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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 10: The Hunter Part 3 (DARK ASSASSIN!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 10: The Hunter Part 3 (DARK ASSASSIN!)

Posted July 26th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians


Boy Darkness


The flare blast knocked me sprawling out of the wheelchair and sent me sprawling onto the floor. The wheelchair then crashed onto both of my legs. I bit my lip to keep from letting out a scream.

    Flickers of hot red rimmed my vision. I crawled out from under it and kicked the stupid thing in anger. But of course, more pain raged through the leg and I swore loudly.

    Then, standing up shakily, I rose my hand and concentrated. The pain threatened to overwhelm my focused, but I closed my eyes and strained.

    Icy cold filled my hand and I opened my eyes to see flickers of shifting darkness swirling around in my hand like a tiny whirlpool. As I poured more energy from my body and into the energy of the shadows, the whirling blackness grew larger, swallowing up the light from the front of the crashed gunship and the flashing emergency beacon.

    The destroyers noticed the expanding cloud of shadow and all began concentrating their assault rifles and flare guns on me. Bullets ricocheted of the shadow field all direction, and even the flares couldn't find a hold to cling to the shield. They fell to the ground and exploded there.

    Then, extending my reach beyond the shadow field, I closed my eyes again and could sense the robots there, firing me. Then I reached out toward the first one with my mind, and a crackling and hissing death ray flared out of the shadow field and arched like a homing missile toward my target.

    The beam of pure shadow instantly vaporized the destroyer, leaving nothing behind.

    Then the death ray curved off its previous, atomized target and toward the next robot, burning through it in a similar fashion to the first.

    The blast kept bouncing around between the robots, seeming to automatically reach out to latch on to the next destroyer, until half of them were gone.

    But then the enormous effort of my release of power overwhelmed me.

    It felt as though every cell in my body were at ten percent charged. Gasping air into my heaving lungs, I fell onto the floor, managing to catch myself with my hands before doing a full face-plant.

    Sweat poured off my face and my vision clouded like mist had suddenly descended into the room. The sounds of gunshots and screams around me came to my ears like I was underwater, echoing deeply. But I didn't pass out.

    Slowly the world came back into focus like I had suddenly turned a low-quality video up to HD. A flare exploded near me and a body was flung through the air and crashed to the floor next to me with a sickening crack of breaking bones. Another security guard had been slain.

    I pulled myself to my feet, holding onto the railing like it was a lifeline. Luna was swishing her sword through the air, deflecting the bullets and flares from the remaining destroyers. A flare whizzed past her guard and detonated behind her. She was thrown violently against the railing and fell to the ground, spitting blood out of her mouth and onto the floor.

    Then her eyes traveled slowly to a hissing flare latched onto the railing a few feet away from her.

    The explosion sent her spinning through the air and face-first against the wall. I cried out as she slumped to the floor. Half-running, half-crawling in my energy-drained state, I raced to her side and on closer inspection saw her chest heaving up and down. Still breathing. I sighed with relief.

    But not everyone else had been so lucky. I was glad to see Devon was fine and so were three other security guards. Instead of continuing to futilely challenge the seemingly bulletproof destroyers, they were attempting to save some of the other wounded bodyguards.

    But the rest of the three dozen were piled around the railing, already dead or dying from the poison exposure. The scene was a bloodbath. Some of the bodies had been shredded and mangled from rapid fire, and they lay in pools of their own blood and the blood of other fallen guards.

    A few stirred and tried to claw their way from amongst the bodies, moaning in pain from gun wounds, the poison undoubtedly coarsing through their system.

    I was used to scenes of carnage, but nothing had been as bad as this. I stared in horror at the broken and tattered remains of bodies, many grotesquely dismembered, a few bloodied limbs strewn across the room.

    Then a metallic clanking filled the air and I turned to see a destroyer clanking up the stairs, red eyes burning. It turned slowly and aimed its deadly flare gun straight at my drained and weakened form.

    I cursed and, too weak from the draining use of the shadow field, reached for a fallen bodyguard's weapon lying a few feet away on the floor. I wasn't going to die cowering and helpless.

    Then suddenly another sizzling flare hissed through the air, but this time it was aimed at the destroyer! It stuck, still burning, to the side of the metal monster's head and detonated.

    The blast blew the robot's head clean off. It clattered to the ground with a clank of metal, the red light fading from its eyes. The body staggered for a minute, as if confused. I thought it would topple over, but a singular light activated with a buzz in the center of its chest.

    A backup visual unit, I thought, then seized my chance as the bot was distracted with another target, definitely my mysterious savior. I charged the robot, nearly slipping in the sticky blood, and grabbed it from behind. It screeched mechanically and was about to swing at me with a heavy metal fist that would've felt like getting hit was a crowbar.

    But it didn't get the chance. Concentrating on my rage as hard as I could, I felt my hands grow cold and power and my energy flowing from them. A sizzling sound filled the air and I saw the back of the robot heating and becoming red hot. Then with a buzz of failing mechanical devices, the destroyer toppled forward with a crash on the floor.

    I stared at the burn-through hole in the center of its chest, the edges still red hot from the concentrated shadow energy. Yes! I wasn't totally defenseless after all!

    Then I looked over the railing to see who had saved me from getting blasted to pieces with a flare. Someone in black was rushing toward the surviving robots like he was commiting suicide. I stared at him in amazement as bullet after bullet from the assault rifles slashed and pierced him, spraying blood throigh the air.

    But he kept going! A flare flew through the air and he stretched out a gloved hand and grabbed the lit explosive. Then he chucked it back at the nearest robot and the resulting explosion sent the destroyer sprawling to the ground, smoking. Screeching angrily, the bot was about to stand up but the person in black stepped over it.

    Ignoring the other robot's bullets that were flying into his back, he reached down and ripped out the robot's battery straight out of it's chest. With crackling and sparking wires and computer chips trailing behind the device, the masked figure threw the battery to the ground and crushed it with his black boot.

    The powerless destroyer's eyes had already faded to a dull, lifeless black. Then the seemingly unkillable assassin turned and glared in fury at the remaining five death robots.

    Then he flipped a shiny pistol out of a holster at his waist. Then, with a loud gunshot, the weapon bucked and a shimmering rocket flew out. It was the gun he had shot the flare from earlier. Leaving a trail of embers drifting through the air, the lethal projectile latched like a leech onto the upper chest of one of the robots.

    The violent flare-up left spots on my vision.

    When the smoke cleared a few seconds later, all that remaining of the destroyer was a pair of metal legs standing there. The body had been ripped apart and flung across the room. The smoking legs toppled over to the floor with a clang, severed by the blast. Four left.

    Then I looked around frantically for the dark assassin. I spotted him wrenching an electrified knife out of another of the destroyer's battery cores. The lifeless form of the death robot crashed to the floor. Three left.

    The assassin aimed the flare gun at the floor in the middle of two of the remaining robots and fired. The flare blasted between them, the fiery bang hammering them onto the ground.

    Limb motors heavily damaged and the self-regen devices unable to heal them in time, the destroyers lay paralyzed as the assassin walked over and stabbed them viciously in the chest and heart with the crackling electrified machete.

    Then he turned to face the last robot, which was firing at him with an assault rifle, driven by programmed foolish bravado to stay and fight to the end. And I knew it would be the end of it, even before I saw the assassin throw the electrified blade at the destroyer. It arched magnificently through the air, spinning as it whirled toward its target.

    Then it stuck where the robot's battery was, and with a crackling the last invader's lit eyes darkened and died, and it toppled over.

    I stared anxiously at the dark figure who had just finished off six nearly unstoppable death robots with pretty much his bare hands and a fancy gun, all while getting shot dozens of times and shrugging it off like it was nothing. Was he friend or foe?

    I decided not to take a chance. He was turned to me, so I had a clear shot at taking him out when he wasn't expecting it. And shrugging off bullets was one thing, but shrugging of burning exposure to pure darkness that had vaporized half the destroyers was definitely another.

    I raised my shaking, sweat-dampened hands and confined myself to my dark thoughts. Thinking furiously about my seething hatred against the men who had slain my family, I could feel the frigid form of another death beam taking place in my hands. I opened my eyes and unleashed the wave of unstoppable darkness on the hunter.

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Good job; nice chapter!
Posted by adventure of a ... on Wed, 07/27/2016 - 14:03

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