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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 10: The Hunter Part 1 (MANSION ATTACK!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 10: The Hunter Part 1 (MANSION ATTACK!)

Posted July 24th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians


Boy Darkness



Suddenly a loud explosion jarred me out of my memories. I leapt from my bed but the impact of my feet on the floor sent jolts of vicious pain up my legs. I collapsed onto my wheelchair that sat next to the bed, positioned myself in it, and hurried out of the room. The instant I was outside my room another explosion blared nearby, a flash of light blinded me, and razor-sharp debris flew in all direction. I gasped, reached up to my face, and dizzily felt warm blood running down from a gash on my cheek.

            Blinking the spots out of my vision, I moved toward the balcony that looked down upon the main lobby area of the house. Destruction was everywhere. Several ornamental Greek pillars had collapsed and smashed on the floor, spraying stone everywhere. Good thing they weren't necessary for holding the building up. The expensive carpet had been shredded up and couches had been mutilated and knocked into random positions. The huge windows that gazed out upon the front yard were smashed into millions of shards that now adorned the floor of the room below me.

            And as I stared at the window, I saw two enormous lights outside, growing larger and larger. They were headed right for the gaping hole in the window! I instinctively flung myself to the ground as the object impacted.

            Razor-sharp pieces of glass were propelled everywhere with incredible force and I was glad I had ducked. My wheelchair had been impaled with several long shards of the glass and knocked against the wall. I attempted to shape two poles I could use as crutches from the darkness I could manipulate, but nothing happened, and even that action drained some of my energy and left me gasping on the floor.

            I peered between the wooden bars of the balcony railing and saw an enormous gunship had landed and now dominated most of the first floor. Jagged wing cuts in the wall suggested that it had just forced its way in, regardless of its size. The lights were still blazing blindingly, and now I could see about two dozen men exiting a ramp at the back of the vehicle. They were wearing all black and each had a facemask on. The light from the landed gunship glinted off their shiny black assault rifles.

            I swore desperately from my position crouched on the floor, watching the men spread out, guns pointed in front of them like there was a chance they'd be attacked at any moment. Which was probably true. One of them came directly under me and I stayed as quiet as I could, trying to ignore the nasty pain in my legs and arm.

            Suddenly a pistol shot rang out and one of the men in black collapsed without time for a scream, a spray of blood illuminated by the gunship's lights. I automatically traced the shot and saw a dark shape only a hundred yards away from me, aiming down at the intruders with a handgun. Another shot rang out and the gun flash lit up the man. He appeared to be one of the servants. I think Luna's dad had his own private security. But this next shot missed.

            Before the man could get to cover, a crackling spray of bullets from three of the dark men instantly shredded through him and he was thrown to a mangled mess on the floor. But the rest of the private security was on the job now. With a barely-audible mechanical whirr, an automated turret descended from the ceiling right above me, training on the invaders.

            I hunched down, hoping the turret wouldn't mow me down next. Turrets had descended from the ceiling in other places as well, forming a ring of automated miniguns pointed down at the gunmen. Suddenly a deafening alarm blared, apprently from the mansion's loudspeaker system. An elevator opened nearby and several more of the private security ran out onto the balcony where I lay, guns trained on the terrorists. Two aimed their weapons as me, but as I was about to protest, a voice called,

            "Don't kill him, you dolt. The guys down there." It was Luna. She hobbled over, seeming to have traded out her wheelchair for some good old-fashioned crutches.

            "What's with the crutches?" I asked.

            "You expect me to fight in a wheelchair?" she asked. I didn't see how she could fight at all with a broken leg, but I kept this information to myself as I got awkwardly to my feet, grabbing the railing. One of the servants ran to me with a replacement, non-impaled wheelchair and helped me into it.

            "Surrender!" yelled one of the guards to the men surrounded below. One of the security guards next to me was dialing 911 on his cell phone for backup. None of the men below moved. They just stared up at us. "Drop the guns and hands up in the air!"

            The men surrounded by a dozen turrets and three dozen private security didn't drop the weapons. Instead, they began firing them. With a terrible scream, five guards were shot through the chest and head and crashed to the ground. Three of the turrets were immediately destroyed by the shots.

            Then came the return fire. The pistols and rifles of the guards began firing rapidly, and the turrets began spewing out rapid gunfire like dragon breath. Hot shells rained the floor. The men below quaked and shivered as bullet after bullet hit them. The security stopped the short volley anxiously, expecting their attackers to collapse, dead.

            But they didn't. With a damaged whir, they lifted their heads to stare that blank stare at us. From where the numerous bullet holes should have been, were metal armor. Wires spilled out and crackled from the chests, limbs, and faces of the men. Two men had been shot in the eye, and a glaring red visual unit stared back at us. But several of the other thugs had fallen, sprawled in blood pools.

            "Robots," mouthed someone behind me. I turned to see Devon standing there in his pajamas, his face white with horror.



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good as always! you

good as always! you seriously need to think about being a major author when you grow up!

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thanks! maybe, i've always

thanks! maybe, i've always sort of thought of maybe doing that

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