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by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians

Sorry for the lack of chapters but i've been busy. I will finish the book tho. by the way the release date is at the bottom


Shane Corvo (The Predator)



At a sudden blistering noise I whirled around and came face-to-face with a rippling, purplish-black wave humming with power almost like a lightning bolt. I dove out of the way and the piercing buzz flooded my ears as the maelstrom warped past me.

            I immediately jumped to my feet and whirled to see where the ambush had come from. I saw a boy who looked a few years younger than me dressed completely in black clutching a wooden railing on a balcony above me.

            I raised the flare gun and shot off a blazing projectile that the boy dodged. It exploded on the wall behind him, spraying smoke and debris everywhere. I soon spotted my attacker again as the smoke began to clear. He was limping terribly, so I assumed he must have taken an injury.

            But he managed to turn back to me, and his pale face contorted in a snarl of hatred. He raised both hands and cupped them together, and another inky beam of shadows flared from between his fingertips.

            It hurtled at me, and I bent backwards gracefully. The beam whirled over my face, several glowing sparks drifting down onto my skin. They didn't burn at all, but I hurriedly brushed them off and turned around to see the ray curving and arching like a grim reaper's homing missile headed back around toward me!

            I quickly fired off a flare at it while jumping inside in case halting the beam with an explosion didn't work. The projectile didn't even detonate, swallowed up in the blast of darkness. Then it curved around toward me. I wasn't even sure if I could regenerate myself out of getting cracked with that laser. But something about it seemed oddly familiar, like maybe I had seen it before.

            But I shook off the sudden, strange thought and focused on not getting lasered.

            The blast flew high, scorching the ceiling before plunging back down towards me. I sprang out of the way and it crackled past me and swooped back like I was feinting in a game of tag.

            I dodged another attack from the persistant death beam, but it made a tight corner around the wall and darted back and slammed into me at full force.

            I expected to feel my very cells dissolved and by body fading in the most painful way possible, but nothing happened. After the clouds of darkness cleared from my vision, I looked down to see that my clothes were on fire but my skin was find, except for glowing a little from the lethal impact. It was then that I remembered what the beam reminded me of.

            Leaving the tiny flames burned on my clothes for intimidation purposes, I turned to look at the boy, who seemed shocked and disappointed I had not been transformed into a charred and disintegrated pile of dust. It must have taken a lot of energy to cast that beam at me, because he was paler than a sheet of paper and could barely hold himself up on railing.

            "I saved your butt by killing those robots!" I yelled in anger. Who did this guy think he was? "Why did you shoot me in the back?"

            "I-I thought you were one of the...b-bad guys." He looked so drained that he could hardly speak. I almost felt sympathy toward him. Almost. He was exhausted because he had just tried to fry me.

            "So maybe a truce is in order," I muttered, still highly annoyed.

            "I g-guess so," the boy replied. He looked nervous about saying what he said next, if worried I would change my mind about not killling him. "What h-happened."

            "Oh, so you don't know what your power is?" I asked skeptically.

            "Yeah, I can control shadows," he replied shakily.

            "No, you can control darkmatter," I answered him. He looked confused and a little more alarmed, so I continued. "It is an energy force based on antilight that is highly powerful when concentrated and makes up the composition of black holes. And it's also the reason I got my powers."

From the world of The Guardians:



"I have seen the future. And now I must end it."

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I'm happy for you, man! Work

I'm happy for you, man! Work your magic and I'll continue to read. cool

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Awesome chapter! This world

Awesome chapter! This world you have created is very intriguing.

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thanx soo much   Become a

thanx soo much


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