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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 10: The Hunter Part 2 (ROBOTS!!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 10: The Hunter Part 2 (ROBOTS!!)

Posted July 25th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians


Boy Darkness



The blazing eyes of the robotic invaders burned in the darkness and their assault rifles glinted a menacing blood-red in their leg. Then the cold steel clicking of the weapons being trained and locked on us reached our ears.

    And then the world exploded.

    Gunshots and smoke filled my vision and thunderous cracks pounded my eardrums. Several men around me screamed and something sickeningly wet and warm splattered on my face. Anyone who had survived had thrown themself onto the floor for protection.

    "Only some of them are robots, sir," a guard replied in panic to Devon. "We've downed nine of them, humans!"

    "Class 47-type destroyers," Devon said, ignoring the man. "The designs were stolen from me a year ago!" He looked shocked and angry.

    "Your inventions keep making my day suck," Luna muttered.

    "But if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be able to help," Devon replied, grinning.

    "And a broken leg too," Luna muttered, giving Devon a 'Really, Dad?' look. I didn't know what they were talking about, but I didn't really care.

    More volleys of bullets from the destroyers shrieked over the heads of the guards. Their guns were pointed through the separations in the wooden beams of the railing, firing desperately at the robots. All of the human invaders accompanying them had been wiped out long ago, but by now so had the last of our handy little turrets.

    The bullets were shredding and clanging against the destroyers' metal wiring and armor but unfortunately Devon's tech always seemed to work.

    "It's a self-regenerating material emplacement," Devon yelled over the gunshots.

    "Could've told us that a while ago," Luna muttered after none of the guards said anything rude for her. Probably they didn't want to get fired, but I personally was more worried about being fired upon. "Also, special devices spread over their structures can convert receieved kinetic energy into boosts for their regenerating perk."

    I had never set foot in a school since the Accident, the only reason I wasn't totally ignorant was that I had made an effort to read as much as I could or occasionally stop at a public library. Surprisingly, I had learned a lot that way, so I knew what kinetic meant.

    "So if you shoot them their healing gets buffed? So what are we supposed to, just wait until they run out of juice?" I asked, now equally annoyed. Luna stared at me curiously, but then laughed in a tense sort of way.

    "So you do have a sense of humor," she muttered, as if surprised. She returned her attention to the situation at hand.

    The destroyers didn't make any moves toward the stairs to take out our security force on the balcony at closer range, but just stood there, taking bullets like the steel storm was paper and immediately returning fire at anyone who shot at them. And that was being pretty effective. One after another security guards were getting cut down.

    The metal menace's upper bodies whirled around freely in the sockets that connected them to their legs, allowing them to spin around a full 360 degrees. Even though surrounded, they could quickly turn to shoot someone attacking them in the back.

    "Arrgh!" snarled one guy as a bullet caught him in the shoulder. He fell back against the wall and Devon, seeing him there, sprinted down the hall and returned thirty seconds later with a large first-aid kit.

    "Call the doctors!" he yelled to one of his bodyguards.

    "Can't sir, they've all left!" the man replied in a panicked voice. Sweat ran freely down his white face. Then he collapsed to the ground, rifle clattering to the floor, eyes rolled up into his head, only the pale white pupils visible.

    "Poison!" muttered Devon. "The bullets are poisoned." He glanced back at the other man who had been grazed on the shoulder and quickly pulled a pump out of the pack. Sticking the plunger to the wounded sentry's shoulder and began pumping vigorously.     Then he injected some painkiller and antiseptic and hurried to the aid of several more men who were injured.

    "Screw you!" cried Luna as she deflected a bullet with her sword. The bullet ricocheted off her glinting blade and darted back toward the shooter, where it embedded itself in one of its eye sockets with a flash of sparks.

    "Take that!" one of the men yelled in triumph as an amazing shot from his rifle impaled straight through one of the robot's ARs. It glanced down at its now empty hand and out of its arm rose a small device. it wasn't another pyro-atomizer. But, fortunately Dread must not have wanted to share, or, more likely, hadn't copied it yet.

   Then the destroy raised its arm and a hissing and glowing projectile like a firework shot flew out. It whizzed past my face and thunked into the wall behind me, sticking in place where it hit. A flare! Then it exploded.



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Wow, nice epic battle!

Wow, nice epic battle!

Posted by Sally on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 08:26
cool chapter! 

cool chapter! 

Posted by Charlie on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 18:33
Both parts were awesome, as

Both parts were awesome, as usual! :D

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Posted by adventure of a ... on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 19:54

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