, with the part about the guardian angel wanting to be human. 

Posted by Elora on Mon, 07/17/2017 - 10:42

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